Sunfield are an Australian baked goods manufacturer who approached Percept for their new product packaging and label design.

Case Study

The Challenge

Sydney based food manufacturer Sunfield, specialise in baking with products such as muffins, cakes, biscuits and doughnuts. They engaged Percept to reinvent their packaging and product label design.

Although they had high quality products, they were experiencing some resistance from supermarket and retail store buyers who felt that their label design required a face-lift to engage with consumers.

The Solution

Percept began with a minor logo refresh which set the tone for the whole label design project. It was a case of simplifying what already existed and creating a more contemporary image that would resonate with customers.

This idea flowed through to the label design, where a subtle pattern was used as a background. It uses warm yellow to encapsulate the feeling of sun and field, whilst the stripes hint at the traditional roots of this family bakery. This provided a back-drop on which we could clearly differentiate between product types and flavour variants.

As the labels contain a lot of information including nutritional panel, barcode and ingredients, a conscious effort was made to keep the design simple with clarity of communication in mind.

The label design features the flavour of each baked-good with custom icons as well as appetising cameo imagery of key ingredients, so the customer can quickly assess which product suits their personal taste.

We also designed and developed a comprehensive website for the company which showcases their range.