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Professional packaging design Sydney.
Percept – Packaging Design Agency Sydney, helps attract consumers to choose one brand over another.


Percept – Packaging Design Sydney, believes that every good packaging design agency Sydney should deliver work that is authentic to the brand. It should communicate concise messaging and give off the right impressions in order to quickly gain the attention and desire of the audience.

Packaging designers will tell you that just like books and their covers, products get judged by what’s on their outside.

At a glance, the pack of a product must communicate effectively in an effort to represent its value proposition and make a better connection with the consumer than its competitors.

Although it’s what’s inside that counts, potential customers won’t try a new brand unless the packaging design has appeal and achieves cut-through.

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How a product is perceived at point of sale is highly influential in any shopping decision.

Our job as packaging designers is to shape perceptions in a customers’ mind, attracting them to purchase one brand over another.


It takes a specialist skill-set to design effective packaging. If you want real results, it is important that you work with a professional partner, such as Percept – Packaging Design Agency Sydney, who can be trusted to deliver.

The main benefit of working with Percept, is the branding and packaging expertise we’ve gained over the past two decades.

Our track record spans over 1000 diverse packaging design projects, giving us a depth of experience you will not find anywhere else.

As a leading packaging design agency Sydney, companies partner with Percept for professional packaging design that will increase their product sales.

Our creative team work closely with these companies to define their positioning and develop on-pack brand solutions that improve their performance at the point of purchase.


Percept Packaging Design Sydney is passionate about custom packaging design, so we don’t have a set style, nor do we follow trends.

Each outcome is a strategic response to a creative brief. We address the specific criteria for that unique situation so the best connection with the target audience is achieved.

Our creative solution is always custom made and does not conform. This results in bespoke packaging and label design that is ownable for our clients’ brands, standing out for reasons of substance.


We are experts in branding, which means we can provide a holistic brand, pack and communication design service of the highest quality.

For professional packaging design Sydney, Percept help you from the very beginning, advising on brand strategy and positioning.

If required, we will also develop the name, logo and identity for your brand or product. This is all part of our unique offering, ensuring that the creative outcome that Percept provides is as comprehensive and compelling as possible.


The aim for any product is to stand out in the line-up of its competitors as the most attractive option.

Percept – Packaging Design Agency Sydney, achieves product differentiation by researching the category and leveraging our clients’ positive attributes.

Once we’ve developed a full understanding of the market landscape, we deliver creative solutions that have on-shelf impact, standing out as the most appealing choice for the buyer.


With just seconds to make a positive impression and inform the customer how good a product is, clear and succinct communication is key.

Optimising the information hierarchy is important in delivering the best messages quickly.

Percept’s experience enables us to know which category conventions are to be adhered to for most effective results in assisting the consumer in their decision.


Beyond the creative side of things, Percept Brand Design is a consumer packaging design agency that provides the complete service in-house.

We roll-out the artwork for all products across your range, ensuring the integrity of the design remains consistent.

Percept set up and supply high quality finished artwork so it is entirely print ready. Also, if your job calls for specialist pre-press work, we can handle that too.

For any of your needs relating to packaging design Sydney, Percept can work with your chosen print provider regardless of where in the world they’re located.

Alternatively, we’re happy to manage that part of the process for you if it makes your life easier.


Percept Packaging Design Sydney are honoured to be award-winning packaging designers, having won a Shelf Shout Award and a Pack Refresh Runner-up from PKN.

We were also a Finalist in both the miscellaneous and food and beverage packaging design categories of the 2019 AGDA Awards, receiving a Merit in the results.

We have won a Medal in the Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards for Wine Label Design as well.

As a professional packaging design agency Sydney, our work has been featured internationally in Packaging News Magazine, Packaging Of The World, WPDSLabels PlusDesktop, Inside FMCG and The Dieline.

We are also recognised as a Top 25 Packaging Design Agency on DesignRush.



Since launching 22 years ago, Percept Packaging Design Sydney has been the food packaging specialists for many of Australia’s well known foodservice and retail brands.

With vast experience in FMCG, we’ve covered everything from fresh food to fast food. Working on confectionery and snack foods one week, then on health foods the next.


The beverage industry has kept us busy with many wine label design projects as well as other alcohol products such as beer, spirits and liquor.

We’ve also enjoyed working on a wide assortment of non-alcoholic drink projects including tea, juice and water.

Health and Beauty

From everyday personal care items, through to more exclusive luxury products, Percept has a strong history in the beauty category. Creating boutique brands and desirable packs for skin care, hair care, makeup and cosmetics.

We’re also well versed in the health sector, experienced in everything from medical products through to vitamins.

General Product Packaging Designers

Because we’ve been professional packaging designers in Sydney, Australia, for so long now, we have a background in most product categories and the list is getting longer all the time.

Examples include baby and children’s products, pet care and recreation, toys and sporting goods, fashion and accessories, clothing and apparel, entertainment and technology, electronics and appliances, homeware and cookware, household and gardening, tools and hardware, automotive and industrial, as well as chemicals and cleaning.

Case studies that are relevant to your project can be provided upon request.

If you have a brief for consumer goods packaging designers in Sydney, whether it’s a new product or a redesign, please contact us, we’d certainly be happy to discuss it with you.



Packaging Design Sydney

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We have found the team at Percept ® – Packaging Design Agency Sydney, very approachable and consider our relationship to be a working partnership.
They have taken on packaging briefs, with short deadlines on some occasions, and always delivered solid thinking and results.

Tanya Wojcik – Coopers Brewery.