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Percept – Branding Agency Sydney.
Branding specialists, we’re passionate
about strategic brand design and the
role it plays in the success of products
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Brand Design

Percept Brand Design is all-in on branding.
By definition, a brand is a name, symbol,
design, style, or attribute, distinguishing
one seller from another. (Thanks Wikipedia)
Percept Brand Design has a focus on
strategically and creatively designing
these elements into distinctive brands
that help businesses gain a competitive
edge over their rivals.

Branding Agency Sydney

Percept is a branding agency in Sydney,
known for brave ideas and bold design.
We develop strategic branding for our
clients, to position them appropriately,
helping to define their true self and create
a brand identity that they are proud of.
This reinvigorates their organisation from
the inside out and brings their company
success with a confident personality that
sets them apart for all the right reasons.


We’re here to help
good companies become
successful brands.



Percept is a branding agency. We help improve the positioning, character and image of all kinds of companies and products.
With only one chance to make a first impression, it’s our job as a strategic branding agency to make sure it’s a good one.

Percept – Brand Design is among the branding agencies that go well beyond just logo design, in fact, we are a strategic branding agency. This means we are brand consultants that offer holistic solutions.

Branding agency, Percept, has a team of brand designers that create successful brands from the ground up. From initial research, brand assessments and workshops, to brand strategy, brand identity design and full roll-out across all mediums including print and digital executions.

Percept is a branding agency that has been in operation for nearly three decades. During this time, our brand designers have delivered strategic branding that has proven good value, because the work has had a positive effect commercially.

As a branding agency, Percept works to improve business for our clients, achieving creative outcomes that deliver a return on their investment in our brand design work.

Branding Design

A brand is
a combined

Percept’s expertise is in branding design. This means we build comprehensive, authentic and engaging brands for our clients.
Let’s begin by clarifying that a logo is not a brand (unless it’s on a cow). A brand is the net result of your combined reputation. It’s the summary of how all the little things add up in the the mind of your audience. We’re here to help you identify where your organisation currently sits, and partner with you in an effort to build a more fitting, effective and complete brand.

So what is branding design? Yes, it’s your visual representation, but it also takes into account many other considerations such as brand positioning, communication style, tone of voice, personality, customer experience, and the list goes on…

Basically, branding design is how we encapsulate and present a company or product’s persona. This persona becomes your brand and helps form your reputation in the market.

As a strategic branding agency Sydney, Percept not only differentiate clients from their competitors, but capture the core of what they represent into an ownable brand identity system.

Good branding design can often be the competitive advantage a business needs to realise its full potential. Percept’s expertise is in branding design that bolsters reputations, and we’re here to help you achieve a better future.


Brave ideas,
bold design.

Brand agency, Percept, believes a good brand makes a connection that truly resonates with its audience. Effective branding represents the personality of a company or product, engages its target market and is memorable for the right reasons. How can our brand agency help you?

Brand Positioning

Among the leading brand agencies Sydney, Percept – Brand Design delivers far more than aesthetics.

To begin the branding design process, we collaborate with you in a workshop environment to discover and determine your brand positioning which will then form the basis of your visual brand identity design.

This can include competitor research, brand positioning within the market, defining the essence of your company’s character as well as developing a tone of voice and visual communication design style, which is our strength at brand agency, Percept.

Brand Strategy

What is brand strategy? Brand strategy can be simple or complex, and design agency, Percept, offers brand strategy services depending on how in-depth the requirements are for your brand as well as the budget your company can attribute to it.

Brand strategy is certainly a crucial step in order to get the best commercial results for your company’s branding or rebranding.

Depending on the level of investment, brand strategy can include a brand audit that covers various aspects of the company’s marketing communication strategies, as well as data analysis and industry analysis methods such as interviews and focus groups. It can involve examining verbal, visual, interactive, and sensory marketing collateral such as advertising, marketing communication, packaging design, website design and email campaigns.

The brand audit may also include the evaluation of the company’s additional online presence, such as social social media profiles and apps, as well as user reviews and feedback. Internal communications like staff emails and policies, along with external communication materials like presentations and annual reports, could also part of a more detailed brand audit in order to get the brand strategy right.

Additionally, on more in-depth projects, Percept can arrange immersive sessions like observation, participation, and shadowing. This can be combined with data analysis, which involves looking into internal factors such as sales and customer information, as well as external sources like market research reports and online research tools.

Most brand audits, regardless of the size of the project, will incorporate industry analysis, competitor reviews, and benchmarking to gain insights that will help the brand strategy to be commercially effective.

Whether the branding or rebranding project is suited to a light, desktop research method, or a more immersive and detailed brand strategy, it is a stage that should never be overlooked. This is because the brand strategy forms the framework for success when it comes to brand positioning, brand identity design and the discipline of strategic branding in general.

When discussing your branding project, Percept’s Account Managers will be able to provide guidance on the most appropriate tier of brand strategy required in your unique case. Simply complete our enquiry form to start the conversation.

Brand Naming & Taglines

What’s in a name? A company or brand name and tagline can say what you do, spark a personality or set a theme which is appropriate to your market.

Working with a professional branding agency such as Percept as your naming agency on appropriate brand naming can help you belong to a category or stand out amongst others. It can be fun, quirky, clever, technical, professional or traditional, the possibilities are endless.

Company naming or brand naming that resonates with your audience will give you the best chance of business success.

Percept is a brand agency with a creative team of brand designers that can develop the ideal brand name and tagline for your company or product.

Logo Design

As any brand agency will tell you, the cornerstone of your brand identity is the logo design, and it is vital to your overall image.

Percept is a brand agency, that has completed over 800 custom logo design projects for companies and businesses, which we’ve gone on to develop into full branding design programs.

Percept is a brand agency that’s well renowned for logo design Sydney. But more so, we go beyond this stage to build, strong, characterful and complete brands.

If you’re seeking more than just professional logo designers in Sydney, brand agency, Percept, can provide advice and create a full brand identity worthy of representing your company for the long-term. Our brand designers know their stuff and would be happy to share our branding design expertise with you.

Brand Identity Design

Brand agency, Percept, offers brand identity design, tailored to the needs of any business. From initial concept, right through to implementation, Percept is a brand agency that provides the full brand identity design service.

Differing from some brand agencies, Percept is the single source for all your brand identity roll-out requirements. We have a team of experienced brand designers who handle everything in-house, whether you need a design agency for brand communications, packaging design, environmental or digital design executions.

Corporate stationery design for items such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes are commonly requested as part of a brand identity, as well as electronic assets such as quote and invoice forms or email signatures.

Obviously your online presence is key to success in today’s world. That’s why as one of the top branding agencies Sydney, Percept, build comprehensive company websites, driven by the brand identity design we’ve developed. Our custom made website design is always responsive, transitioning smoothly when viewed on a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet device.

Many companies also require templates to be created for frequently used files as part of their branding design project such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or EDMs for email marketing, all components of a full brand identity.

Brand signage and environmental design are important for bricks and mortar businesses that are planning an office or retail fit-out as part of their new brand identity. Our team of brand designers also set up styles for printed and digital marketing communications as well as creative advertising campaigns so all elements of your brand identity design tie together seamlessly. This is the benefit of working with an integrated branding agency such as Percept.

Whether you require all or a selection of these items, they’ll combine into a unique and ownable brand identity system that is cohesive across all outputs.

Brand Guidelines

Among the leading branding agencies in Australia, Percept, can also produce brand guidelines or a brand manual so your new brand identity design is applied correctly. These brand guidelines can be used by either your in-house team or another third-party provider who may need to reproduce your brand image consistently.

Percept is a brand agency who knows each client has different needs, so our brand designers tailor the inclusions of brand guidelines based on the unique requirements of each situation.

The brand guidelines, brand style guide or brand manual, includes basics such as typefaces, colour palettes, logo usage and photography styles. It will also go into more detail, providing instructions for each piece of brand collateral such as business cards, brochures, email signatures, vehicle signage and uniforms, to name just a few. The deliverables are always tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Brand Design

Further to setting up the style of the brand identity itself, Percept – Brand Design Agency will work with you into the future. You can engage us as your brand design agency on a project by project basis for each new piece of collateral that needs to be designed. This way you control the quality of every branding design and communication touch-point your company will have with the world.

A brand design project could be a new brochure design, advertising campaign, marketing communications, catalogue design or industry event. When working with Percept Brand Design, you’ll benefit in terms of time and budget from a team of brand designers who you’re comfortable with and who are familiar with your goals.

Among the top branding agencies in Australia, Percept – Brand Design, can effectively answer any new creative brief, accomplishing its desired outcome, while remaining true to the branding that has already been established.

We’ll continue to enhance the look, character and style of brand communications that are exclusive to your company’s branding design. As one of the leading branding agencies in Sydney, Australia, Percept ensures that each element of the brand design suite achieves its goals, while adding to the bigger picture. All brand design will remain on-message and reinforce your brand values.

Brand Management

Percept is a brand agency with a long history working closely with our clients in the area of brand management. You only need to see our client list to realise that when it comes to brand management, Percept is trusted by the best.

In all brand management situations, we ensure a brand’s perceived image is positive and in-line with the objectives of the business.

As a brand agency, Percept acts as a guardian. We look to maintain and uphold brand design standards as well as offering improvements where possible.

As your brand agency, Percept Brand Design is pro-active in identifying opportunities that will add value to your business in any way. This is all part of our brand management offering.


Business minded,
strategic branding.

Like all branding agencies, Percept feels that branding is to look good aesthetically. But the best branding delivers appropriate messaging to the target market with a specific outcome in mind. At Percept, our approach revolves around strategic branding for commercial benefit. When selecting from top branding agencies, Percept realise our clients engage us to achieve a return on their investment.

Ranked among the top branding agencies Sydney, Percept can attest that well executed, professional brand design plays a key role in any successful business. This is why Percept specialises in strategic branding.

Strategic branding has the power to improve business performance and getting this right is what the brand designers at the Percept branding agency specialise in. This is the benefit of working with branding agencies that value brand strategy as well as aesthetics, such as Percept – Branding Agency Sydney.

Percept is a branding agency in Sydney, Australia, specialising in branding. This image shows the brand designers in our branding agency working on a brand identity job. The image shows why the Percept Branding Agency is one of the best branding agencies in Sydney, Australia.
Photo of our Branding Agency team, working inside Percept's branding agencies in Sydney – Showing our Brand Designers working in our branding agency Sydney. Percept is one of the top branding agencies in Sydney, Australia. This image shows our brand designers at work, on a brand identity design project.


Award winning
brand designers.

Brand designers, Percept, specialise in brand identity design and have been flattered to receive many accolades over time. As brand designers, of course we’re proud to share our industry achievements, such as being awarded Silver in the Australian Design Awards 2023, Silver in the Sydney Design Awards 2022, and a Distinction in the 2021 AGDA Awards, but being recognised as brand designers who produce work that is effective in helping our clients, is most important to us.

The brand designers at the PerceptBrand Agency in Sydney, are excited to have recently been announced as the winners of Silver in the Australian Design Awards 2023 as well as achieving Silver in the Sydney Design Awards too! Both these awards were in the Graphic Design, Identity and Branding category. View the work.

Percept also took home a Distinction in the Design For Good category of the 2021 AGDA Awards. The distinction was awarded in recognition for the work of the brand designers at Percept that were responsible for creating the new brand identity for disability service provider, Great Mates. View the project.

If you’re interested in seeing the amazing work of all the finalists and award winning brand designers in Australia, you can find the gallery at

Previously, Percept Brand Design were also Finalists in the brand identity category of the 2020 AGDA Awards.

You can see the impressive brand identity work of all the top brand designers and branding agencies in Australia at

The brand identity awards celebrate the most outstanding brand designers in the sector. Brand agency, Percept, is thrilled to be considered alongside the top branding agencies in Australia.

If you want to work with award winning brand designers, you can see the full list of Percept – Brand Agency achievements on our results page, including accolades such as:

Agency Spotter  Top 100 Branding Agencies 2023, #36 Globally.

Ad World Masters Silver Agency Of The Year – Australia 2022.

Clutch Report Leading Branding Agencies Australia 2022.

Agency Spotter Top 30 Global Branding Agencies 2022.

World Brand Design Society x 5 Branding Feature Projects 2022.

TDA Branding Agency Of The Month winner – January 2022.

AGDA Awards 2021 distinction for brand identity in the Design For Good category.

Ad World Masters Agency Of The Year winner – Australia 2021.

AGDA Awards 2020 finalist in the Branding category.

Ad World Masters Agency Of The Year winner – Australia 2020.

Ad World Masters Agency Of The Year winner – Australia 2019.


We make
good brands

If you are considering rebranding, you’ve already identified that your brand identity design is underperforming and a brand refresh will help. As branding consultants, as well as brand designers, Percept has all the expertise required to transform your image.

As a rebranding specialist, Percept will assess your brand identity design and advise whether you require a full revolution and brand creation from scratch. If there is enough equity in your current branding, then we would recommend a brand refresh as an evolution instead.

When rebranding, rather than working with a blank canvas, branding agencies such as Percept have the benefit of being able to assess how things currently stand with your existing brand identity design.

Percept is a branding agency, that will help you at this stage of the rebranding project with a brand audit. This will evaluate your brand identity design to determine what has equity, what should stay and what needs to change.

Depending on the results of the audit and brand workshop, it will be decided whether your rebranding will be an evolution of your existing brand identity design or a full revolution. Either way, the outcome will have the aim of making a clear statement with the new branding design in terms of your rebranding within the marketplace and signal your intent for the future.

As a branding agency, Percept are rebranding specialists and we often speak with people who feel that rebranding may pose a risk to their business. As one of the longest operating branding agencies in Australia, Percept firmly believe the opposite applies in most cases. Rebranding presents a fantastic opportunity to reinvent yourself in the eyes of your employees, industry and customers with a new brand identity design.

From experience, Percept can attest that rebranding is a great excuse to communicate the good and actively address any perceived negatives in a positive light. Rebranding provides the perfect chance to signify a change for the better, both internally and to the outside world.

The decision to work with branding agencies like Percept on your rebranding project is a pro-active move. It shows all stakeholders that the company has assessed itself, improved any short-comings and has consciously chosen to move with the times by reinventing itself for the better. This is why it is important to engage one of the top branding agencies in Australia, such as Percept, to make sure your rebranding objectives are met with your new brand identity design, regardless of whether it’s a brand creation or a brand refresh.


Who are we?

Who is PerceptBrand Design?

PerceptBrand Design, is among the top-tier, branding agencies Sydney. We work with new and established companies to enhance their branding, enabling them to grow and become more recognisable. One of the longest operating Australian branding agencies, with almost three decades of experience, Percept specialises in strategic and creative branding that brings brands to life.

As Percept’s clients can confirm, great value for money is provided compared to most of the top branding agencies. Percept are always aiming to maximise the return on investment in branding design and that is how their success is measured.

What is branding?

What is branding according to Percept Brand Design Agency?

Branding is a reflection of a company’s visual brand identity and personality, which is essential for building trust with customers and prospects. In most cases, people will base their first impression on your company’s image, meaning you should invest in branding agencies such as Percept, that can build value into your business with strategic branding.

Percept Brand Design Agency is a branding agency that ranks among the leading branding agencies in Sydney, Australia. We know business, we know branding and we know how to set companies apart from their competition for the right reasons.

Essential elements of branding include:

  • Brand naming
  • Tagline
  • Logo design
  • Typography
  • Tone of voice
  • Symbols or iconography
  • Colour scheme
  • Graphic design of print and digital marketing collateral

As the business world changes in these fast-moving times, your company branding needs to reflect it. The fact that you’re looking at branding agencies, considering an update of your branding design so it is more relevant to today’s consumers, indicates your company should probably undergo a rebrand. Percept is a branding agency that helps good companies become successful brands. If Percept Brand Design Agency is one of the Sydney branding agencies you are considering, we would be happy to discuss your needs and can offer advice directly from our Australian brand designers. Simply contact us today.

Why is branding important?

Why does Percept Brand Design Agency believe branding is important?

Branding is creating a powerful and memorable reputation for your business. This has always been essential, but branding design is arguably more important than ever in today’s increasingly competitive world. It involves working with expert branding agencies such as Percept to create brand naming and brand design in the form of a brand identity. This should be done by specialist brand designers in a branding agency that has expertise in branding strategy and brand positioning, so your branding company can develop appropriate branding that will result in a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. So, why is effective branding by a branding agency such as Percept so crucial to business success?

For starters, a good branding agency will create something instantly recognisable. Think about the golden arches of McDonald’s, or the world-famous Nike ‘tick’ branded as ‘swoosh.’ With basic branding design, people will know exactly what company they’re dealing with and what kind of products to expect. But truly effective branding is about more than just making your company memorable. It’s about differentiating yourself from the competition and creating a meaningful connection with the target audience.

Percept’s experienced brand designers visually project the personality of the brand, and this is the difference that Percept believes separates the best branding agency from even the top design agencies.

Take bottled water, for example – hundreds of companies sell essentially the same thing, so how do they win enough market-share to be profitable? Well, San Pellegrino has established itself as a luxury brand, which is why you’ll often find it in 5-star hotels and restaurants. By contrast, Mount Franklin has positioned itself as affordable and accessible brand retailing in supermarkets as an everyday purchase. That’s why branding is essential. A specialist branding agency like Percept will define your brand positioning and uniqueness. Our brand designers have expertise in developing a clear brand design that emotionally engages potential customers because they know who you are and what your core essence is all about. Furthermore, if you require packaging design, brand communication, advertising or website design, Percept is a design agency in Australia that can provide all these services to help your brand become successful.

What is Percept’s branding expertise?

Why are Percept the branding experts?

Percept is a branding agency in Sydney that thinks strategically and creatively to develop brand identity programs that convey a company’s true values. We are brand designers who take a practical, creative and highly imaginative approach to developing branding strategy and branding design that will inspire companies internally and outwardly resonate with their customers. 

If you’re searching for branding agencies Sydney that can research, ideate, develop, execute, optimise and manage your branding strategy, Percept could be the branding agency you’re looking for.

Percept’s branding expertise includes the areas of:

  • Brand assessments and workshops
  • Competitor and market research
  • Branding strategy and brand positioning
  • Brand naming services
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Art direction
  • Photography and video
  • Marketing communications
  • Creative campaigns
  • Website design and development
  • Packaging design

What makes branding successful?

What does Percept think makes successful branding?

The most successful branding agencies, such as Percept, pay close attention to their client’s target market and continually develop new ways to keep audiences engaged and interested with their branding. And, the brands that thrive for decades and even centuries are rarely afraid to innovate, this means your branding agency should change things up from time to time, even if it’s just having brand designers making ongoing assessments, slight adjustments and fine-tuning of the branding design.

Apple works with a branding agency that excellently highlights the need to adapt their brand design based on changing customer needs. Its official branding started as an image of Isaac Newton with an apple above his head. By 1977, that brand identity had changed to a simple apple with a bite taken from it. While this image has remained largely unchanged since, the colour schemes and subtleties in presentation of the brand identity have evolved on multiple occasions to reflect their progress over time.

By contrast, Nokia – once an industry leader in the mobile telecommunications industry – has failed to retain its appeal, and that’s largely (but obviously not entirely) because it neglected to engage a top branding agency to adapt its branding in line with the changing market. Although they reacted to technological shifts and improved their products, they missed the opportunity to progress their branding with a brand agency in a way that would communicate this to the world. As a result, they were left behind, and both Apple and Samsung have been able to take-over Nokia’s industry-leading position in a short space of time because they work closely with top branding agencies.

Brand agency, Percept, believe successful branding is essentially the foundation of a business, as it embodies how a company, its products and services are perceived, particularly in the eyes of the consumer. So, does your branding still appeal to today’s market? Is your brand agency or branding agency positioning your brand where you want it to be in the marketplace? If you think your branding design might need some attention from a leading branding agency, you should contact PerceptBrand Design. Discover why we rank among the top branding agencies Sydney.

How do branding agencies create a good brand?

How do branding agencies, such as Percept, create and manage successful brands?

As one of the leading branding agencies Sydney, Percept – Brand Design, believes that it’s essential for branding agencies to combine branding strategy with creative branding to help companies prosper by gaining the edge over the competition.

The first step in good branding design, is always the discovery stage. Our brand designers get to know you, your business and your customers, gaining a deep understanding of your goals in the process. We’ll ask you a series of questions because we’re among branding agencies that value your input and like to keep our clients involved throughout every stage of the brand design process. Why do you exist? What sets you apart from the competition? What problems does your product or service solve? Why should customers even care about you?

Next, branding agencies like Percept perform in-depth research on your competitors. This is not to imitate company branding, but for our brand designers to understand what they do well and what they don’t. The Percept branding agency has the ultimate goal of differentiating you from these competitors so that we can highlight your USPs to the market, convincing potential customers to choose your company or product instead of another. Percept understand that achieving this is what separates a great branding agency from the good branding agencies.

With branding design, Percept also takes the time to determine the brand’s audience, which can change over time as markets evolve and adapt. Is the messaging still appropriate for today’s customers? How specific is the branding strategy with regards to the target market? Does the branding reflect the values and interests of the prospects?

By gaining an in-depth understanding of your buyer’s persona, competitor activity, values of your company, your brand’s USPs, voice and goals, our brand designers can develop a smart branding strategy and develop effective branding that achieves results. All work from the Percept branding agency Sydney, Australia, is performed in-house by our team of highly-experienced brand designers. Every branding project is developed and overseen by our well-respected Creative Director throughout the process, in conjunction with our team of expert brand designers. If you want to partner with one of the top branding agencies in Sydney, Australia, Percept welcomes your contact. Percept is a branding agency that takes genuine pride in helping all types of companies grow with effective brand design. We find nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients prosper as a result of our branding work.

Why work with Percept branding agency Sydney?

Why choose Percept as your branding agency?

At PerceptBranding Agency, we strive to maintain our ranking among the best branding agencies Sydney, Australia, by continuing to develop creative brand identity work that is based on in-depth research and branding strategy. Percept is a branding agency that has consistently proven good value for money over the past 27 years, working with, and creating, some of the best-known brands in Sydney and Australia during that time.

View our work and see our branding capabilities for yourself, or get in touch to book a consultation. Our brand designers would love the opportunity to share their experience and help you with practical advice about successful branding. If you would like to work with branding agency, Percept, simply contact us to get the conversation started.

Percept worked closely with us on a new brand identity, devising a high-impact, flexible design that fulfilled our needs. Highly engaged, responsive and collaborative, I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

Susan Humphries, NSW Ministry of Health

Rebranding has been the catalyst for significant change and it has received universally positive feedback. Working with Percept has enabled us to present a fresh brand identity, launched to great success.

Craig Walker, RAMS Financial Group

Percept successfully delivered all goals set on our brand identity and communication design brief. We were particularly impressed with their receptive and collaborative approach to the partnership.

Girish Lala, Western Sydney University

The dedication, commitment and attention to detail displayed by design agency, Percept, was truly pleasing and it provided a level of comfort that was necessary when undertaking a large scale task such as a rebrand.

Mark Vespa, Endeavour Mutual Bank

We’re very grateful for the partnership of Percept Brand Design. From the outset of our rebranding project, we found the design agency team personable, professional and reliable.

Carrie Olsen, Power Tools Plus

Sydney design agency, Percept, is a pleasure to work with. They’re professional, creative and listened to understand our personality. The strategic branding exceeded expectations of audience connection.

Anita Hawtin, NSW Public Service Commission

We had the pleasure of working with Percept for our brand identity. We absolutely loved every concept they developed and were very impressed with the quality of their branding agency. Would recommend 10/10!

Adam Matheson, True Woo