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Packaging Design

Percept is a packaging design agency
in Sydney. As packaging design
specialists, we help attract consumers
to choose one brand over another.
We believe that a true competitive edge
will be achieved through effective
packaging design.

Packaging Designers Sydney

Packaging designers, Percept, help companies elevate the appeal of their products at point of sale.
Our packaging designers are specialists, experienced across all market sectors, possessing the expertise required to transform your shelf presence. Percept are packaging designers in Sydney, Australia, with a successful track record and we’d love the opportunity to help you take on the world.

Brand Packaging

Brand packaging design agency,
Percept, has an advantage over pure
packaging agencies because of our
strategic branding expertise.
We will advise you throughout the
packaging design process from brand
positioning and strategic branding,
through to creative concepts and
finished artwork for production.
This ensures your brand packaging
design will perform well, because it’s
based on solid branding principles.


Packaging design,
with the purchase in mind.

This photo shows Packaging Designers working at Percept, Packaging Design Agency in Sydney, Australia.
An image of Packaging Designers Sydney, showing them at work inside Percept Brand Design, The Packaging Design Agency in Sydney, Australia.

Packaging Design Sydney


Percept – Packaging Design Sydney, Australia, knows the importance of a first impression. How a product is perceived at point of sale is highly influential in a consumer’s shopping decision. Here at Percept, our job as packaging designers is to shape perceptions in a customer’s mind, attracting them to purchase one brand over another.

Stand Out With Shelf Shout

Standing Out from the Crowd

The aim for any product is to stand out in the line-up of its competitors as the most attractive option. Percept – Packaging Design, achieves product differentiation by researching the category and leveraging our clients’ positive attributes with effective branding and communication design techniques.


Once Percept – Packaging Design, has developed a full understanding of the market landscape, the packaging designers in our creative agency deliver well-thought-through strategic design solutions that have on-shelf impact. This helps our clients’ product to stand out as the most appealing choice for the buyer.

The Art of Communication Design

Expressing Information

With just seconds to make a positive impression and inform the customer how good a product is, clear and succinct communication design is key. Percept – Packaging Design believes that optimising the information hierarchy is important in delivering the best messages quickly.


Known for award winning packaging design, Percept has decades of knowledge and experience. This enables our packaging designers to know which category conventions are to be adhered to for most effective results in assisting the consumer in their purchasing decision. This experience also provides a good feel for which rules can be broken for disruption and cut-through in crowded product sectors.


Packaging design

Are you assessing packaging design agencies? The main benefit of working with the packaging designers at Percept, is the brand design expertise we’ve gained over the past three decades. This has formed our reputation for creating successful brands as one of the leading packaging design agencies in Sydney, Australia.

Packaging design agencies agree that it takes a specialist skill-set to create effective packaging design. If you want real results, it is important that you partner with professional packaging design agencies, such as Percept, who can be trusted to deliver because they’ve done it many times before.

Our track record spans over 1000 diverse packaging design projects, giving Percept a depth of experience you will not find in most other packaging design agencies.

Among the leading packaging design agencies in Sydney, Australia, Percept partner with companies to develop professional packaging design solutions that aim to increase their product sales.

The creative team in our design agency work closely with these companies to define their positioning and branding. Then our packaging designers develop on-pack communication design solutions that improve their performance at the point of purchase. If you’re looking for specialist packaging design agencies, Percept can certainly deliver the goods.


A wealth of

The packaging designers at Percept have had the privilege to work on a very wide range of creative packaging design projects over the years, for clients of all shapes and sizes, across various different industries. This includes food and beverage, health and beauty, personal care, FMCG and many other types of product packaging design.


Since launching our brand agency 27 years ago, the packaging designers at Percept Packaging Design Sydney have been the food packaging design specialists for many of Australia’s well known foodservice and retail brands.

With vast experience in FMCG packaging design, our packaging designers have covered branding and graphic design for everything from fresh food to fast food. Working on confectionery and snack foods one week, then on health foods the next.


Brand agency, Percept, has a team of packaging designers that have been kept busy with the beverage industry. Many wine label design projects as well as other alcohol products such as beer, spirits and liquor have been produced by the brand packaging designers in our creative team.

As packaging designers, or brand agency has also enjoyed working on a wide assortment of non-alcoholic drink projects including being selected as packaging designers for high profile tea, juice and water clients.

Health & Beauty

Percept’s packaging designers are very familiar with the health and beauty sector. From everyday personal care items, through to more exclusive luxury products and cosmetics packaging, Percept is a packaging design agency with a strong history in the beauty category.

Our packaging designers have created boutique brands and desirable packs for skin care, hair care, makeup and cosmetics packaging. We’re also well versed in health categories, with packaging designers, Percept, experienced in everything from medical products through to vitamins.

Product Packaging Designers

Because Percept have been professional packaging designers in Sydney, Australia, for so long now, we have a background in most product categories and the list is getting longer all the time.

Examples that our packaging designers are experienced in include; baby and children’s products, pet care and recreation, toys and sporting goods, fashion and accessories, clothing and apparel, entertainment and technology, electronics and appliances, homeware and cookware, household and gardening, tools and hardware, automotive and industrial, as well as chemicals and cleaning.

Case studies that are relevant to your project can be provided upon request.

If you have a brief for a consumer goods packaging design agency such as Percept, whether it’s a new product or a redesign, please contact us. Percept are certainly keen to be your packaging designers.



Percept – Packaging Design Agency is passionate about custom packaging design, so we don’t have a set style, nor do we follow trends. Our work is more effective because of this approach. When our packaging design agency creates something for you, you know the creative strategy and design solution is specifically tailored to your unique brief.

Percept is a packaging design agency that is also one of the leading branding and design agencies Sydney. This makes us a packaging design agency that provides holistic creative solutions for your brand that are always custom made and do not conform. This results in bespoke packaging design and product label design that is ownable for our clients’ brands, helping them stand out for reasons of substance.

Packaging design agency, Percept, develops strong brands with personality and shelf shout. Whether it be disrupting the sector altogether or amplifying your product’s point of difference, each outcome is a strategic design response to your creative brief. Percept is a packaging design agency that addresses the unique criteria for each situation so the best connection with that specific target audience is achieved.

Branding & Packaging Design

Packaging designers
who know brand.

Do you need branding and packaging design? Percept is a specialist in packaging design, and as an integrated creative agency, we also have in-depth expertise in successful branding. As a result, Percept offers comprehensive branding and packaging design solutions.

Brand agency, Percept, has expertise in both branding and packaging design, which means we can provide combined brand design, packaging and brand communication design services of the highest quality.

When it comes to professional branding and packaging design, brand agency, Percept, will help you from the very beginning. We develop distinctive branding and packaging design from the ground up, advising on everything from brand strategy and brand positioning to special finishes in print production.

If you come to Percept for branding and packaging design and the full package is required, we can also develop the brand naming, logo design and brand identity for your product. This is all part of design agency, Percept’s, unique offering, ensuring the creative outcome that we provide is as comprehensive and compelling as possible.


Concept to

Beyond the creative side, Percept – Packaging Design Agency Sydney is a consumer packaging design agency that can provide the complete service in-house – from branding strategy and creative development, through the design process, on to artwork for range roll-outs, pre-press and print management.

Percept is a packaging design agency Sydney. However, we go further than just creative packaging design. Our service flows from start to finish, including the set up and supply of high quality finished artwork so it is entirely print ready. Also, if your job calls for specialist pre-press work, we can handle that too.

Packaging design agency, Percept, can roll-out the design and artwork for all products across your range, ensuring the integrity of both the creative and technical output remains consistent.

Accommodating all of your special packaging design needs, Percept is a packaging design agency in Sydney, Australia. Percept are also happy to work with your chosen print provider regardless of where in the world they’re located to ensure the production phase runs smoothly and that high quality standards are maintained.

Alternatively, as a full-service branding and packaging design agency, we’re able to manage that part of the process for you if it makes your life easier. This is all part of the service offering from a complete packaging design agency such as Percept.


Award winning
packaging design.

PerceptBrand Design loves creative packaging design and we are honoured to be known as award winning packaging designers. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed our share of honours and achievements. Being recognised in our industry is great, but nothing beats seeing our clients benefit from the results of our creative packaging design work.

Percept have won a Shelf Shout Award and a Pack Refresh Runner-up from PKN for our creative packaging design.

We were a Finalist in both the miscellaneous and food and beverage packaging design categories of the 2019 AGDA Awards, receiving a Merit in the results.

We have also won a Medal in the Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards for our creative packaging design in the Wine Label Design category as well.

As a strategic branding and creative packaging design agency, Percept has work that’s been featured internationally in Packaging News Magazine, Packaging Of The World, WPDSLabels PlusDesktop, Inside FMCG and The Dieline.

Percept are also recognised for creative packaging design, named as a Top 25 Packaging Design Agency on DesignRush.


One chance at a
first impression.

Product packaging design is a specialist discipline because first impressions are all-important. Although it’s what’s inside that counts, potential customers won’t try a different brand, unless the product packaging design achieves cut-through and appeals to the consumer. This is where Percept can help.

PerceptPackaging Design can attest to the importance of product packaging design and the impression it conveys. Consumers make buying decisions in a matter of seconds, so every good packaging design agency should be able deliver work that will give their client’s product the best chance of selection.

Good product packaging design is authentic to the brand. It communicates concise messaging and gives off the right impressions in order to quickly gain the attention and desire of the audience.

Packaging designers will tell you that just like books and their covers, products get judged by what’s on the outside. At a glance, branding and product packaging design must communicate effectively in an effort to represent its value proposition and make a better connection with the consumer than its competitors.

Good product packaging design is the key for companies that want to improve sales and marketshare.


Who are we?

Who is the packaging design agency, Percept?

Percept is a packaging design agency in Sydney, Australia. Percept specialises in food and beverage packaging design, health and beauty product packaging design, and general product packaging design. Our experience spans almost 30 years. We have been offering our packaging design services since 1997 and have garnered plenty of experience during that time. The Percept packaging design agency team has a successful track record spanning over 1000 different packaging design projects. This gives us a huge depth of experience in strategic branding and graphic design for packaging that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 

Among leading design agencies in Sydney, Australia, Percept produce packaging design work that helps to spark the senses of potential customers. Our packaging designers speak directly to target audiences with authentic branding and substance in communication design.

Our packaging design services have been utilised by many companies in Sydney, across Australia, and all over the world. We help our clients convert shoppers into buyers by evoking a meaningful connection with the consumer.

As a design agency, Percept works with our clients through every stage of the creative process to make sure the outcome is quality branding and packaging design that is worthy of representing the product and brand.

What do we specialise in?

As packaging designers, what does branding and design agency, Percept, specialise in?

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods – FMCG Packaging Design

Our FMCG packaging design is created to best represent your product and brand. Fast-moving consumer goods have a short shelf life and the consumer purchasing decision is only a matter of seconds. The effectiveness of your packaging’s branding design and communication design heavily influences product sales, so the packaging designers you engage have an important responsibility. Many FMCG products are also perishable, so to prevent wastage, they must be bought fast. Working with effective brand packaging designers is of high importance in getting consumers to easily identify with a product and ultimately purchase it.


Food and Beverage – F&B Packaging Design

Packaging designers such as Percept create the crucial connection between the shopper and your product at the point-of-purchase. As leading packaging designers, Percept understands that effective packaging design should be highly visible on the shelf, it should be engaging, and it should clearly communicate key benefits and your unique selling proposition (USP).

Since we launched our design agency nearly 30 years ago, Percept has been the preferred food packaging designers for many of Australia’s iconic retail and food service brands. Our vast experience in FMCG packaging design has allowed brand agency, Percept, to cover all sorts of products from fast food to fresh food packaging design.

The success of your food and beverage products on the shelf is based on how people think about your branding, their mindset, their main drivers, what they see, and what will emotionally connect with them. Percept creates food and beverage packaging design for a wide range of clients and have helped many win their spot on the supermarket shelf. The Percept – design agency also creates health food packaging design that can make your products stand-out and thrive. We’re known as food packaging designers that deliver outstanding outcomes that differentiate one product from the rest, achieving positive results with on-pack graphic design and branding for our clients.

Some judgement of the quality of snack food comes subliminally from the design of the packaging – think of some classics created by Australian packaging designers for brands like Vegemite, Corn Flakes, or Arnott’s – they’re unmistakable and contribute to the quality of the product through heritage. Packaging designers, Percept, have much experience as a design agency for snack food packaging to ensure brands sell and continue selling whether it’s harnessing the history of a brand or developing new ones to connect with consumers in a more contemporary branding style.

We’ve mentioned a few examples of food packaging design, but at PerceptBrand Design, we also develop beverage packaging design on a regular basis too. Our beverage packaging design work has included water, soft drink, milk, juice, tea, coffee and many other categories, such as beer, wine and spirits in the alcohol sector.

We are recognised as leading F&B packaging designers in Sydney, Australia. If you manufacture or distribute a food or beverage product, you know how challenging and competitive the market can be. In such a tight environment, it’s wise to use the “secret sauce” that the creative packaging designers in the Percept design agency can bring to the table. We utilise branding design and communication design in an effort to stand out and gain the competitive edge.

With the increasing pressure on profit margins and production costs, one of the big questions marketers and business owners have in this competitive market is how they are going to use the packaging of their products to gain the attention of the consumer, whilst keeping their unit price under control. As professional packaging designers, Percept is a design agency with branding expertise. This helps us work with you toward your goals. As your graphic design agency we enjoy offering advice on creative solutions that can save you money when it comes to production, without compromising the perceived value of the package and its contents.

Health and Beauty Packaging Design

When working with creative agencies, one of the main goals as a Brand Manager or Marketing Manager is to attract new customers and at the same time keep the existing ones loyal to your brand so they continually return to purchase. Percept is among the packaging design agencies that know the most successful health product packaging design you find on the market today has something unique you don’t find in others. The same can be said for beauty product packaging design and brand identity. It’s that uniqueness that sparks an emotional connection so that a customer can, from a distance, see your product branding on shelf amidst a multitude of competing health and beauty products and just get the feeling that it’s the one for them.

From everyday personal care items, through to luxury product packaging design, Percept is a creative agency can deliver packaging with persuasive power to enable your strategic branding and communication design to successfully win over your desired target market. Examples have included luxury product packaging design that features special finishes to justify the brand’s positioning or everyday cosmetics packaging design that is intentionally basic to help appeal to a lower price-point.


General Product Packaging Designers

Let us ask something, “When walking through a supermarket or retail store, why do customers select a certain product and leave many others on the same shelf?” There are many contributing factors, but the packaging designers in your selected design agency have a big influence in how decisions are made.

At PerceptBrand Design, we are a recognised product packaging design agency. We help products be chosen over their competition. Our general product packaging design includes baby and children’s products, pet care and recreation, toys and sporting goods, fashion and accessories, clothing and apparel, entertainment and technology, electronics and appliances, homeware and cookware, household and gardening, tools and hardware, automotive and industrial, as well as chemicals and cleaning.

You can see samples created by our design agency in our portfolio above. Alternatively, case studies that are more relevant to your project can be provided upon request when you fill in an enquiry form.

If you have a brief for consumer goods packaging designers, whether it’s for the branding design of a new product or packaging redesign for an existing range, please contact us, we’d certainly be happy to discuss what creative agency, Percept, can do for you.

What makes good packaging design?

What is good packaging design according to brand agency, Percept?

Brand agency, Percept, are packaging design experts.

When you select a product contained in a package, and you have never used it, you judge its quality by the package you are holding. It’s that mindset that will allow certain products to be tried for the first time and hopefully purchased again and again. If the packaging design isn’t attractive or doesn’t connect with a customer’s emotions, then a product may never get the chance to win over a consumer.

In the hyper-competitive retail world we live in today, much effort is invested into getting customers to notice, engage and connect with the products on shelf in order to win market-share. Percept is a brand agency and a design agency. We believe good packaging design has the following features.


1. Form and Design

The aesthetic shape of packaging is a fundamental element of product packaging. Packaging design that is unique and good-looking will be eye-catching to a prospective buyer. It should be practical, whilst allowing a product to stand out in the crowd, so it’s important to keep visual appeal in mind. When we talk about good looks, it’s not just about the form, but of course the style of brand identity, visual communication and graphic design including language and feature colours are crucially important. The feelings these packaging design choices convey must align with the product branding as well as the audience that you want to capture.

For instance, if you are selling a product aimed at kids, it might be appropriate to use a cartoon style with characters in addition to bright colour-ways. This will create a sense of fun in the appearance of the packaging design. If you make an organic product, your target audience will more likely be health-conscious adult consumers. Perhaps packaging design with a more muted colour palette, minimal printing and a focus on details may provide a more fitting look and feel for a sophisticated audience.


2. Function and Usability

Great packaging design allows your product to be chosen from the shelf by the customer, however, good functionality ensures consumers want to buy the product again. When design agencies are designing your pack, they will incorporate usability into the design where possible, in order to enhance the user experience. A customer will have a positive experience with the packaging as well as the product and will be more likely to be a return purchaser. For example, you can create a package that allows ease of opening, or packaging that is resealable. Is it easy to get the product out of the package? If the packaging design is for a drink, is it easy to pour? It’s this type of thinking that leads to a successful packaging design solution.


3. Informative Messaging

People want to know what your product is, what it does and what it is made of. They may also want to know about the nutritional ingredients in a food product or whether there are any side effects for a health care product. If it’s a cleaning product, the consumer would want to know if it’s organic, where it’s sourced from, and other practical information relevant to its performance. Your communication design agency needs to look at what distinguishes your products from the alternatives in your niche and communicate that information through the branding and packaging design with prioritised hierarchy.


4. Clarity and Simplicity

Good packaging design communicates with clarity and simplicity. Your design agency needs to develop messaging that is clear on the product benefits and also the branding. If you head to a retail shopping environment and pick a particular aisle randomly then browse through those products, you will most likely ask yourself questions like what’s this product for and is it any good? Or do I feel a connection with the branding design that represents the brand that is behind this product, does it seem like the best product for me from the selection I have to choose from?

This is where working with professional brand designers in quality design agencies such as Percept is important. An average consumer dedicates less than 4 seconds to any particular product on the shelf when assessing their purchasing decision. This illustrates the important role clarity and simplicity play in good branding and packaging design.


5. Honesty

It seems an obvious one, but you have to be honest with what appears on you packaging design. Don’t promise what you cannot back-up. When customers look at consumer product packaging that makes certain claims, they expect that the contents will live up to those promises. You need to depict the product in a reasonable, yet appealing way without going overboard. If you use the packaging design to depict a product to be far better than a customer would find it, it means you are misleading the consumer. In the end, you will disappoint your customers, they will not return, and it will lead to a bad brand experience.

There are also rules and regulations that apply to product packaging. As well as specific guidelines that apply to special sectors such as alcohol, medicine or personal care items. Knowing what applies to your industry and working with professional packaging designers in reputable branding agencies like Percept will help in the adherence to these policies where relevant.


6. Authenticity

With the consumer packaging of so many other bands competing with your product, it makes sense that you ensure that your brand identity and brand story is authentic and that it extends through the packaging design. Originality, memorability, and character are important elements of great branding. There are many ways to encapsulate these elements of a brand’s personality and how that is done will depend on the unique circumstances of each situation. However, it is imperative that the drivers are built from authentic origins in order to build branding that is not only endearing and appealing, but is convincing, trustworthy and most of all, credible.

7. Shelf Impact

If you put yourself in the shoes of the shopper, you find that you don’t see a single product on the shelf when you get into a retail environment. Also, you never see a product in great detail. What you see are patterns made of different products. This is called shelf-blocking and can draw your eye to a specific area of the shelf. From there, a product will have more chance of gaining attention and getting a closer look. There are many techniques used by design agencies in professional packaging design that are based on the subliminal factors that make up the many steps involved in a customer’s decision making process. The one product that a prospective buyer finds the most attractive is usually based on a wide range of scientific factors that are taken into account by the best packaging designers. The overall distinctiveness and appeal of products when displayed at point of sale are what retailers call “shelf impact”. When selecting a packaging design agency such as Percept, make sure they have expertise in shelf impact. It is an essential factor in gaining a commercial advantage for any brand or product.


8. Extensibility

Working with creative agencies on any successful packaging design concept should allow you to introduce a new line extension such as product variations or sub-brands. Forethought should always be given to the future, not just the short-term. You may have a particular product you are launching, however, after time, you may introduce other varieties that would create a range. You should always communicate your plans and ambitions to the packaging designers in creative agencies. These packaging designers can then create a fully considered, future-proof solution that will not need to be continually adjusted and diluted over time because it hadn’t allowed for changes or new products. Good packaging designers always bear the future in mind, so make sure you let branding and creative agencies know all your plans right from the start in order to have the best packaging design results in the long-run.


9. Practicality

Often an overlooked element of the packaging design process, practicality is integral to good packaging design. In terms of practicality, we are talking about the fundamental basics of the packaging. This could be actual size, shape, and functionality of the packaging or product container, and not just what branding and design agencies put on the carton, wrap or label.

A more practical product just makes common sense, whether it helps in the supply chain or improves user experience. How does it hang or stack on shelf? What is its footprint, does that maximise on-shelf potential? Is it well balanced or will it fall easily? Will the shape affect freight costs? If the product requires refrigeration or freezing, is the printed substrate suitable? Can we introduce a practical feature that will help sell more product? For instance, when the first ketchup, honey and shampoo bottles were turned upside down, creating the ‘tottle’, their sales rapidly increased because it made them easier to use. These are just a few examples of how practical thinking can be beneficial to the success when it comes to working with design agencies on your consumer packaging design.


10. Attractiveness

Your packaging designers will create something visually engaging and appealing – obviously that’s a given. Make sure that the branding agency develops creative packaging design that can draw the attention of its intended customers from a distance when displayed on shelf. It is essential that during the briefing process you identify who the target market is so the packaging design agency can successfully appeal to them. Firstly, best practice brand designers will engage a consumer’s attention, then communicate key information clearly to pose a persuasive case that will influence their purchasing decision.


11. Uniqueness

When working with an Australian design agency such as Percept, you want to make sure that your packaging design is unique. It should be created in a way that appeals to your customers, but be conscious to stand out for all the right reasons. When developing unique branding, substance is the key. Any point of difference must be one for the better. Yes, a customer will be drawn in with creative packaging design, just ensure it is relevant to product and will enhance its appeal in the eye of the consumer.

Creative packaging design should be able to win a customer’s interest. It should hold attention for long enough to communicate key factors, and if this is done in a unique and interesting way, the product has a better chance of being bought. Uniqueness plays a key role in branding, conveying personality and ultimately developing a more convincing connection with a prospective buyer. Working with a branding agency like Percept will enable you to gain an edge over the many me-too competitors that can be found at the same point of sale.


12. Effectiveness

Another element that makes good packaging design, great, is effectiveness. Does the packaging design communicate the unique value proposition? Has the design agency considered priority and hierarchy of messaging? Does it clearly communicate the branding and intended message? Does the packaging appeal to the psychographics of the target audience? How well does it fit in the typical retail space? And the list goes on…

Effective packaging design does its job on shelf. The positive influence it can have on sales will repay the investment in a professional packaging agency many times over, ultimately contributing to a brand’s success.

As a trusted packaging design agency, Percept takes into consideration all these elements in our packaging design process. As an integrated brand agency, Percept takes pride in delivering strategic branding and creative packaging design work that benefits our clients in a commercial sense.

How does the briefing process work?

How does the creative brief help Percept design packaging?

When you approach branding agency, Percept, to design packaging, first we work through several questions that formulate the brief. This helps us understand your product, how it benefits the customer, your target audience, and the details of the marketplace you operate in.

You will provide our packaging designers with information about the product itself and it’s pretty straight-forward. We just need answers to simple questions such as – What type of product are you selling? What is the product made of? What size, shape and weight is it? What does it do? Why will people want it? Why is it better than its rivals? This helps us to design packaging that is practical.

Also, our branding and packaging designers will want to know who the customer will be and where will they find the product. This could include information like – Is the product used by females, males, or both? Is it designed for children or adults? When it comes to how customers are buying your product, we’ll want to find out specifics regarding the sales environment, will it be a boutique, online, a supermarket, retail store, or combination? This enables branding design and creative agency, Percept, to design packaging that is relevant.

We also like you to provide our packaging designers with as much information as possible about other factors that can include requirements for the branding design. This includes the content that is going to be included, your insights into what you believe does and doesn’t work in terms of packaging design style, and of course, your budget.

If you have certain prerequisites for the design agency, you can be quite detailed. For example – Do you want a particular font or certain colours to be used to align with your brand identity? Will copywriting be required? Do you have an image to provide or will photography be needed? Are you supplying the logo design and branding as well as other assets like barcode, certifications, and nutritional information panel? This allows us to do a complete job and design packaging with appeal. Do you also want brand guidelines, website design, digital design and advertising to support your marketing communications? These are all services that can be provided by creative agency, Percept.

Before you bring a project to us, take some time to consider the topics we’ve mentioned here so we get a thorough brief. If you can contribute any imagery or supporting data that will assist the market research phase, that will also be helpful. You can supply physical packaging design samples or provide relevant images to aid our understanding. Everything you can provide will help us design packaging that works. When working with packaging design agencies such as PerceptBrand Design, the better the brief you provide, the better the outcome.

Last but not least, the budget you have to work with will certainly influence the end product that packaging design agencies like Percept can produce. If you are serious about achieving tangible results in terms of sales, this is not the area to try and cut costs. Think of it as an investment that will allow your packaging design agency the time to deliver work that will pay for itself long into the future. At Percept, when we design packaging, we want to ensure that we deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

Why choose Percept?

Why choose Percept packaging design agency Sydney?

The best way to judge a packaging design agency is on the effectiveness of their work.

We don’t believe that winning awards is important. In fact, the success of our clients is our highest accolade. That is the main reason you should choose Percept, packaging design agency Sydney. It is this focus on delivering effective packaging design work, that achieves commercial results for our clients, that drives us. We are a creative agency that specialises in brand identity and packaging design. We create good creative work, but first we make sure it will actually work strategically.

If, by chance, industry recognition is important to you, we can confirm that we are an award-winning packaging design agency. Percept has won a Shelf Shout Award, and have also won a Pack Refresh Runner-up courtesy of PKN. We were selected as a Finalist in food and beverage packaging design and miscellaneous packaging categories of the AGDA 2019 Awards where we received a Merit. We were also successful in the 2020 and 2021 AGDA Awards for our brand identity work. Percept has won medals for Wine Label Design in the Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards. Internationally, DesignRush has named us as a Top 25 Packaging Design Agency. Our award-winning packaging design work is also regularly featured in industry publications such as Packaging News Magazine, Packaging Of The World, WPDSLabels PlusDesktop, Inside FMCG and The Dieline.

Percept is a full-service packaging agency, offering the complete packaging design service from our studio in Sydney, Australia. If you’re looking for rebranding agencies, Percept offer services from brand naming and branding design, right through to the roll out finished artwork for all products across your entire range. Percept can also be your advertising, communication design and website design agency. This ensures that the integrity and authenticity of all work that comes from our graphic design agency remains consistent throughout.

Percept is a packaging agency that is also strong when it comes to the technical side of production. We set up and supply quality packaging design files meaning you have the artwork print-ready to be given to your chosen supplier. In addition, if your packaging design project calls for specialist pre-press work, we can handle that too. In fact, for any of your needs relating to packaging design, Percept is a design agency full of creative brand designers that can liaise with your chosen print provider regardless of where in the world they’re located. Alternatively, we’re happy to manage that part of the process for you as well, if it makes your life easier.

We maintain constant communication throughout the packaging design process, updating you on progress and involving you in all stages of the project. This means we can present to you and explain our rationale at each milestone, inviting your invaluable input. It is this type of collaborative relationship that produces the best packaging design.

For all types of branding design and packaging design, please contact us. Percept is a design agency that would love the opportunity to get to know you and discuss your requirements.

Needing something bigger and fresh for our brand, Percept made the journey fun! They just got ‘us’ from the start. They were efficient and helpful at every step and their creativity was supreme.

Hannah Fielding, Suntory Coffee

We’ve found the team at Percept ® – Packaging Design Agency Sydney, very approachable in our working partnership. They’ve taken on many packaging briefs for us and always delivered solid thinking and results.

Tanya Wojcik, Coopers Brewery

Percept are amazing! The team takes the time to listen and understand before providing considered and masterful brand identity, packaging design, marketing communications and website design solutions.

Shaun Eislers, Buggy Bix

Our packaging design agency, Percept, is a delight to work with. Supportive, creative and dedicated, they consistently demonstrate a passion for, and commitment to our brand and business!

Penny Owens, Edenvale

Percept are true professionals, their process flows smoothly to great outcomes. Our new packaging design has helped grow our sales beyond 20% annually.

Frank Anggadi, Gold Medal Snacks