A fresh new brand design and packaging for Biophysics' That Pure range.


The Challenge

Biophysics is launching a new skincare brand, That Pure, which will be manufactured in Australia and exported to China with the potential to also launch in the Australian market in the future. They continued their working relationship with Sydney packaging design agency, Percept Brand Design, to develop this new brand.

It needed to have flexibility for future range growth into various channels (baby, essentials etc.) with a solid and recognisable brand design and packaging framework. A distinct personality was required to set it apart from its competitors, and the brand was to have an Australian, fresh and approachable feel.

The Solution

As Australian products in Asia are widely associated with higher quality and healthier ingredients, ‘PURE’ became the focus of the new brand design and is paired with a handwritten ‘that’ to create a fresh and friendly appeal.

Clean and simple typography with clear text hierarchy allows the packaging design to communicate its offerings as a no fuss, easy to use solution for everyday use.

A range of distinctive illustrations capture the essence of each ingredient while adding a personal style that works in unison with the handwritten aspect of the logo.

Percept applied the look and feel to various SKUs to demonstrate the flexibility and impact of the brand design across the full range of packaging.



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