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Percept is an easy-to-deal-with design agency Sydney.
We are good at what we do, and have built a reputation for creative branding that performs in the marketplace.


Percept – Design Agency Sydney, is a creative branding company with a focus on the effectiveness of what we do.

We care about our clients and enjoy seeing our work benefit their businesses.

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Headed by our internationally renowned Creative Director, Percept’s team of Brand Designers are at the forefront of the industry. With an Account Management team that are also among the best in the business, you can expect good things when you partner with Percept as your design agency Sydney.

Each client we work with is treated as our favourite client, as we aim to deliver above their expectations and achieve a return on their investment. It’s in our nature to care about that side of the equation, as we understand that is what we are hired to do. Once a project enters our studio, it becomes our baby. Nothing at PerceptDesign Agency Sydney goes out the door unless we are proud of it, so you can be sure that everything we deliver is of the highest quality.

It’s these high standards that sets our design agency apart from the rest.


Percept is a design agency that listens to what you want. However, we also provide good advice where it’s appropriate to make every project the best it can be. We see this as being key in the role of your design agency.

Percept has decades of experience as a design agency to draw from and will always add value by offering suggestions if there is a better way to do something or if we believe your budget could be spent more wisely.

At the end of the day, your company is investing in a design agency, such as Percept, to produce the highest quality work for a specific purpose.

If you select us as your design agency, Percept is always here to provide you with our expertise in an effort to achieve the best outcome for your business.

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The policy of our design agency is to recruit awesome individuals with best-of-breed skills and a passion for their craft.

Prior to assembling at PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, our team all graduated from first-rate institutions, going on to develop their careers, working on high profile accounts at reputable Sydney design agencies.

As a design agency, it’s the Percept way to take the business of design seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, so you’ll find everyone in our design studio is easy to get along with.

A positive attitude is a must to help everything run smoothly, but most of all, our people look at things from the client’s point of view as well as from the creative side. We’ve been told that this makes all the difference when companies select us as their design agency.


Lewis Jenkins, Principal

Brent Woods, Creative Director

Rebecca Bosustow, Account Manager

Zac McCall, Account Manager

Michelle Jin, Senior Designer

Stan Darmawan, Designer

Karina Huang, Designer

Fiona Jenkins, Financial Controller


When you work with PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, you’ll have your own Account Manager as your main point of contact, but our stripped back structure allows you to work directly with the Brand Designers on your project where possible.

This access is a model that is unique to the Percept design agency. It provides benefits such as clearer communication and quicker response times. Also, Brand Designers who knows you, will better understand your creative branding objectives and will work harder for you.


It’s no secret that happy staff produce better work.

Here at PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, we’re conscious of this and over the years have cultivated a team spirit to be proud of.

This togetherness makes for a positive vibe which comes through in our attitude, productivity and end results.


Percept’s Principal is an active member in our industry’s peak national organisation, the Australian Graphic Design Association, (AGDA).

AGDA membership means that design agency, Percept, adheres to a code of ethics. This ensures our design agency upholds industry standards, applies best practice, conducts ourselves professionally and always acts in the best interest of our clients.



Creative Branding & Design Agency Sydney

Contact Us:

Call + 61 2 9544 3200

Email info@percept.com.au

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