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We provide brand strategy, design and management services for the identity and communications of companies and their products.


Percept is a brand agency in Sydney. We are specialists in the major areas of branding, packaging design, communication design, digital design and website design. As an integrated brand agency, Percept offers full-service creative solutions from brand strategy to implementation.

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Percept is a brand agency who are your consultants. We look at things on a holistic level and possess all the capabilities in-house to provide total brand design solutions.

Percept is a one-stop brand agency in Sydney with expertise from brand strategy, right through to brand design and roll-out of branding in any medium.

This means we achieve a deeper understanding of your goals, and ensures effective messaging is delivered consistently across all executions.

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Research and Discovery

We can conduct brand agency research in-house, perform visual audits, involve you in workshops or team up with external providers to carry out focus groups. The depth of research is up to you.

Whatever level you choose will be appropriate to the project’s budget, but this discovery phase will form the foundation from which the brand strategy and identity will be built upon.

Brand Strategy

As your brand agency, Percept will consult with you in a workshop environment to help define your values, personality, positioning and tactics. This is part of our brand strategy process and it’s what separates a good brand agency from the pack.

We also work with some of the best brand consultants in Australia for projects where more in-depth or specialist brand strategy is called for.

Whatever your brief, regardless of the size of the project, brand agency, Percept, will apply strategic thinking in an effort to make the design output as effective as possible.

Brand Identity

Percept is a brand agency in Sydney with specialist skills in brand identity.

Starting with the development of brand naming and logo design that best represent companies and products in competitive marketplaces. These elements, along with any other assets that are required for a particular business are created to form a brand identity which symbolises their ideals in a unique, ownable and memorable way.

The resulting brand identity system effectively distinguishes our clients as a preferred alternative to their opposition.

Brand Design

Each client is different, but PerceptBrand Design is an experienced brand agency, designing everything a company may need to build its brand identity. From corporate stationery and website design, to marketing communications and advertising campaigns, we can create any combination you require.

As a full-service brand agency, versatility is one of Percept’s strengths. We can work on a project-by-project basis and cover all types of brand design output, including print, digital and environmental.

For more information, see the full list of creative and design services further below.

Brand Development

When you partner with a brand agency such as Percept, you’ll benefit from expert brand development advice.

We keep an eye on your industry as well as our own. This helps us guide your brand strategy. If we believe you should be adapting to stay in front of your competitors or if there are any opportunities to be had, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Continual assessment and evolvement of your brand’s touch-points is key to remaining relevant within your target audience.

Brand Communications

Percept offer more than your average graphic design company, we help define your messaging, and create clever brand communications across both print and digital platforms.

We also make sure these brand communications align with your brand identity and all other assets to reinforce your company’s look and personality.

Brand communication style is crucial, with attitude, language and tone of voice as important as the aesthetics of the brand design itself.

When you choose to work with the brand agency, Percept, the outcomes are always creative in concept, achieving cut-through, but they bring about a desired response because they are based on sound thinking and brand strategy.

Brand Management

Percept provides brand management services too. Brand management includes ongoing quality control for all your collateral and assets, making sure they’re working in harmony with each other and are up to the standard expected. This is a major benefit of partnering with brand agency, Percept.

We also monitor how all your brand communications compare to the competition, whilst taking into consideration the current relevance among your target audience.

As your brand agency, Percept see ourselves as brand consultants that are a true extension of your business. We encourage open communication and enjoy identifying opportunities that will help your company succeed wherever we can.


When you choose to work with Percept ®Brand Agency Sydney, we believe you have done so in order to gain the edge over your industry rivals.

As your brand agency, achieving this becomes our objective.


Behind each of Percept’s creative concepts, is a considered communication design strategy.

Brand Agency Sydney – our offerings include:

Branding / Brand Design

Brand strategy

Naming and taglines

Logo design

Brand identity

Corporate stationery

Full branding schemes

Style guides


Packaging Design

Brand development

Packaging and label design

Range extensions

New product development

Redesigns and evolutions

Graphic Design / Communication Design

Design for print

Brochure design


Marketing communications

Advertising campaigns

Annual reports

Point of sale

Digital Design / Website Design

Website design and development

CMS and e-commerce solutions

Email marketing and EDMs

Online advertising

Social media campaigns

Environmental Design

Signage and wayfinding

Offices and retail stores

Tradeshows and events

Fleet and vehicle livery


Further to the expertise we possess within our brand agency in Sydney, Percept have also developed strong relationships with professional service providers.

Over many years, they have been tried, tested and are trusted as an extension of the Percept Brand Agency team.

If a brand design project requires specialist skill-sets, such as copywriting, photography or printing, PerceptBrand Agency has a high-quality partner network and will manage these types of services for you.


PerceptBrand Design is a brand agency that has been operating since 1997, making us one of the longest-standing brand agencies in Sydney. We have taken on over 9000 projects, assisting more than 1000 companies to improve their brand strategy, branding and brand communications.

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