Pure Therapy

Brand & Packaging Design

Brand and packaging design for Pure Therapy products, a natural skincare range, by Sydney design agency Percept.

Case Study

Brand & Packaging Design

Pure Therapy is a brand of natural skincare products by The Purist Company.

They worked with Sydney design agency, Percept, to create the brand and packaging design for the entire product range.

Recommended by dermatologists and hospitals, the Pure Therapy products provide lasting relief for dry and sensitive skin. Natural skincare that is great for skin that is sensitive to eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. The first part of this brand and packaging design project was to create the branding in the form of a custom logo design that could be trademarked.

The Purist Company wanted the brand and packaging design of their products to be clean and light, with a natural and neutral feel that would represent the brand.

Sydney design agency, Percept, also felt it should subtly allude to the product range’s plant derived qualities and this was done with the sprouting ‘p’ and the leaf shape holding device.

The colour palette that the Percept design agency created for the brand and packaging design uses neutral tones which sends a subliminal message that these products will be safe to use on sensitive skin.

Another critical factor in the brand and packaging design for the range of skincare products was the communication design of important information. People with skin conditions, when shopping, need to be sure that the product they purchase will suit their individual needs. This was taken into consideration by design agency, Percept, when working out the hierarchy of information. Strong pull-out shapes were also utilised to help this information stand out, so the consumer could quickly identify the specifics that they are searching for.

A consistent formula was used in the packaging design layout, on cartons and varied bottle shapes. This aided the strength of the range of product packaging on shelf, which really helps the brand stand out in a retail environment.

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