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Ranking among the best graphic design agencies Sydney, Percept is a company branding specialist.
Good company branding is part science, part creative flare. We’ve been refining our creative process for more than 25 years now, so we know our work, works.
The reason we rate in the top graphic design agencies Sydney is because each company branding outcome is unique, achieving results that make clients happy. If you want to partner with one of the leading graphic design agencies Sydney, Percept is a solid choice.

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As a graphic design agency, Percept prides itself on developing custom, company branding and visual communication solutions for our clients. Percept is a graphic design agency, delivering bespoke work that achieves results. The strategic, creative work produced by our graphic design agency is developed specifically for your particular situation.

Percept is a graphic design agency in Sydney. Because we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach, we don’t have a recognised graphic design agency style like some design studios are know for.

Percept is a graphic design agency that guides our clients through our strategic approach, identifying why specific choices are made and what outcomes they are intended to achieve for the end-game. We find this makes for more effective company branding and visual communication work that our clients not only embrace, but benefit from over the long-term.

Pleasing the client themselves to obtain approval is obviously essential, but more importantly, we’re a graphic design agency that focuses on appealing to their target audience as this is the ultimate objective. The way we work helps people see past their own personal preferences in order to achieve the desired results on every graphic design project.

Design Branding



Initial discussion


Project proposal


Research and discovery

Visual audit

Strategic development

Creative concept


Design development

Internal assessment

Design refinement



Client feedback

Design refinement

Presentation and approval


Artwork/development roll-out


Client feedback

Artwork/development refinement

Presentation and approval

Final artwork/development




Final sign-off



Company Branding

is everything.

For a company branding agency such as Percept, it’s all about reputation. When it comes to company branding you can be sure that what we produce is of the highest standard from ideation to delivery. Come the end of the day, your reputation forms out reputation, so delivering company branding work above industry standard is the aim.

PerceptGraphic Design Agency has a creative team and account management team that work closely together in our design studio to make sure all company branding and visual communication solutions answer the objectives of the client’s brief.

The performance of our company branding work is of greatest importance. Percept is ranked among the top creative agencies in Sydney because we focus on work that benefits the businesses that engage us.

We also realise that the little things matter when you deal with a graphic design agency. So we pride ourselves on attention to detail. We don’t like mistakes and have in-house cross-checking procedures to weed them out.

Whether you engage Percept as your graphic design agency, packaging designers, branding agency or website design agency, you know that the company branding and visual communication outcomes we deliver will be of the highest quality.

Project Management

Percept has a long and successful history as a leading graphic design agency in Sydney. Because of award winning company branding work, Percept is also considered to be among the top branding agencies in Australia. This doesn’t happen by chance. The key is good organisation and project management.

Our experience in managing projects of all shapes and sizes from start-up company branding projects to full scale corporate brand identity programs, means that we have the structure and processes in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. This also applies to one-off projects like packaging design or website design Sydney, where the same graphic design agency project management procedures help things flow smoothly.

Our graphic design agency has a creative and account management team that are well organised. They meet daily for progress reports and all tasks and times in our design studio are tracked using our project management system, Streamtime.

This way all milestones are met on our way to delivering your company branding design project on time and on budget.

Good project management, makes for the best outcomes on each project and keeps our client relationships strong.

Budgets & Timings

Some clients ask how they can assist us in their company branding project.

Like any graphic design agency, Percept will tell you that the best outcomes are achieved on branding design projects when clients are well organised too. Knowledge is power. The more detail you can provide, the better our understanding and the better the end result.

Where possible, Percept, like most graphic design agencies, ask for reasonable budget and turnaround times on creative projects, because it allows our creative agency to produce the best design branding work for your needs.

That being said, our capacity and flexibility does allow us to get urgent jobs in and out in quick time in instances when it’s necessary. We are happy to accommodate these requests from time to time as we recognise it’s unavoidable for any Sydney graphic design agency or branding agencies and creative agencies in general in our industry.

Company branding and visual communication design is like any other professional field. You get what you pay for. Quality work cannot be rushed. The budget allocation will match the time that’s spent on a project, and will be reflected in the output.



Among the top branding agencies in Sydney, Percept are well organised and work efficiently because we have project management and design studio procedures in place, making us organised and productive when compared to some branding agencies in Sydney. Having systems doesn’t stifle creativity, in fact, quite the opposite. This is what separates the best branding agencies from the rest.

Structure, systems, procedures and organisation are considered dirty words among some creatives, but Percept is one of the branding agencies in Australia that is well-drilled. This helps the day-to-day elements of our roles run smoothly and consistently whilst upholding the highest industry standards that are expected from branding agencies such as Percept.

Branding agencies like Percept, perform better when there is structure and process in place. These systems allow for more clarity and focus when it comes to our creative work, enabling our brand designers to produce the best outcomes possible.

Percept is one of the branding agencies in Sydney that believe in procedures. This is evident in the branding, marketing communications and packaging design work that our design agency produces.

Many of our systems are designed to minimise risk. Critical to operating professional branding agencies in Sydney, Percept has important safety measures in place across the areas of security, technical support, back-ups, finances and insurance to set your mind at ease. You can have confidence in the professionalism of the PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, knowing that even in unforeseen circumstances, your brand designers work will be unimpeded.


to deliver.

When choosing a graphic design agency Sydney, there’s more to assess than just an impressive portfolio. Quality branding design work is only possible at PerceptGraphic Design Agency Sydney, because we are well equipped. We have streamlined procedures, industry-leading equipment, and of course, very talented people with a positive mindset. This combination makes Percept a top graphic design agency Sydney.


PerceptGraphic Design Agency Sydney has premises that consist of offices as well as a large open-plan design studio, encouraging communication and collaboration. There are several break-out areas for briefing sessions and a separate meeting room for visual communication and branding design presentations.

Our graphic design agency Sydney features a contemporary interior fit-out, providing the ideal environment as far as creative agencies go to produce top-notch company branding, visual communication, digital marketing, website design and packaging design work.


Percept is a graphic design agency Sydney on the leading edge of technology. We’re always investing in the latest design branding software to enable our ideas to come to life in the best way possible.

A graphic design agency requires ultimate efficiency. This is why we also have super-fast network and internet connections in the Percept design studio, so no time goes to waste.


Percept runs a Mac based studio which is standard for a graphic design agency Sydney in the Australian creative industry. We also use PCs as testing platforms, especially when we’re engaged as a digital design or website design agency Sydney.

All machines in the design studio have been modified to maximise performance, so our creative agency works at optimum productivity.

Percept – Graphic Design Agency Sydney, like most creative agencies, are server based for easy file sharing and everyone has access to on-site colour laser printing. The Percept design studio also has all the gadgets required to support our brand designers, such as scanners, light boxes, mock-up stations and photography equipment.

Graphic Design Agencies


For graphic design agencies, it is important to be flexible, nimble and adaptable. As one of the mid-sized graphic design agencies in Sydney, Percept can be relied upon to handle the requirements of all types of clients without compromising speed or quality. Find out why Percept ranks among the leading graphic design agencies in Sydney.

In terms of Sydney graphic design agencies, Percept is large enough to be depended on for high workloads, while our fluid job trafficking system allows us to work on many branding agency projects concurrently without compromise.

In the rare situation that additional personnel are required, we have trusted freelancers on-call. They’ve all previously worked at Percept as well as other reputable graphic design agencies, so they hit the ground running and know exactly what is expected in our branding agency.

This ideal size and structure of our design studio means that when compared to other graphic design agencies, Percept always has the capacity to deliver whatever you schedule.

It is normal for graphic design agencies like Percept to be working on several large-scale corporate branding projects concurrently, when also handling packaging design, visual communication and projects as a website design agency for other clients at the same time. All the while remaining nimble enough to adapt to requests that pop-up at short notice such as print ads or digital design assets.

Design Branding

Design for

As one of the leading branding agencies in Sydney, Percept shows real strength in design branding. On any design branding project, Percept’s role is to combine strategic and creative thinking to help companies prosper in business. If you are selecting from branding agencies like Percept for a design branding project, contact us today.

As a branding design agency, Percept achieves commercial success for our clients. This is done with good design branding as well as helping them communicate with their audience in a way that is most effective in reaching a desired outcome.

Led by our well-renowned Creative Director, our design branding team focus on creative branding and visual communication design solutions that achieve successful results for all kinds of organisations.

For design branding projects, we partner with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their objectives. Percept is one of those branding agencies that prides itself on the actual outcomes of our design branding and visual communication work and enjoy seeing businesses benefit from its performance.

A strategic design branding brief could be for a website design, company brochure, digital marketing campaign, advertising or packaging design. Regardless of the output, Percept is a design branding specialist, aiming to turn heads and amplify businesses with the outcomes of our work.