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Percept are among the creative agencies Sydney with visual communication design expertise.
We help clarify what companies have to say, then develop creative advertising campaigns and marketing communication design that connect with their audience.


Percept is among the creative agencies Sydney, who see visual communication design as a means for our clients to achieve commercial success.

Companies work with creative agencies such as Percept, either project-by-project or on an ongoing basis, to accomplish their business goals. Examples of visual communication design objectives could include increasing sales, improving brand awareness, launching a new product, or repositioning a brand.

Whilst the actual goal varies, when working with creative agencies the intention is always to improve the performance of their business with strategic thinking and effective visual communication design.

As one of the leading creative agencies Sydney, Percept have specialist expertise in visual communication design, combining strategy, creative and design to connect with audiences and achieve the desired results for all types of company and brand.

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A visual communication design agency knows the power of strategic thinking and a good idea. Even the most out-there creative agencies won’t turn an ordinary idea into a great one. At Percept, we understand that you are hiring us to think.

As an effective alternative to a traditional advertising agency, Percept is among the creative agencies Sydney with a team that develop solid visual communication design solutions because they are based on sound design strategy foundations.


In its basic form, visual communication design (also known as communication design), is the combination of text and imagery to convey a message. When done well, that message is clear, achieving a specific response from the target audience.

Whether the output is print or digital, a quality visual communication design agency should aim to achieve this goal in the most effective way possible to provide a valuable outcome for the client.

Companies that invest in a good visual communication design agency, typically enjoy success far beyond their spend on the services provided by these creative agencies.


Ranked in the top creative agencies Sydney, clients often choose to engage Percept instead of a larger advertising agencies Sydney because we’re a nimble and efficient team who focus on effective advertising campaigns and visual communication design.

Percept is an ideas driven, through-the-line advertising agency. We have extensive experience, achieving cut-through in everything from magazine advertising to out of home campaigns making us an astute choice when compared to most creative agencies Sydney.


Due to our expertise in visual communication design effectiveness, Percept has an edge over general marketing companies and creative agencies Sydney.

We bring the added value of one of Sydney’s leading creative teams, who combine with our strategic marketers, all in-house. This means we can provide a more integrated communication design service than those traditional marketing and creative agencies.

Over many years, Percept have accomplished high response rates with our marketing collateral, visual communication design and DM campaigns.

We also produce creative sales and marketing collateral that works, having a successful history in visual communication design for promotions and marketing activations.

B2B and Corporate Design

Since 1997, Percept has been considered one of the top-tier creative agencies Sydney, engaged by companies for business to business (B2B) design and corporate design projects.

Percept has a reputation as corporate design specialists, known for our B2B design work. Our philosophy of visual communication design effectiveness has remained consistent over the years, whether we’re working on company brochures, corporate profiles, annual reports or a corporate website design.

Our aim with all B2B design and corporate design is to convey the desired messaging in a way that best resonates with the audience, compelling them to take a specific action. This is achieved with our specialist visual communication design agency techniques.

Visual communication design has progressed considerably in recent times, especially for corporate design and B2B design. Gone are the days of conservative stiffness in the world of corporate design, these are more exciting times. Now more than ever, companies realise that they need to be more contemporary in positioning, visual style and tone of voice, as this is the best way to truly connect with today’s brand savvy market in the B2B design environment.

Design for Print Media

Percept are one of the leading creative agencies because we have a comprehensive knowledge of how to achieve best outcomes in design for print.

We manage the entire design for print process, having experienced it all in terms of specialty stocks, complex die-cuts and custom finishes such as varnishes and foils. This exposure makes Percept design for print experts.

From catalogue design to brochure design, print ads to point of sale, Percept has the combined experience to ensure that your design for print job will be quality controlled, coming off the press exactly as intended. It’s this focus on the finer details of production that elevate any visual communication design project to the next level. This expertise is why leading brands trust creative agencies that possess design for print prowess, because they know each project will be delivered to the highest standard.


Among the leading creative agencies Sydney, Percept has developed a great understanding of business success and the role which a visual communication design agency plays in it.

This enables us to provide you with an edge in today’s competitive environment.


Of all the integrated creative agencies Sydney, Percept stands out as a specialist visual communication design agency. We have an expert team of visual communication design professionals who offer the full-service deliverables from branding to advertising campaigns.

If you are looking for integrated creative agencies Sydney, Percept are definitely worth considering. Whether it is repositioning a company with brand strategy or visual communication design for effective advertising campaigns, Percept do it all on-site in our Sydney design studio.

Percept’s objective as one of the leading integrated creative agencies Sydney, is to make your life as easy as possible. Removing the need for a separate marketing expert, graphic design company and advertising agency.

We welcome new projects of all kinds and would like the opportunity to discuss yours with you. So, if you are assessing creative agencies, just contact us to start the conversation.


Who is Percept?

Percept have been a leading visual communication design agency Sydney for over two decades, helping established brands in Sydney and Australia grow their business. Our Creative Director enjoys a global reputation for excellence. Ranked among Sydney’s best creative agencies, Percept can help clarify your messaging and deliver it creatively, to ensure it resonates with your target audience. We help companies with everything from brand strategy to advertising campaigns in an effort to maximise ROI in visual communication design from one of the top-tier creative agencies. Take a look at some of our work to see our communication design capabilities for yourself.

Visual communication design – what is it exactly?

The goal of Percept as a visual communication design agency Sydney is to develop relationships between your customers and the visual representation of your brand. To achieve this, one of our highly experienced communication designers will help you define and refine the message you wish to get across before determining the brand strategy and creating the visual communication design that is most likely to capture and retain the attention of a potential customer.

As a visual communication design agency, one of our tasks is to understand the psychology behind how a customer’s mood is affected by particular design elements. We will create a visual communication design solution that best conveys your intended messaging and values in a more impactful way than just written words. But it’s not about complexity – it’s about ensuring the communication design is clear and compelling. In short, visual communication design is about strategically making sure information is clearly delivered and received in a way that achieves cut-through. Engaging one of the leading creative agencies, such as Percept, will result in the best outcomes because of our expertise in visual communication design.

Visual communication design – why does Percept and similar creative agencies think it is so important?

Visual communication design is an integral element of advertising and branding because it’s the most effective and efficient way of passing on information to your target audience. Most people are more responsive to the combination of visuals and written words when compared to either in isolation. Creative agencies know that just about all forms of advertising should include text and images brought together by a professional graphic design company as the most effective form of communication. Ranked among the leading creative agencies Sydney, partner with Percept, and we will demonstrate just how much of an impact strategic visual communication design can have on your business.

Visual communication design is crucial for countless reasons, such as:

  • It’s far more effective for customers to process well designed visual communication rather than images or text alone
  • Good communication design makes information clearer and easier to digest
  • In conjunction with effective brand design, visual communication design will boost awareness of your branding
  • Working with a communication design agency such as Percept will result in your content being more memorable because it makes a better connection with people in your audience

If you want to learn more about the benefits of partnering with one of the top creative agencies Sydney to enhance your visual communication design, give Percept a call on 02 9544 3200. We are happy to help and provide expert advice on your project.

Why is Percept among the creative agencies with visual communication design expertise?

Percept is a visual communication design agency that helps our clients achieve commercial success. We can work with you on a one-off communication design project or on an ongoing basis. Either way, we are sure you’ll be satisfied with the outcomes we deliver as one of the leading creative agencies Sydney. 

Percept’s areas of communication design expertise include:

Through innovative visual communication design, we can help you achieve your business goals, whether you want to increase sales, boost your brand awareness, reposition your brand or launch a new product. This is the benefit of working with top creative agencies, such as Percept, that focus on effective communication that connects and resonates with your desired audience.

Why can a visual communication design agency help when some general creative agencies can’t?

Some people think there’s no difference between a graphic design company, creative agencies and a specialist visual communication design agency, but that simply isn’t true. Unlike a general graphic design company, visual communication design is all about the most effective communication of a defined message using visual communication design techniques. In many cases, a graphic design company will focus on the aesthetic layout and design of imagery in combination with written words, but they are merely dressing up information for the viewer. The leading creative agencies who specialise in visual communication design will drill deeper, firstly into defining the right messaging to be delivered, and secondly in the way that messaging is delivered to achieve the best result. This involves objectives analysis, communication strategy and a specialisation in communication design. These are the differences that distinguish the creative agencies with expertise in visual communication design from your average graphic design company.

Visual communication design may include a core creative concept, infographics, typography and photography. But it’s not enough for these visuals just to look aesthetically pleasing. They need to be well thought out so they convey the appropriate information efficiently while ensuring the design of the intended communication will resonate with the audience. Often, the communication design strategy is just one element of a broader marketing or brand strategy. Just look at how often we use emoticons, gifs and images to express information or emotions, and you can understand how much of an impact communication design strategy can have on everyday life, let alone your business.

What is Percept’s visual communication design process?

When developing your visual communications strategy, we’ll take the time to understand your brand persona, goals and customers, ensuring we can maximise your return on investment. We’ll also perform in-depth research on your competitors to see what’s working for them and where opportunities lie for you to outshine them.

In short, the stages in the communication design process include:

  • Brief development – Determining your goals, visual communication requirements, target audience and any constraints
  • Research – Collecting resources, information and creative ideas that pertain to the brief
  • Idea generation – Exploring a range of creative concepts and design ideas, then putting pen to paper to develop the first drafts to ensure the ideas have enough potential to be progressed
  • Concept development – Deciding which ideas will prove the most effective based on in-depth research, the latest design principles and the most suitable forms of media
  • Refinement – Fine-tuning the visual communication design solution according to in-house assessment and in response to feedback, testing and evaluation involving client input

Percept is a visual communication design agency in Sydney, led by our internationally recognised Creative Director. If you want to work with one of the top-tier creative agencies Sydney in order for your visual communication design strategy to prove effective, contact Percept, we can certainly help.

Why choose Percept as your communication design agency?

At Percept, we develop creative visual communication design solutions for all kinds of companies and execute them across many forms of print and digital media. Going a step further than regular creative agencies, we specialise in effective communication design. We identify the most effective ways to reach prospects with your visual communication design, boosting brand awareness and improving conversion rates because our solutions are based on solid communication design strategies. The outcomes tactically deliver key messaging with clarity,  boosting a company’s reputation and bottom line in the process. 

Ranked among the top creative agencies Sydney, Percept specialise in creating holistic branding solutions for established businesses and enjoy working with their dedicated marketing departments whether they are in Sydney, Australia or even overseas. Moreover, as we’ve proved countless times over the past two decades, our brand strategy and visual communication design work consistently achieves good ROI. Contact us today to find out how we’d develop an effective communication design strategy for your business. Fill in our enquiry form, email us or call 02 9544 3200 to discuss your project.


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We had to develop a strategic review document of over 100 pages in super-quick time, in a fast changing industry.
From a short-list of creative agencies, Percept were chosen, and their corporate design and creative ideas exceeded our expectations significantly. Similarly, the speed of turnaround and commitment, was brilliant!
In terms of creative agencies, I can recommend Percept unreservedly for their unwavering focus and commitment as a visual communication design agency.

Paul Greenberg – Deals Direct.