We’re in the
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Digital Design Agency

Percept is a digital design agency in Australia.
We create holistic branding, website design
and visual communication solutions that
resonate with audiences online, as well as
in the real world. As a digital design agency,
we help companies become engaging brands.

Website Design Agencies Sydney

Ranked among the top website design agencies Sydney, Percept have expertise in branding and visual communication for digital environments. This means Percept can deliver better outcomes than other website design agencies Sydney in terms of comprehensive business success. If you’re assessing website design agencies Sydney, looking for the complete package, you’ll find a good partner in Percept.

Brand Designers

Percept are brand designers first and foremost.
Yes, we are a design agency that delivers
digital ad campaigns and website design,
but everything is approached from the big picture
view of brand designers. This enables development
of comprehensive brand communications across
all media channels. Whether it is digital branding,
advertising or website design, businesses benefit
when engaging expert brand designers, Percept.


Brave ideas,
bold design.

Visual Communication

Strategic, creative

Visual communication is typically, a desired message, delivered using a combination of strategic, creative and technical skills from a digital design agency. The output is then conveyed across the digital media platforms used by today’s brands to actively engage with their audience. Percept are visual communication specialists, which makes us an effective digital design agency because all our creative outcomes are built from solid strategic foundations.

Branding & Website Design

A digital agency
with a difference.

As branding and website design specialists, Percept have an edge over traditional digital design agencies. Our branding and website design work achieves cut-through because we understand the importance of strategic branding and visual communication and this results in unified brands across all platforms, online and off. If you require both branding and website design, you have experts in Percept.

Branding and website design specialists, Percept, are regarded for their digital work as being among the top design agencies in Sydney.

Percept is a digital branding and website design agency, that is based in the Sutherland Shire, south of Sydney. Our aim is to develop creative branding and website design to present our clients as a more attractive option than their competitors. We offer the full suite of creative agency services across both digital and print; visual communication, branding and website design.

With our foundations in traditional branding and print communication design, Percept – Digital Design Agency Sydney, is definitely a design agency with a difference. We have a firm focus on the effectiveness of our work across all mediums from digital branding and website design to creative campaign development and graphic design for print or digital design. We enjoy seeing our client’s companies benefit as a result. We like to develop best-of-breed online solutions that help to improve a brand’s performance, delivering measurable results because they’ve been well thought through.

We’ve always provided specialist branding and website design services as a digital design agency. It’s part of our integrated team, but believe best results are achieved when this is offered in combination with our strategic graphic design abilities for all things print too, making us the total creative agency.

This means we are conscious not to follow the crowd with digital design outputs just because we can. We instead advise when and how our clients should harness new media for maximum return on investment.

With expertise in digital branding and website design, as well as graphic design for print too, it’s fair to say that Percept is a digital design agency that offers more than your average provider because we deliver holistic results across all brand communications.

If you’re looking a high quality digital design agency Sydney, Percept would love the opportunity to discuss your project.

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Your ideal

Percept is a digital design agency Sydney, partnering with clients to provide complete branding design solutions that are both engaging and effective. As an integrated digital design agency Sydney, we can help you with far more than just a visually pleasing website design.

Digital Design Agency Sydney

Percept is a digital design agency Sydney that defines digital design as content that is devised and produced for on-screen delivery. Common examples include digital branding, website design, email marketing, online advertising campaigns and social media for business.

Percept is a leading digital design agency Sydney, offering the full range of creative services that with help your business thrive.


Services Include:


Digital Design Strategy

A familiar question with a complex answer, is what should we do and why? There are no cookie-cutter solutions. Percept are highly experienced in brand strategy and strategic design, we know the most important part of the creative process is the thinking and reasoning that provides the groundwork.

Percept is a digital design agency, that’s here to provide you with sound strategic design advice on your digital branding, creative advertising campaigns and other online communication design activities based on your unique situation and budget.


Digital Branding

With a successful track record as a traditional branding agency, Percept has all the expertise required to develop digital branding that cuts-through not only online, but in printed and physical environments as well.

Percept is a brand-led digital design agency Sydney, that enjoys building head-turning brands of real substance and character. We find this always produces the best business outcomes in today’s competitive digital branding world.


Website Design Agency Sydney

Looking for a website design agency Sydney? With thousands to choose from, companies select website design agency, Percept, when they’re looking for professional, industry leading results.

Percept is a website design agency Sydney that develops custom built, creative website design solutions that are responsive across all devices and feature a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress so you can manage the site yourself once it has been set up.

The main benefit of having Percept as your website design agency Sydney is that we are branding experts who specialise in visual communication design.

This ensures your website design agency will not only be of the highest standard within the industry, but it will also be able to support your printed marketing communications and reinforce your branding design efforts across all channels.

PerceptWebsite Design Agency Sydney has worked with thousands of clients over the years. They find our design studio to be far more effective than a regular website design agency that creates websites in isolation. This is because we provide the total solution for branding, print communication design and website design, enabling optimum performance for their company.

Email Marketing & EDM Design

As a digital design agency Sydney, Percept has a proven track record in effective design for electronic direct marketing (EDM design). Different strategies are used for email marketing depending on the industry you’re in, but essentially we focus on quick and clear communication design as well as a push toward a specific call to action that we want the user to take.

The benefit of working with a digital design agency using an email marketing platform such as Campaign Monitor that offers tracking, means you can measure opens and clicks right down to each individual user. This enables you to directly follow up on warm leads and hone your EDM design for the future, based on what you learn from previous email marketing campaigns.


Digital Advertising Agency

What sets the Percept creative agency apart from every other digital design agency Sydney is our ability to think strategically and our history in creating highly successful advertising campaigns for print media as well as digital outputs.

Percept is a creative agency, that combines this background with the latest digital design and development skills to perform as your digital advertising agency, knowing that our creative communication design strategy works. Percept is a creative agency that is always original, and ideas driven, giving your branding the highest chance of cut-through in a crowded marketplace.

Our design studio is full of highly skilled creatives as well as brand designers all as part of our in-house team. This enables the Percept creative agency to produce highly effective work as your digital advertising agency, which has a positive influence on your bottom line.


Social Media for Business

Rather than mindlessly dabbling in social media because everyone else does, Percept is a digital design agency Sydney that believes there must be a considered purpose behind any efforts in social media for business.

In reality, it’s not likely we’ll create a cat video that’s the next global viral sensation, making your brand a household name in the process. What we will do however, is work with you to determine if social media for business makes sense for your company, what your goals should be and the best way to achieve them.


App Development

Do you have an idea for an app and need a digital design agency Sydney, like Percept to build it? We can certainly help. When working with existing clients on branding design projects, we can also recommend app development if we see the opportunity, where it would add value for their customers and provide a better brand experience.


Search Services (SEO & SEM)

Your brand agency could deliver the best logo design and website design in Sydney, but it is pointless unless people can find it. The fact that you found your way to our site, indicates that Percept is a digital design agency that knows a thing or two about ranking highly in search engine results.

Percept is a digital design agency Sydney that can assist you with search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Both are a science in themselves and we can offer advice for these search services so you can attract as much traffic as possible to your new website design Sydney.


Percept – Digital Design

Digital Design Agency Sydney

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Digital Branding

Award winning
design agency.

Digital branding and website design specialists, Percept, are among the award-winning digital design agencies in Sydney. We have enjoyed our share of digital branding and website design achievements over the years. Nothing makes us happier than being recognised for our digital branding, except for seeing our clients succeed as a result of our work.

Latest Achievements

As a digital design agency Sydney, Percept work in the areas of digital branding, website design, digital advertising and marketing communications.

Our digital branding work has been recognised within the creative industry and we are very happy to have been awarded the ‘Top Digital Agency in Australia / Oceania Region‘ in the Top Digital Agency Awards of 2017. In 2019, Percept was named as a ‘Top Website Design and Development Company‘ by DesignRush, also for our digital branding work.

As one of the top digital branding agencies in Sydney, Percept are also honoured to have won numerous other awards as a Digital Branding Agency.

If you are interested in our digital branding services, go to our Branding page, or for a more detailed list of our award winning design, go to our Results page.

Web Design Agency Sydney

Good design is a
competitive edge.

Web design agency Sydney, Percept, believes that creating a well perceived image right across all digital design environments is key to prosperity. As a web design agency Sydney, our objective on all projects is to provide brands with a competitive edge in their online presence. This makes Percept a very effective web design agency Sydney.

Percept is a web design agency Sydney that understands the significance of good branding and communication design in successful businesses these days.

The power of good design in a business’ performance cannot be underestimated. This is why when selecting your web design agency Sydney, you should choose one with a demonstrated ability to deliver. Percept is a web design agency Sydney that falls into this category. We have a 24 year history of transforming brands and improving the effectiveness of their communications across all channels.

Our work covers many graphic design disciplines, but our creative process remains constant. We are thinking designers that focus on positive business outcomes for our clients.

Percept – Web Design Agency Sydney, has all the knowledge and skill-sets required to fulfil your digital branding design and visual communication requirements.

We’re a web design agency Sydney that raises the standards on every project we work on. Percept shows all of our work, rather than a few select highlights so you get a true feel for the quality you can expect when working with us. To see all of our work, view our Case Studies.

The reason our work resonates with target audiences and helps our clients businesses thrive, is because it is both strategic and creative. If this sounds like a good fit for your company, we’d love the opportunity to be your web design agency Sydney.


Percept – Branding & Website Design

Web Design Agency Sydney

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Who are we?

Percept is a digital design agency in Sydney. Having built a reputation for creative branding design, both in Australia and overseas, companies trust our creative studio to help elevate their brand within the marketplace. This is mainly because we’re among the specialist branding agencies that work across print communications and digital design.

Established way back in 1997, Percept is one of the longest-running branding agencies in Sydney. We continue to evolve and grow in our expertise every day to deliver exceptional digital design results.

What is a digital design agency?

What is a digital design agency according to Percept?

Essentially, a digital design agency, such as Percept, is an advertising or creative agency equipped to develop branding and marketing communications in the digital age.

Digital design agencies work across all types of creative mediums, including brand design, visual communication, graphic design, advertising campaigns and website design, to present a strong and consistent brand identity in the ever-changing online marketing landscape.

The plethora of websites, apps, digital media campaigns, mobile campaigns, and other forms of digital advertising has made it even more vital for businesses to grow their brand through these digital avenues.

When you choose a digital design agency like Percept to boost your brand communications, you will be well positioned to remain competitive in today’s online world. This is because Percept are one of the leading branding agencies in Sydney. We focus on effective communication design as a priority, regardless of whether the output is print or digital design.

Why is a digital design agency necessary for your business?

How do digital design agencies like Percept, help businesses?

Digital design and digital marketing communications were almost unheard of a decade ago, let alone the need for a digital design agency. But now, as more of the world relies on online interactions, businesses are expected to engage a digital design agency for their digital advertising. This is necessary in an effort to embrace the benefits that communicating with today’s online audiences can offer as more traditional channels become less relevant.

A good website design agency is great, but it’s not enough in isolation. If your branding and advertising is to remain competitive and attract customers, you must work with a digital design agency, such as Percept, to develop a multi-channel approach.

Nowadays, the majority of potential customers not only shop online, but use the internet for most of their information, research and interaction. In the US, 70% of consumers shop online. If you haven’t got a digital marketing plan of any kind, you’re missing out on an ever-growing slice of the market. Furthermore, people are spending far more time on social media. This has opened up a completely new avenue when it comes to advertising in the technological age. A social media presence is a must, because the majority of your potential target audience is constantly being exposed to your competitors in these environments. Yet, just having a social media profile isn’t suffice. With 93% of products and services advertised on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, you need a content marketing strategy in combination with an effective digital design agency like Percept, to penetrate these online advertising avenues.

Once you embrace these channels and understand how to increase your ROI through digital marketing, you will start to experience wins, and if done well, they can be significant. By delivering strategic branding, website design, marketing communications and advertising campaigns, your digital design agency can help take your brand to the next level. The thing is, many businesses don’t know where they should start because they’re not equipped with the knowledge required to harness multiple digital environments to convey a united brand message.

This is where a digital design agency such as Percept comes in.

Creative Communication

Hiring a digital design agency like Percept means you’re in safe hands. We know business, we know digital design channels and we specialise in creative communication design. This combination makes for effective marketing that connects with your target audience and can influence them to take a desired action.


Return on Investment

Digital design agencies can provide businesses with better results for their marketing spend. Because digital marketing is relatively affordable, more budget can be allocated to the development of effective messaging and creative concepts in your brand communications. This is the important part. Investing in the quality of your online advertising and marketing efforts will certainly pay off in terms of conversion targets.

Having non-specialist, existing staff handle this within your organisation is usually a poor decision in terms of cost versus results and is generally considered a waste of time and money. An in-house digital marketing team can be another option. However, the cost of hiring a group of specialists to strategise, lead, research, write, and deploy digital sign and creative campaigns can be considerable. On the other hand, working with an external digital design agency with a creative studio full of skilled professionals who are objective, creative, current and savvy, can produce amazing results for a fraction of the cost it would take to find and employ an in-house team.


Expert Advice

Digital design agencies know what they are doing. Their day-to-day business is in helping other businesses to thrive in a highly competitive digital marketing environment. A digital design agency has technical expertise as well as the know-how to ensure your branding remains relevant, its communication design is targeted to the right audience and customer type, and is current with changing market trends. Digital design agencies are the only place that you will find this expert advice across everything from logo design and digital branding, to website design and digital advertising, or from EDM design and email marketing, right through to visual communication and graphic design services.


Measurable Results

Digital design agencies exist for one reason, and that is to deliver results for your business. By working with digital design agencies to develop an effective marketing campaign, your company will achieve a positive ROI, greater awareness, more leads, and ultimately, increased revenue. Digital design agencies have a team of experts that provide ongoing reporting and advice to strengthen your digital creative campaigns and continually fine-tune their performance.

What is Percept’s expertise as a digital design agency?

How can the expertise of digital design agency, Percept, help my business?

As a top-tier digital design agency in Sydney, Percept will create a holistic digital branding and brand communications solution for your business. This is because Percept is a full-service creative agency, combining a design agency, brand agency and website design agency all in one Sydney location.

With a foundation in traditional branding and communication design, Percept are ranked among the best branding agencies in Sydney. This means Percept Brand Design has the expertise to develop digital branding or a digital advertising campaign that speaks to your audience and achieves results. Whether it’s brand identity, website design or communication design, our design studio has a focus on strategic thinking and creative development. This means we deliver digital design work that is customised to the needs of your company, with a specific outcome in mind.

As one of the longest-operating creative agencies in Sydney, Percept have always offered the full suite of services. Some companies engage us as their website design company, logo design company, branding company, or graphic design company, but it’s the combination of all these, that allows us to produce solutions that maximise ROI in creative services. Percept is an integrated creative agency in Sydney, that advises clients when and how to harness new media and develop online solutions in the form of digital branding and communication design that improves their business’ performance. Because Percept is a full-service creative agency, we understand the significance that effective digital design and website design plays in the success of a business. Our objective on every branding, website design, creative advertising campaign or digital design project is to provide your company with a competitive edge in your online presence. Creating a well-planned and reputable brand identity and communication design package across all your digital channels from website design to advertising campaigns is the key.

Digital design focuses on communicating your brand’s message using a combination of strategic, creative, and technical skills. Percept is among the creative agencies that define digital design as content that is devised and produced for on-screen delivery. Common examples, and strategies we implement, include:

Among highly-regarded branding agencies in Sydney, Percept offers the full suite of creative agency services. From digital branding, to visual communication design for print, and website design Sydney, Percept is a full-service design agency that partners with our clients to provide creative solutions that are both professional and engaging.

High quality digital design is at the heart of successful marketing campaigns in this modern era. With Percept’s expertise and design studio full of leading creative professionals, you can expect to see your business thrive soon after partnering with us.

Percept has been fortunate enough to receive great industry recognition. We have been awarded the ‘Top Digital Agency in Australia/Oceania Region’ in the Top Digital Agency Awards of 2017. In 2019, Percept was named as the ‘Top Website Design and Development Company’ by DesignRush. We are also honoured to have won numerous other awards for our expertise as a Digital Branding Agency.

Is there a set process for a digital design project?

What is the Percept digital design process?

PerceptBrand Design has an in-house digital design process that helps produce optimum results.

As a digital design agency who have been fine-tuning our creative process for well over 20 years, our digital design process focuses on achieving results that produce the outcomes our clients want. We see our role as a top-tier design agency in Sydney as being able to combine strategic and creative thinking and apply that to your company’s marketing plan. This can be as an ongoing client and design agency relationship, or on a per project basis such as; logo design, brand identity, website design, EDM design, graphic design, advertising or visual communications.

We’ll help you achieve success by working with you to communicate with your audience in a way that is most effective in reaching the desired outcomes across all strategic branding and communication design touch-points.

Our Creative Director and team of professional Brand Designers will partner with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business objectives. We’ll want to know, what are your needs? What outcome do you want to achieve? We’ll sit down with you to discuss these questions in detail in order to provide the insight we need to deliver the most effective creative solutions for your company.

Our typical digital design process is as follows:



  • Initial discussion
  • Briefing
  • Project proposal



  • Research and discovery
  • Visual audit
  • Strategic development
  • Creative concept



  • Design development
  • Internal assessment
  • Design refinement
  • Artwork
  • Presentation
  • Client feedback
  • Design refinement
  • Presentation and approval



  • Artwork/development roll-out
  • Presentation
  • Client feedback
  • Artwork/development refinement
  • Presentation and approval
  • Final artwork/development



  • Pre-production
  • Proofing
  • Final sign-off
  • Production
  • Delivery

Why choose Percept for digital design services?

Is Percept the right digital design services provider for my company?

Percept – Digital Design Agency Sydney, are creative branding specialists who are passionate about effective communication design and delivering successful business results for our clients.

Among the top creative agencies in Sydney, Percept’s design studio is full of talented brand designers that are skilled in improving the image of a company with effective brand communications. Percept is one of the creative agencies where it doesn’t matter how big your company is, what product you sell, or what industry you are in. We embrace any challenge and help businesses improve their results and maintain them over the long-term.

As one of the top branding agencies in Sydney, Percept go well beyond logo design and graphic design services. We are strategic and creative thinkers who that engage with you as brand consultants. Percept’s branding design expertise sees our clients benefit from the full gamut of creative services. From branding to website design, the Percept brand agency specialises in effective communication design. Because we offer the full range of creative services within our design studio in Sydney, we are able to create brands from the ground-up, with a focus on engaging their target audience.

Request a quote or contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Percept, what a great job your digital design agency delivered. We’ve loved working with you! You nailed the creativity and delivered everything for our tight deadlines. We’d like to work with you again.

Vincent Bordreuil, Tefal