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Percept – a full-service digital design agency Sydney.
We create holistic digital branding and digital design solutions that resonate with audiences online, as well as in the real world.


With our foundations in traditional branding and print communication design, Percept – Digital Design Agency Sydney, is definitely a design agency with a difference. We have a firm focus on the effectiveness of our work across all mediums from digital branding and website design to creative campaign development and general print or digital design. We enjoy seeing our client’s companies benefit as a result.

We’ve always provided specialist website design and digital design agency services as part of our in-house team, but believe best results are achieved when this is offered in combination with our strategic graphic design abilities as a branding and creative agency.

This means we are conscious not to follow the crowd with digital design outputs just because we can. We instead advise when and how our clients should harness new media for maximum return on investment.

We like to develop best-of-breed online solutions that help to improve a brand’s performance, delivering measurable results because they’ve been well thought through.

With expertise in all things branding and print design too, it’s fair to say that Percept is a digital design agency that offers more than your average provider because we deliver holistic results across all brand communications. If you’re looking a high quality digital design agency Sydney, Percept would love the opportunity to discuss your project.

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Percept is a digital design agency that understands the significance of digital design and website design in successful businesses these days.

Our objective on every digital design project, whatever the brief, is to provide your business with the competitive edge in your online presence.

Creating a well perceived image right across your digital design environments is key to prosperity.

Percept – Digital Design Agency Sydney, has all the knowledge and skill-sets required to help you achieve this.


Percept is a digital design agency Sydney that defines digital design as content that is devised and produced for on-screen delivery. Common examples include digital branding, websites design, email marketing, online advertising campaigns and social media for business.

Digital design is typically, a desired message, communicated using a combination of strategic, creative and technical skills. This is then conveyed across the digital media platforms used by today’s brands to actively engage with their audience. Percept is a leading digital design agency Sydney, offering the full range of services that with help your business thrive.


As a digital design agency Sydney, Percept is very happy to have been awarded the ‘Top Digital Agency in Australia / Oceania Region‘ in the Top Digital Agency Awards of 2017. In 2019, Percept was named as a ‘Top Website Design and Development Company‘ by DesignRush. We are also honoured to have won numerous other awards as a Digital Branding Agency. For a more detailed list, go to our Results page.

Digital Design Strategy

A familiar question with a complex answer, is what should we do and why? There are no cookie-cutter solutions.

Percept is a digital design agency, that’s here to provide you with sound strategic advice on your digital branding, creative advertising campaigns and other online activities based on your unique situation and budget.

Digital Branding

With a successful track record as a traditional branding agency, Percept have all the expertise required to develop brands that cut-through not only online, but in printed and physical environments as well.

We enjoy building head-turning brands of real substance and character. We find this always produces the best business outcomes in today’s competitive branding world.

Website Design

Looking for a website design agency in Sydney? With thousands to choose from, companies select website design agency, Percept, when they’re looking for professional, industry leading results.

Percept develops custom website design solutions that are responsive across all devices and feature a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress so you can manage the site yourself once it has been set up.

The main benefit of having Percept as your website design agency Sydney is that we are branding experts who specialise in visual communication design.

This ensures your website design will not only be of the highest standard within your industry, but it will support your printed marketing communication design and reinforce your branding efforts.

Percept clients find this to be far more effective than a website design that has been created in isolation because we provide the total solution for branding, print communication design and website design, enabling optimum performance for their company.

Email Marketing and EDM Design

Percept has a proven track record in effective design for electronic direct marketing (EDM design).

Different strategies are used for email marketing depending on the industry you’re in, but essentially we focus on quick and clear communication design as well as a push toward a specific call to action that we want the user to take.

The benefit of using an email marketing platform such as Campaign Monitor that offers tracking, means you can measure opens and clicks right down to each individual user. This enables you to directly follow up on warm leads and hone your EDM design for the future, based on what you learn from previous email marketing campaigns.

Digital Advertising Agency

What sets Percept apart from every other digital design agency in Sydney is our ability to think strategically and our history in successful advertising campaigns for print media as well as just digital outputs.

Percept is a creative agency, that combines this background with the latest digital design and development skills to perform as your digital advertising agency, knowing that our creative communication design strategy works. Percept is a creative agency that is always original and ideas driven, giving your branding the highest chance of cut-through in a crowded marketplace.

We boast highly skilled creatives as well as designers and developers all as part of our in-house team. This enables our creative agency to produce highly effective work as your digital advertising agency, which has a positive influence on your bottom line.

Social Media for Business

Rather than just doing social media because everyone else does, Percept is a digital design agency Sydney that believes there must be a purpose behind any efforts in this area.

In reality, it’s not likely we’ll create a cat video that’s the next global viral sensation, making your brand a household name in the process.

What we will do however, is work with you to determine if social media makes sense for your business, what your goals should be and the best way to achieve them.

App Development

Do you have an idea for an app and need a digital design agency and build it? Percept can certainly help.

When working with existing clients, we can also recommend app development if we see the opportunity, where it would add value for their customers and provide a better brand experience.

Search Services (SEO & SEM)

You could have the best website design in the world, but it is pointless unless people can find it. The fact that you found your way to our site, indicates that Percept is a digital design agency Sydney that knows a thing or two about ranking highly on search results.

Percept is a digital design agency that can assist you with search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Both are a science in themselves and we can offer advice for these services so you can attract as much traffic as possible.


Regarded among the top tier website design companies in Sydney, Percept is a digital design agency Sydney, that is based in the Sutherland Shire.

Offering the full suite of creative agency services across digital branding, print communication design and website design, Percept is a digital design agency that partners with our clients to provide total solutions that are both professional and engaging.

Our aim is to present our clients as a more attractive option than their competitors.

If this interests you, simply contact us to discuss your digital branding and digital design requirements. Percept would like the opportunity to be you digital design agency Sydney.


PERCEPT – Digital Design Agency Sydney

Digital Design

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Call + 61 2 9544 3200


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Thanks for the great job your digital design agency delivered!
I loved working with you, you nailed it in terms of creativity and professionalism to deliver everything on time, and respecting all the tight deadlines. It was awesome, thanks again for all your efforts!
We definitely would like to work on other projects with you guys in the future.

Vincent Bordreuil – Tefal.