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Percept is a creative agency Sydney, with a deep understanding of communication design and the role it plays in business success.
When companies partner with us to improve their brand perceptions, we commit to that cause whole-heartedly.

Percept – Creative Agency Sydney specialises in branding design for business success. Put simply, we help good companies become great brands.

As an integrated creative agency, our expertise covers branding design and packaging design, through to visual communication design for print and digital outputs, including advertising campaigns and website design.

We approach all design work strategically, with the client’s best interest in mind, knowing that they want a return on their investment in creative agency services. Percept understands you will be looking at a short-list of branding agencies and design agencies with a proven track-record, because whatever creative agency you choose will have an influence on your success.

As a long-standing and well-respected creative agency Sydney, Percept have developed a reputation for delivering creative outcomes that are good for business. This is what makes us tick. We want to understand your organisation, your objectives, the challenge and target audience, in order to make a positive difference.

We know from experience, that best results are produced by gaining a deep understanding of your business. We approach every project on a case-by-case basis, making sure we dig deeper to achieve the best results. The way we work through our process, both parties discover new things, and through those discoveries, the potential for great outcomes are born.

We don’t claim that our work will change the world, but it will change minds, turn heads, build audiences and transform brands. Basically, we partner with companies to help amplify their business and enjoy nothing more than seeing them benefit from the work we produce together.

If you’re looking to team up with a creative agency who knows business as well as branding design, contact us to get the conversation started. We would love the opportunity to work with you on brand positioning, design strategy and engaging creative that will help your company thrive.


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Branding Design & Creative Agency

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Percept is an integrated branding design and creative agency.
Our expertise is in strategic, creative solutions, offering graphic design services from brand design to website design, in the core areas of:

Branding Design

Percept is a branding agency specialising in brand strategy and brand identity design.
Our branding design work spans all things brand from printed marketing collateral and brand communications to website design.

Packaging Design

Percept is a packaging design agency.
We specialise in strategic positioning, brand development and creative packaging design.
This encompasses brand positioning, concept development, graphic design and final artwork for new products or packaging redesign projects.

Visual Communication Design

Percept is a graphic design agency with expertise in visual communication design.
Our communication design offerings focus on design strategy that clarifies messaging and creative concepts that will be most effective when executed in the graphic design output whether it be print or digital.

Digital & Website Design

Digital Marketing & Website Design

View our website design & digital campaigns.

Percept is a website design agency in Sydney, with expertise in all things digital design.
This includes digital marketing and advertising campaigns as well as email and website design.
As an integrated creative agency, our point of difference is that we’re branding specialists, meaning all digital design work is based on a holistic brand strategy.


Brand design.

Want to transform your image?
Percept is a branding agency that helps
good companies become great brands.
See the successful brands we’ve created…

Branding design for PR by brand agency, Percept, image D

Packaging Design


Want to improve your appeal?
Percept is a packaging design agency that helps
brands get the edge over their competitors.
See how we disrupt sectors…

Visual Communication Design


Want to define your messaging?
Percept is a design agency that develops clear
creative strategies, so our design work resonates.
See how we achieve cut-through…

Internal Communications Design project for St Basil's community service, Sydney, Australia image J

Website Design & Digital Campaigns


Want to engage your audience?
Percept is a digital and website design agency
helping brands communicate in an online world.
See the outcomes…

Brand identity design for Rileys Gym by Australian branding agency, Percept, image I



Percept is a branding agency in Sydney, known for strategy that works and creative that connects. As a collective of critical thinkers, strategic designers and passionate creatives, we’re always working holistically to achieve success for the businesses that choose to engage us as their branding agency.

As an integrated and strategic branding agency, Percept can help you in the key areas of graphic design; branding, packaging design, visual communication design and digital design.

Our approach to strategic branding and visual communication design work is comprehensive. We place as much importance on research and critical thinking as we do on concept development and design. This is because the creative output cannot be effective unless it’s based on solid strategic foundations.

Considered to be among the leading branding agencies in Sydney, Percept enjoys partnering with all our clients as their strategic branding agency. We take on all types of projects from company naming and brand identity design for new businesses, through to the positioning and brand strategy for multi-national companies on full corporate rebranding projects.

No matter what the challenge is, our team of brand designers have the experience and expertise to advise our clients through the process. Our brand designers find that working in close partnership with our clients leads to a greater understanding of their business and what they want to achieve. This helps the brand designers at Percept develop strategic design transformations that ultimately provide a more competitive edge.

PerceptBrand Design stands out when compared to most Sydney creative agencies. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do in the Percept design studio. We remain focused on this, ensuring a quality experience which is positive, happy and fruitful. Our team is easy to work with – a rare blend of highly skilled, enthusiastic people, who care about what they do, why they do it, and who they do it for. We are competitive brand designers who are proud to be on your team.

Offering more than a regular branding company or graphic design agency, Percept’s brand designers work across all disciplines. Percept provides strategic branding, communication design and creative services for print and digital output, all from the one location, our design studio in Sydney.

Working with an integrated creative agency such as Percept for branding design projects provides efficiencies in both time and budget. More importantly, it enables our brand designers to achieve better understanding and cohesiveness, which is key to a successful relationship.

Ranking among the top branding agencies in Sydney, Percept punches above its weight. As a mid-sized branding agency, you’ll find we’re straight-forward, productive and attentive. Percept’s brand designers possess all the capabilities required to deliver high-end work that rivals the most well-known strategic branding agencies in Sydney. We’ve been rewarded with recognition in the Australian Graphic Design Association Awards for several years now. Most recently picking up a Distinction in 2021 for the Great Mates brand identity in the Design For Good category, which is testament to our stature within the industry.

Whether you engage Percept for brand identity, communication design, packaging design or website design, we welcome your enquiry. After discussing the project, we’ll get a good feel for your requirements and provide an obligation-free proposal, so you know exactly what to expect before committing to anything.

If you’re looking around at creative agencies, design agencies, packaging designers or branding agencies, and you want a well-rounded design studio that can walk the walk in all these areas, look no further than Percept, we’d love to be your new branding agency.

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Brand Designers

Why Percept?

As one of Sydney’s longest operating design agencies, Percept’s brand designers have decades of experience that has evolved into expertise. When looking for brand consultants who can offer qualified advice throughout the process, along with brand designers that will deliver impressive outcomes, you’ll find a solid partner in Percept.


Established in 1997, Percept has grown steadily over the years. Starting out as a design studio, becoming a packaging design and brand agency, and now ranking among the top branding agencies and design agencies in Sydney, Percept has accumulated a depth of experience that is rare for our industry.

During our time we’ve learnt a lot, having the privilege to work on more than 10,000 projects for over 1000 satisfied clients. We enjoy working as a real extension of their team in our capacity as their brand designers.

This experience can’t be taught, it is built over time. It’s an asset of the highest value and it sets Percept apart from other creative agencies in Sydney. As a full-service graphic design company, it enables us to produce creative branding and communication design work that is becoming smarter and more effective all the time.

Our experience as holistic brand designers benefits each of our clients and makes Percept – Brand Agency Sydney, a wise choice.


As a creative agency, design agency and branding agency combined, Percept operate as complete brand designers, possessing the expertise required for total brand design and visual communication solutions.

Operating for more than two decades, Percept – Brand Agency Sydney, has assembled an outstanding team. We’ve selected those with proven success in leading design agencies, each an expert in their field.

The combined sum of these branding design capabilities sees our design studio produce work of the highest standard when engaged as brand designers for some of Australia’s best known names.

A major strength is our diversity. Brand designers, Percept, have a long history working across the spectrum of client and project types. It is likely we already have a good understanding of your industry and we can produce relevant case studies on request to demonstrate our experience on similar briefs.

This accumulated knowledge from packaging design to website design, gives our brand designers an advantage as holistic brand consultants when providing expert advice to our clients. It really helps in delivering successful branding and graphic design work for every unique challenge.


Percept – Creative Agency Sydney, is passionate about being an effective design agency. We believe that by choosing the right creative agency, design agency or brand agency to partner with, a company can gain a real edge over its competitors.

We recognise the main reason that people engage us for branding design, is because they want to achieve tangible results for their business. This is what drives us. We are competitive brand designers who want our clients to succeed.

Some of our relationships may have had small beginnings with a logo design or website design project, forming the basis of what may develop in the future. As brand designers, we’re often told that once companies begin working with us as their design agency, Percept surpasses their expectations because we’re always building towards the bigger picture.

This feedback forms the basis of our reputation as a design agency and leads to referrals for many new business opportunities which we are most thankful for.


When you work with brand agency, Percept, it’s all about you.

As your brand designers, we like to put ourselves in your shoes so that your goals are our goals. We also look at things from your customer’s point of view, because this is of utmost importance.

We listen, because a true understanding is key to solving any creative brief. This, combined with good judgement and interpretation skills, allows us to get your branding design right the first time.

Our brand designers have a no hassle, helpful approach. This makes the process easy, with an aim of satisfaction for everyone involved.

Percept is a design agency that likes to build long-lasting relationships based on respect and trust.

When you select PerceptBrand Design as your creative agency Sydney, we’re here as your partner and brand consultants, offering advice throughout the brand design process. Our goal is to answer your brief whilst sharing our brand design experience and expert opinion. This ultimately achieves the strongest possible brand design solution for your company.

We understand business, we understand communication design, and we take the time to understand you.


We realise that as our client, you want life to be straight-forward. When partnering with branding agencies, you like to deal with awesome people that help things run smoothly.

That’s why when recruiting the best brand designers at the Percept brand agency, we ensure that they are nice folk too. Our people are can-do problem solvers who are just easy to get along with.

The team in our design studio take what we do seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.

It’s this attitude that makes our clients happy when they choose to work with Percept as their brand agency over other branding agencies in Sydney that they may have had on their shortlist.


What makes our brand agency special is not each of the points mentioned throughout this website, because many of these qualities can be found in any graphic design agency. What stands us apart is the sum of all these things. A combination that makes Percept – Branding Design unique.

As your brand designers, you’ll find we’re a well balanced package that you will not find anywhere else.

As a multi-discipline branding agency, design agency, packaging design agency and creative agency in Sydney, Percept is a one-stop solution, offering the full range of branding design and creative services to help any business thrive.

As well-rounded brand designers, Percept welcomes all types of creative briefs because our design studio team have a combined experience as branding consultants, spanning almost every project type and industry sector imaginable.

Are you looking for branding agencies? Percept cover everything from logo design to rebranding. Want expert packaging designers? We have some of the best. Searching for website design Sydney? Many companies use us as their website design agency. In need of a design agency that specialises in visual communication design? Percept has you covered.



Who are we?

Who is Percept?

Percept is among the leading creative agencies in Sydney, Australia. We are strategic thinking creatives who help to improve our client’s businesses. We do this through creative branding, packaging design, visual communication design, graphic design, website design and digital campaigns.

Having worked with world-class brands in Australia and internationally since 1997, Percept is one of the longest operating creative agencies in Sydney. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be better than yesterday, and as a result, we are stronger now than ever before.

Among the full-service creative agencies Sydney, our team of professionals offer all creative services from brand design through to advertising, all from the one location – our creative studio in Sydney.

As one of the top-tier creative agencies in Sydney, Percept works with brands as their creative strategy partner, helping them grow through powerful visual communication design. Percept is a design agency that develops messaging and concepts from solid creative strategy. This means our work is most effective in its effort to resonate with the target audience and influence a desired response. This is the main reason why companies choose to work with top creative agencies in Sydney, such as Percept.

What is a creative agency?

What is Percept’s definition of a creative agency?

A creative agency helps an organisation formulate a message about itself and its products or services. A creative agency (also known as a; design agency, graphic design agency, brand agency, brand design agency, branding agency, marketing agency or advertising agency), such as Percept, then takes this message and communicates it to the target audience in a creative way that will achieve a favourable response.

The creative agency (or design agency, brand agency etc.), such as Percept, can do this through a wide variety of mediums, including branding, packaging design, graphic design, marketing communications and digital campaigns, just to name a few.

The creative agency also develops a strategy of what this message will be, and what channel and medium should be used to best reach the target audience.

A good creative agency will also work as a brand agency to realise both short term brand communication goals e.g. product release publicity and long-term branding goals e.g. brand recognition and awareness.

What is the role of an integrated creative agency?

What is the purpose of an integrated creative agency like Percept?

Branding, communication design and advertising are essential undertakings for any business, big or small. But as a business owner or marketing manager, you often don’t have the time nor resources to coordinate campaigns between separate creative agencies. This is where an integrated creative agency, such as Percept comes in.

Percept is a creative agency that helps companies with;

Because Percept is an integrated creative agency, we are able to offer a broad range of branding, graphic design and visual communication services (see our full list of creative and design services).

Percept has brand design expertise in both print communication and digital media. We are also connected to a wide network of external suppliers too. We have many contacts who possess specialist skill-sets, that are easily accessible as an extension of our team. The fact that we have worked with them for many years, makes it easy for us to provide additional services in specialised areas such as brand strategy, video, animation, printing, radio etc. Our access to this diverse team of multi-talented professionals works to your advantage because we manage the entire process. This means if you work with the integrated creative agency, Percept, you have access to indefinite creative services, all from one source.

Why work with a creative agency?

How will your business benefit from working with a creative agency such as Percept?

Branding, digital, communication design, packaging design and advertising are very dynamic areas, which means that a graphic design company has to be on its toes to make sure a client is across all areas at once. If a client uses different agencies for each service things become messy, alternatively, bringing elements in-house won’t produce optimum results. Providing more than a graphic design company, a creative agency will work closely with your internal marketing team, to streamline all these outputs, making life easier for everyone.

Reasons why your company should partner with an all-in-one brand agency, design agency and creative agency like Percept;

• It’s Economical – For any business, regardless of size, cutting costs has a direct and positive impact on profitability. By working with a creative agency, you avoid the costs that come with employing in-house personnel or multiplying agency costs by using various providers.

• More Creativity – A creative agency has a professional team of creatives; whose job is to take your brief and design a solution that will benefit your business. In reality, a team of professional creatives collaborating on an idea in the one creative studio will produce the best outcome. Even where you have an original idea, a creative agency will make it richer in a way that will resonate with your audience, achieving superior results. You not only get better ideas but more of them, when you engage a single, external creative agency team.

• Specialist Skills – A well-established, full-service creative agency like Percept has dedicated specialists in different areas that are essential in creating a coherent voice across your branding, digital design, communication design and advertising campaigns. This includes brand strategists, creative directors, graphic designers, packaging designers, website designers, digital developers, photographers, copywriters, producers and many other technical specialties. Engaging Percept as your creative agency lets you access these specialists as part of one team, instead of managing separate contracts for branding agencies, design agencies, packaging design agencies etc, which can become a coordination headache.

• Time Saving – Do you have an upcoming product release and need to make changes in the copy for the brochures and website? This is an example of the unexpected that is often seen in marketing communications and advertising campaigns. A full-service creative agency can make these changes quicker and more efficiently than you can, courtesy of all production coming from the one creative studio.

• Objective Point of View – While you may have a biased view or attachment to something, a creative agency approaches a brief from a neutral point of view, based on information and research. You get objective and more useful feedback from an independent creative agency, although this may sometimes be raw and honest, it will eventually help your business achieve its objectives and goals.

• Winning Motivation – For the Percept creative agency Sydney, success with one client means positive publicity and validation. For us, we think of our clients’ successes as being directly pegged to our own success. This is because we are heavily invested in our clients’ branding, graphic design, website design, packaging design, digital design, marketing communications and advertising projects. A client who does not see successful results, will not become a return customer, nor will they recommend us to others. This is why we push for every project that comes out of Percept’s design studio to have successful outcomes, which is a win for everyone involved.

• Flexibility in Engagement – You can easily change creative agencies if you don’t see positive results with your present partner. While businesses and creative agencies maintain long-term relationships, actual contracts are only on a per-project basis. This means that successive positive results is the only way creative agencies sustain client relationships.

• Free Publicity – Creative agencies reach a very wide audience. Percept, for example, in conjunction with all of our clients, has a potential audience of millions on social media. When projects get completed and are publicised, this free exposure can spark increased engagement with your brand.

• Always On Trend – Following the latest trends in branding, graphic design, packaging, communications, advertising and digital media is part of a Percept’s job as a creative agency. A creative agency helps you remain relevant and appealing to your target audience, meaning all creative outputs will resonate and be better received by your market.

• Strategic Brand Growth – A creative agency can help your brand grow steadily in awareness and recognition through long-term creative campaigns. Having everything produced with cohesion from the one source across branding, communication design, website design and digital design builds a consistent public image driven from a united strategy. This works positively for growing brand trust through loyalty and sustainable brand growth in both print and online environments.

What makes a successful creative agency?

Why is Percept a successful creative agency?

The Percept creative agency Sydney has been involved in many successful branding, packaging design, visual communication, digital campaigns and website design projects since we began in 1997.

Some factors that have contributed to the success of our design studio include;

• High Level Creativity – Clever thinking and originality in execution is crucial in putting across a message in a way that gets noticed and is well-received by the audience. Percept is a brand agency that has worked with leading companies on thousands of branding and graphic design projects that fit this criteria. You can view our work and read the case studies for a detailed explanation on why each project was a success.

• Strategic Thinking – Creativity without strategy is a waste of time and money, and it can also be detrimental to your business. You should work with a creative agency with a team of thinkers because it’s the strategic work that will determine whether the creative execution is effective in terms of the business goals of a project.

• Production Capacity – A creative agency should offer a range of services such as branding, graphic design, packaging design, visual communication design and website design. Percept is a graphic design company that offers this complete package from brand identity to digital design, with a multi-talented team and technical resources. It is also important that the Percept creative studio has a good traffic management procedure to ensure they can meet the demands of a fast-pace environment that Australian design agencies experience, such as meeting deadlines, budgets, juggling multiple jobs at once and allocating the right talent for each project.

• Good Communication Skills – A creative agency helps your company speak with your target audience, so obviously communication design skills must be a strength. Furthermore, good communication skills are key to good project management. For a branding design project to run smoothly and arrive at the desired outcome, a creative agency should always maintain effective communications with clients. This can be to get input and feedback, adding value to the project, or it can be ensuring everyone has clarity on what is happening, when and why.

• Results Focused – Tracking the performance of branding, marketing and advertising efforts is crucial in order to modify what is not working and keep what works best. Percept is a creative agency that prides itself on giving its clients the best value for money whether it is a brand identity, communication design, packaging design or website design project. We focus on effective graphic design Sydney and enjoy developing creative solutions and designing outcomes that our clients are happy with. Although we’re even more focused on being among the design agencies in Sydney that can deliver companies a return on their investment in the creative services that design agencies such as Percept provide.

Of all Australian creative agencies, why Percept?

Why work with Percept out of all the creative agencies in Australia?

Percept is rated among the leading Australian creative agencies, specialising in branding, packaging design, visual communication and digital design. Beginning as a graphic design company / design studio in Sydney, Percept have been in the industry since 1997. During that time we have built unrivalled experience and become one of the most effective branding and creative agencies in Sydney.

PerceptBrand Design has worked with thousands of happy clients from start-up companies, through to world famous brands. They can all vouch for the professionalism and quality of our design agency because we approach every single project in the same way.

Percept is one of those creative agencies that put the client’s best interests at the heart of everything we do. We aim to do our best work yet on every new brief, and our aim is always to improve the business of the clients that work with us.

Are you looking for creative agencies in Australia for help with your branding, packaging design, graphic design or website design project? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss what we can do for you and how we can work together to achieve a great outcome for your company.

Brand Design


We’re excited to announce that we have been awarded a Distinction in the Design For Good category of the 2021 AGDA Awards!
PerceptBrand Design are award winning designers. We’ve enjoyed our share of achievements over the years, but it never gets old to be recognised for doing good work for good clients. We’re happy to share with you the latest news from the team at PerceptBrand Design.

Percept – Brand Design have been awarded a Distinction in the AGDA Awards 2021, Design For Good category for our brand identity work with the awesome people at Great Mates! View the project.

Percept was also selected as Finalists in the brand identity category of the 2020 Australian Graphic Design Association Awards. These graphic design awards celebrate the most outstanding work in our industry and are the benchmark of creative excellence in Australia. Percept – Brand Design is honoured to be included among such company as the leading design agencies in Australia.

You can view the amazing work of all of Australia’s top brand design and design agencies from the past couple of years at AGDA Awards 2020 and 2021.

PerceptBrand Design was awarded the title of ‘Agency of the Year 2020 – Australia’ by Ad World Masters. These awards celebrate the best creative agencies around the world, so we’re thrilled to have received this accolade.

Previously, Ad World Masters also awarded Percept – Brand Design the Gold Title as Winners of Brand Agency of the Year in Australia for 2019.

Additionally, Percept was awarded a Merit in the Packaging Design category and had a total of 3 projects selected as Finalists in the 2019 Australian Graphic Design Association Awards.

We were also very pleased to be selected as the Branding Agency Of The Month winner for November 2019 as recognised by TDA.

Award Winning Design Agency, Percept win distinction for Branding in the Australian Graphic Design Awards Image A

Percept – Brand Design, Trusted By:

It’s wonderful to have a creative agency as responsive, efficient and professional as Percept. They answer briefs strategically, from big picture to tiny detail, with creative solutions that exceed expectation.

Jenny Crocker, NSW Government

Thanks to Sydney creative agency, Percept, we’ve had the nod from our largest retailer for a national roll-out. This is better than anything we’ve achieved to date!

Martin Ireland, Sennheiser Australia

We’ve found the team at Percept ® – Packaging Design Agency Sydney, very approachable in our working partnership. They’ve taken on many packaging briefs for us and always delivered solid thinking and results.

Tanya Wojcik, Coopers Brewery

Rebranding has been the catalyst for significant change and it has received universally positive feedback. Working with Percept has enabled us to present a fresh brand, launched to great success.

Craig Walker, RAMS Financial Group

Percept, what a great job your digital design agency delivered. We’ve loved working with you! You nailed the creativity and delivered everything for our tight deadlines. We’d like to work with you again.

Vincent Bordreuil, Tefal

Design Agency – Percept

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