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Looking at design studios? Percept is a design agency Sydney, specialising in brand identity. We are good at what we do, easy-to-deal-with, and have built a reputation for brand identity and marketing communications that perform in the marketplace. If you’re assessing creative agencies and design studios, Percept have your needs covered. Our communication designers have expertise in everything from strategic branding and brand identity, through to print ads and digital campaigns. Percept will also be your website design agency, meaning you replace multiple design studios with Percept.

A photo of Lewis Jenkins and Zac McCall, some of the leadership personnel at Percept, the Design Agency Sydney. Lewis Jenkins is highly experienced in Sydney Design Studios, Design Agencies & Creative Agencies.


Brave ideas,
bold design.

PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, is a creative branding company with a focus on the effectiveness of what we do. As a design agency Sydney, we care about our clients and enjoy seeing our work benefit their businesses. If your company could do with some brave ideas and bold design, you’ve found a partner in PerceptDesign Agency Sydney.

Percept is a design agency Sydney, headed by our internationally renowned Creative Director. Percept’s team of brand designers and communication designers are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to brand identity and marketing communications.

With an account management team that are also among the best in the business, you can expect good things when you partner with Percept as your design agency Sydney.

Each client we work with is treated as our favourite client, as we aim to deliver above their expectations and achieve a return on their investment. It’s in our nature to care about that side of the equation, as we understand that is what we are hired to do. Once a project enters our studio, it becomes our baby. Nothing at PerceptDesign Agency Sydney goes out the door unless we are proud of it, so you can be sure that everything we deliver is of the highest quality.

It’s these high standards that sets our design agency apart from the rest.


Meet the team.

Lewis Jenkins, Image 1 Lewis Jenkins, Image 2
Lewis Jenkins Principal
Brent Woods, Image 1 Brent Woods, Image 2
Brent Woods Creative Director
Phoebe Di Nallo, Image 1 Phoebe Di Nallo, Image 2
Phoebe Di Nallo Senior Account Manager
Michele Marquet, Image 1 Michele Marquet, Image 2
Michele Marquet Senior Account Manager
George Bradshaw, Image 1 George Bradshaw, Image 2
George Bradshaw Lead Designer
Karina Huang, Image 1 Karina Huang, Image 2
Karina Huang Senior Designer
Elena Hong, Image 1 Elena Hong, Image 2
Elena Hong Designer
Fiona Jenkins, Image 1 Fiona Jenkins, Image 2
Fiona Jenkins Financial Controller

Design Agencies

Creative minds,
positive attitudes.

Assessing design agencies is a difficult task, yet one that’s important for your business. Partnering with Percept means working with passionate thinkers who develop creative branding solutions for commercial purposes. If you’re deciding between a shortlist of design agencies, here are some of Percept’s strengths:

Sound Advice

Percept is among design agencies that listen to what you want. However, we also provide good advice where it’s appropriate to make every project the best it can be. We see this as being a key role for design agencies because we make objective decisions based on research and expertise rather than personal opinions.

Percept is rare among Sydney design agencies, with nearly 3 decades operation. Our experience, compared with newer design agencies, allows us to draw from our wealth of knowledge and we’ll always add value by offering suggestions if there is a better way to do something or if we believe your budget could be spent more wisely.

At the end of the day, your company is looking at design agencies to invest in, such as Percept, to produce the highest quality work for a specific purpose. For you to achieve a return on that investment, it’s important Percept act as your brand consultants, providing honest advice from an outsider’s point of view.

If you select us above other Sydney design agencies, Percept will always be there for you, providing you with our expertise in an effort to achieve the best outcome for your business.

Great People

The policy of our design agency is to recruit awesome individuals with best-of-breed skills and a passion for their craft.

Prior to assembling at PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, our team all graduated from first-rate institutions, going on to develop their careers in creative branding, working on high profile accounts at reputable Sydney design agencies.

As a design agency, it’s the Percept way to take the business of creative branding seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, so you’ll find everyone in our design studio is easy to get along with.

A positive attitude is a must to help everything run smoothly, but most of all, our people look at things from the client’s and end-users’ point of view, rather than exclusively the creative branding side. We’ve been told that this makes all the difference when companies select Percept over other design agencies in Sydney.


When you work with PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, you’ll have your own Account Manager as your main point of contact, but our stripped back structure allows you to work directly with the Brand Designers on your project where possible.

This access is a model that is unique to Percept among the majority of design agencies you can choose from. It provides benefits such as clearer communication and quicker response times. Also, Brand Designers who knows you, will better understand your creative branding objectives and will work harder for you.


Percept’s Principal, Lewis Jenkins, is an active member in our industry’s peak national organisation, the Australian Graphic Design Association, (AGDA).

AGDA membership means that we, along with other member design agencies, adhere to a code of ethics. This ensures design agency, Percept, upholds industry standards, applies best practice, conducts ourselves professionally and always acts in the best interest of our clients on any creative branding project.


It’s no secret that happy people within design agencies produce better work.

Here at PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, we’re conscious of this and over the years have cultivated a team spirit to be proud of.

This togetherness makes for a positive vibe which comes through in our attitude, productivity, collaborations and end results.

Creative Agencies

Specialised skills,
for best results.

Strategic Branding

Percept is among the creative agencies with vast experience in strategic branding.

When it comes to strategic branding, it’s important creative agencies provide good advice that’s based on research and well-informed expertise. This is crucial for a design agency Sydney that offers strategic branding such as Percept. Basically, we are brand consultants that provide you with constructive, unfiltered, honesty.

Clients value our objective advice because our working methods are based on research and facts rather than personal opinions when delivering strategic branding services.

Your business is investing in PerceptDesign Agency Sydney, to develop strategic branding work that will result in a specific outcome that will improve your business.

When working with Percept, we will always be on-hand as an extension of your team. We’re one of those creative agencies that always provide our expertise in an effort to achieve better outcomes for your company when providing you with strategic branding, marketing communications and website design.

Brand Identity

Brand identity specialists, Percept, ranks among the top creative agencies Sydney.

Percept’s brand identity work goes far beyond a logo and business card. As one of the top Sydney creative agencies, we develop comprehensive brand identity systems for companies that understand the value of brand.

These brand identity systems are tailored to the unique needs of each business. Some outputs can include brand manuals, website design, digital campaign assets, printed marketing communications, packaging design, branding signage programs and environmental graphic design. Percept will deliver whatever deliverables a client requires for their brand identity system.

When it comes to good brand identity design, any of the leading creative agencies will tell you that it’s not the output that’s the important part of the process. The critical part of a successful brand identity comes in the groundwork and initial development phase.

Creative agencies like Percept, who have expertise in creating successful brand identity programs put their energy into research, strategy and critical thinking. This then provides the foundations for the concept work in the creative development stage. Investing time at the start of a brand identity design project will ensure that the output will actually help to amplify that business.

For a brand identity to be successful, it must be done properly.

Communication Designers

The communication designers at Percept are adept at the communication part of the design process. This is our strength.

While aesthetics can be the main driver for some creative agencies, Percept’s communication designers understand that we’re in the business of clarifying messages and delivering them in a way that connects. It should engage the audience in an effort to prompt a desired response or call to action.

Of course aesthetics are important too, and all our work is well designed and in-line with the branding design style of the company. So as communication designers, Percept aims to achieve the best of both worlds.

Integrated creative agencies in Sydney are a valuable partner for businesses. Percept are communication designers, as well as strategic branding consultants, brand identity specialists and a website design agency that can also handle your print ads.

If your company is seeking creative agencies or rebranding agencies that can deliver the full package, without the need for seperate design studios, Percept would love to hear from you. Contact us to start the conversation.

Website Design Agency

Percept is a website design agency. But we offer far more than just that. We’re among the Sydney creative agencies that will handle integrated branding solutions.

If you engage a website design agency, you will get a website design agency that can only help you in one area.

Percept is one of the creative agencies that will be your true all-around partner and consultant. We develop holistic branding programs that help companies thrive. Whether it is strategic branding and brand identity, or you want visual communication designers, Percept will be a good fit.

Even if you’re looking for rebranding agencies that can help you comprehensively to reinvent your brand across all touch-points, Percept is far more that just a website design agency. We provide entire solutions.

So basically, if you only need a website design, then go with a specialist website design agency. If you want a totally integrated partner, then creative agencies such as Percept will be best for your company.

Beyond what a website design agency can help you with, Percept are among rebranding agencies that provide strategic branding and brand identity if you want to refresh your image.

In addition, Percept’s communication designers rank among the leading Sydney creative agencies and design studios when it comes to visual communications. We help companies clarify what they want to say and deliver the messaging with creative concepts that connect with the target audience.

Whether the marketing collateral is brand communications, print adsdigital campaigns or website design, Percept is a website design agency and more.

Print Ads

Print ads are a very effective form of advertising these days, contrary to the opinion of many. Some think that with the rise of digital marketing, that print ads became irrelevant. While this is true in some instances, print ads provide amazing cut-through in many situations, far more so than digital marketing.

In reality, a mix of both print ads and digital marketing suits most advertising campaigns. Percept is one of the creative agencies that can assist you with both.

The advantage of print ads these days is that they are tangible and clearly targeted to the readership of the publication’s subject matter. Print ads include newspaper advertising, often geared towards a certain geographic location and magazine advertising which is focused on a certain topic.

Creative agencies such as PerceptBrand Design have expert communication designers that develop strategic, creative, print ads that will engage the target market.

Rebranding Agencies

Rebranding agencies such as Percept, will guide you through the entire rebranding process as your brand consultants.

Percept is among rebranding agencies that only take on full rebrand projects for companies that believe in the value of design and what effective rebranding will do for their business.

As a result, we won’t work on superficial rebranding projects. This means if all you want is a logo redesign without any brand strategy or roll out to visual communications and digital marketing collateral such as website design and advertising, then Percept recommend looking at other design agencies or creative agencies.

If you are looking for rebranding agencies that can deliver the full range of rebranding services, Percept is for you.

When rebranding, Percept places emphasis on brand strategy and positioning. This involves phases such as research and discovery, brand assessments and stakeholder workshops. We feel this provides the quality foundations that enable Percept’s brand designers to develop a brand identity that will springboard the company that is rebranding on to bigger and better things.

Rebranding agencies such as Percept that work through the process thoroughly, will benefit your business by providing a return on your investment in quality rebranding services.