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Percept is a top-tier design agency Sydney.
Our expertise is in graphic design and creative solutions that achieve commercial results.


Percept – Graphic Design Agency Sydney, has all the expertise you need, under one roof. Whether the execution is branding, packaging design, graphic design for print communication or digital, having the one creative team working together in our design studio, towards a common goal, ensures your brand will be the very best it can be.

Percept is a design agency where everyone in our team brings something to the table, so we can identify opportunities for your company and make decisions on a holistic level.

Centralising your brand management to one graphic design agency that works across all creative mediums, will translate to a strong and consistent brand identity that will really connect with your customers.


Well-established, Percept, Graphic Design Agency Sydney, do not have a house style, instead, we develop custom creative solutions that achieve best results for each project’s brief.

Percept is a versatile graphic design company, so this keeps our minds sharp. As you can see from the work shown above, our background covers graphic design projects of all kinds, across the full spectrum of businesses types.

We enjoy working with new clients of all kinds, so if you have a fresh creative challenge for our design studio, Percept would love to hear from you. Simply fill in our enquiry form and we’ll be in contact.

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Percept is a design agency that has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes since 1997, achieving successful outcomes in terms of their business objectives.

We show an extensive portfolio rather than just the highlights. This way you can accurately judge the everyday quality of work to be expected when partnering with a graphic design company such as Percept.

If you’re assessing which graphic design agency Sydney to work with, Percept believe this will allow you to make an informed decision.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. You can be sure that every project that comes out of the Percept design studio consistently meets our high standards.


Leading brands across Australia, and all over the world have chosen design agency, Percept. They’ve done so in an effort to improve their businesses and out-perform their competition by selecting a graphic design agency with a successful track-record.

By partnering with Percept, you’ll be in good company.

Percept ® – Graphic Design Agency Sydney, have been trusted by brands that include:


Percept is a design agency that enjoys doing good work for good people. We believe that the reputation of our clients’ brands forms our reputation.


In an effort to strengthen its role within the business community, Percept believes in the effectiveness of our work. Both as a graphic design agency Sydney, as well as upholding the standards of our industry in general.

We are involved in the events of its peak body, the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), of which our Principal is an active member.

Percept have also achieved Finalist x 3 projects in the AGDA Awards 2019.


Who is Percept?

Percept is a design agency in Sydney. A fully integrated graphic design company offering creative services for all your graphic design and brand design needs. We are a design agency that offers branding, packaging design, website design, and graphic design for print communications and digital campaigns – all from our design studio in Sydney.

Percept has been a successful graphic design company since 1997. As a leading design agency, we have delivered creative solutions for thousands of happy clients during that time. Our design studio has a wide range of skills that can be seen in our broad portfolio shown throughout this website, so you can get a good feel for the standard of our work.

Our experience includes more than ten thousand projects for small companies, through to world-leading brands. Here at design agency, Percept, we like to think of everyone in our design studio as a team of problem-solvers that combine for any type of creative challenge.

What does Percept believe graphic design is?

Graphic design can be described as visual communication design, through the combined use of illustrations, photography, typography (letters and text), icons, imagery, and colours. This visual communication puts across ideas, messages, and feelings that essentially say something to the audience. Percept is a graphic design studio that plays the role of coming up with the concept and creative execution for this visual communication.

In a world where visual communication has become normal, a graphic design studio, such as Percept, plays a great role in defining, distilling and delivering the desired messaging in the most appropriate way. An effective graphic design studio has become far more than a graphic design company that produces good-looking brochures and flyers. A leading graphic design studio is now a team of visual communication experts, where their communication design is much more well-considered. Getting the messaging right and conveying it in a way that will resonate with the audience is of utmost importance. This is then executed by the graphic design studio, either broadly or focused on any platform where a brand communicates with its target market, including websites, social media, and print media.

Percept is considered to be a leading design agency in Sydney. Our graphic design studio features a highly experienced team that is able to interpret and translate a brand’s vision into visual communication that will resonate with the desired audience.

Why invest in top design agencies such as Percept?

Percept ranks among the top design agencies in Sydney because of our focus on effective graphic design work. Our team realises that you know your business and the industry you operate in better than anyone else, but branding and communication design are probably not your forte. Design agencies possess this expertise, and good design agencies, such as Percept, specialise in helping you through the process with the goal of achieving the best outcome for your business.

Percept and similar design agencies will follow a design process that extracts key information from you, through a series of questions. We get to know you and tap into your knowledge, in order to find out how we can best help your company do better business. Design agencies like Percept, with this approach, achieve better outcomes than design agencies that deliver only what a client has requested. Percept believes design agencies who truly want the best for their clients are thorough in their methods, in much the same way as a doctor would not prescribe medicine or perform an operation solely based on a patient’s self-diagnosis.

Percept is one of the design agencies in Sydney who relish this role, working closely with the stakeholders of a company to discover what their true objectives are. We first think critically, then creatively before providing graphic design solutions. This distinguishes top design agencies from regular design agencies because for branding and marketing to be effective, it must be solving a given problem.

The Percept team works with your company to reach your business goals. Our belief is that design agencies should be an extension of your company. An important advisor for improving your branding and communications within your market in order to achieve business growth.

What does the graphic design agency, Percept, specialise in?

Percept is a graphic design agency in Sydney that works with businesses of all sizes across a wide variety of industry sectors. As a graphic design agency, we are known as a full-service creative agency, meaning we’re a one-stop-shop for all your branding, graphic design and creative services needs.

Percept is ranked as a top 10 graphic design agency Sydney, and our professional services include;

1. Branding

Percept is a branding agency in Sydney. Branding is a specialist discipline and a long-term investment that enables your business to grow trust and loyalty with its customers. If branding is done well, it will improve your sales too.

Good branding provides instant recognition, but more importantly, builds a persona that accurately represents a company and makes an emotional connection with its target audience. Investing in branding services from a reputable branding agency such as Percept, will deliver a good return on your initial outlay for many years to come.

Percept’s branding services include;

2. Communication Design

Percept is highly experienced in communication design. We help crystallise the best message to deliver to your desired target audience, then develop visual communication design in the form of marketing collateral to tell that story in a way that will best resonate with your market.

Our creative communication design is always approached with your goals in mind from a business perspective; promoting brand trust, pushing product, or reputation management, as just a few examples among other goals and objectives.

Deliverables for communication design by Percept can include;

3. Packaging Design

Percept is a packaging design specialist. Packaging design is crucial in the way a product is visually presented at point of sale.

A leading packaging design agency, such as Percept, will communicate a lot in terms of perceptions with well crafted packaging design. Our strategic thinking and experience in packaging design allows us to quickly communicate to a shopper, key factors that will influence their purchasing decision.

Effective packaging design will be aesthetically desirable, have good shelf-shout and be true to the brand it represents. It will also deliver key product benefits along with an engaging brand story that differentiates a product from its competitors when on-shelf. Conversely, a really good product can be crippled by poor packaging design in terms of how it communicates and the feelings it gives off to potential consumers.

Percept’s expertise in packaging design helps us deliver innovative and professional packaging design that presents any given product as a quality offering. Our versatility in style allows us to develop exciting packaging design solutions that not only look great and appeal to their audience, but can influence those customers to choose one brand over another.

Percept’s expertise in packaging design can be demonstrated in our case studies;

4. Digital Design

Digital design for online content is crucial in an increasingly digital business environment. Percept’s expertise in digital design and development encompasses everything from EDM design and website design through to online creative campaigns.

Percept creates digital design work using our usual branding and graphic design methodology to visually communicate in today’s digital design environments.

We use a combination of text, still images, video, and animation for your brand communications to deliver the right message in the most appropriate way. They are to be tasteful and stand out for the right reasons in order to be a powerful branding presence in the online space.

Among the many digital design outputs that Percept deliver the most popular are;

How will Percept, graphic design Sydney, manage my project?

Percept is a graphic design company in Sydney. Our team approaches every graphic design job in a structured way. This helps keep everything on track and guides our creative process based on each client’s unique needs.

Whether a client was searching ‘graphic design Sydney’ for branding, packaging, communication or digital design, all projects are run in the same way. So if you need graphic design Sydney, Percept, will work through set stages and questions to guide the process and ensure everyone’s expectations are clear. For instance;

What do we need from you, the client?

At the beginning of the project, Percept, graphic design Sydney, will walk you through our briefing process. This set of questions helps us understand the problem that requires a solution and what your objectives and ideal outcomes are. Basically, it’s where you tell us what you think needs to be done, but more importantly the results you want to see once everything is completed. In the initial discussion, you tell us what you aim to achieve. Is it, for example, increased sales? a total rebrand? a website redesign? Or a campaign for the launch of a new product?  From this, we will elaborate and ultimately deduce the project’s brief. Percept, a graphic design company in Sydney, can then scope exactly what is involved in the project and provide you with a detailed project proposal outlining all deliverables and the cost involved. If you are happy to proceed, Percept, graphic design Sydney, will then begin work according to what is outlined in the project proposal regarding what is to be done, the required input by each party involved as well as a break-down of timings and budget.

Who is involved?

When you work with a graphic design company such as Percept, there are many people involved in the process. This includes individuals within our design studio as well as anyone with input from your organisation. From the start, it is important to clarify who are the key decision-makers at your end. It is ideal that all these stakeholders are involved at the beginning and at all key stages of the project to ensure everyone is fully informed of what is being done and why, and this will help approval stages run smoothly. The answer to this question enables a more efficient flow of information between the Percept, graphic design Sydney, team and you, the client. We’ll need you to select a project leader with the appropriate decision-making authority. Percept will provide the project head in our graphic design company in the form of your dedicated Account Manager. They will be the main contact person for the project. Establishing this channel of communication is essential for clarity when it comes to feedback, project scope changes, and any queries regarding timelines and the budget.

How many design concepts does Percept present?

In most cases, our graphic design company, Percept, will develop multiple options for you, the client, to consider. This is determined by what has been agreed upon in the project proposal. A typical project from Percept, graphic design Sydney, may have 2 or 3 design concepts that are presented at an early stage for approval of the general direction. These options will not be finalised and refinements will be made as the project progresses, once a concept has been selected. These design refinements will be made with the client’s input and presented again at the next stage for approval before roll-out and final artwork development.

How long does a graphic design project take?

The timeline for any graphic design company to complete a project obviously depends on its scope. Designing a website, for example, takes far longer than designing a single page brochure. Each project Percept, graphic design Sydney, takes on is thoroughly scoped and projected timings are well documented in the project proposal. If there is a special need from your end to turn a job around in quick time for a particular reason, please let Percept, graphic design Sydney, know right from the start. This way we can assess our design studio workflow and fast-track your project depending on its urgency e.g. marketing material for an upcoming product launch.

Why choose Percept from all the graphic design agencies in Sydney?

Often voted among the top graphic design agencies in Sydney, Percept prides itself on creating positive change for its clients.

As a design agency that has been in the industry since 1997, Percept is one of the longest-standing graphic design agencies in Australia. This depth of experience allows us to make confident decisions because we know what will work and what won’t in a business sense. Over the years we have seen graphic design agencies come and go. Percept is one of only a few graphic design agencies that have stood the test of time, which must indicate that we are doing something right.

During our time we have not become stale, instead, we have grown and continue to refresh ourselves to remain on the forefront in today’s world. We build on our solid skill-base, rejuvenate our team and push ourselves to produce better and more effective work year to year. Because of these evolutions, Percept is considered to be one of the leading graphic design agencies in Sydney to this day.

We have won many awards, and as good as it is to be recognised by fellow graphic design agencies, Percept prefers the accolades of the businesses we work with. We put our clients’ success at the heart of everything we do, which has been key to our longevity. We strive for nothing more than seeing our work benefit each of our client’s businesses – this is what drives us.

Our successful track-record is right here for you to see. We’re among the graphic design agencies who have created hundreds of world-class brands and have thousands of happy customers who can vouch for our work. Please take some time to look through our extensive portfolio of case studies shown on this website and judge for yourself.

Are you looking for graphic design agencies because your company’s product or service needs help with branding or communication design? The Percept team is always eager to hear from prospective clients that are keen to work with one of Sydney’s top graphic design agencies. Percept is here to offer our advice and would love the opportunity to work with you. Contact us now to start the conversation.


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