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Percept is a creative agency in Sydney with visual communication design expertise.
We help clarify what companies have to say, then develop creative advertising and marketing campaigns that connect with their audience.


Percept is a creative agency in Sydney, who see visual communication design as a means for our clients to achieve commercial success.

Companies work with us, either project-by-project or on an ongoing basis, to accomplish their business goals. Examples could include increasing sales, improving brand awareness, launching a new product, or repositioning a brand.

Whilst the actual goal varies, the objective is always to improve the performance of their business.

As a leading creative agency in Sydney, Percept have specialist expertise in visual communication design, combining strategy, creative and design to connect with audiences and achieve the desired results for all types of company and brand.

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Even the most creative execution won’t turn an ordinary idea into a great one. So we understand that you are hiring us to think.

As an effective alternative to a traditional advertising agency, Percept’s creative team develop solid design solutions based on sound strategies.


In its basic form, visual communication design is the combination of text and imagery to convey a message. When done well, that message is clear, achieving a specific response from the target audience.

Whether the output is print or digital, any piece of quality graphic design should aim to achieve this goal in the most effective way possible to provide a valuable outcome for the client.

Companies that invest in visual communication design, typically enjoy success far beyond their spend on the design services themselves.


Clients often choose to engage Percept instead of a larger advertising agency in Sydney because we’re a nimble and efficient team who focus on effective advertising creative.

Percept is an ideas driven, through-the-line advertising agency. We have extensive experience, achieving cut-through in everything from magazine advertising to out of home campaigns.


Due to our expertise in design effectiveness, Percept has an edge over general marketing companies.

We bring the added value of one of Sydney’s leading creative teams, who combine with our strategic marketers, all in-house. This means we can provide a more integrated service than those traditional marketing agencies.

Over many years, Percept have accomplished high response rates with our marketing communications and DM campaigns.

We also produce sales collateral that works, having a successful history in creative promotions and activations.

B2B and Corporate Design

Since 1997, Percept has been engaged by companies for business to business and corporate design projects.

Our philosophy of design effectiveness has remained the same during that time, whether we’re working on company brochures, corporate profiles, annual reports or a corporate website design.

Our aim with all B2B and corporate design is to communicate the desired messaging in a way that best resonates with the audience, compelling them to take a specific action.

Gone are the days of conservative stiffness in the world of corporate design, these are more exciting times. Now more than ever, companies realise that they need to be more contemporary in positioning, visual style and tone of voice, as this is the best way to truly connect with today’s brand savvy market.

Design for Print Media

We have a comprehensive knowledge of how to design for best results on any type of project that will go to print.

We manage the entire process, having seen it all in terms of specialty stocks, complex die-cuts and custom finishes such as varnishes and foils.

From catalogue design to brochure design, print ads to point of sale, Percept has the combined experience to ensure that your job will be quality controlled, coming off the press exactly as intended.


As a leading Sydney creative agency, Percept has developed a great understanding of business success and the role which visual communication design plays in it.

This enables us to provide you with an edge in today’s competitive environment.


As an integrated creative agency, Percept is an expert team of professionals who offer the full range of creative services.

From marketing strategies to advertising campaigns, we do it all on-site in our Sydney design studio.

Our objective is to make your life as easy as possible without the need for a separate marketing company, graphic designer and advertising agency.

We welcome new projects of all kinds and would like the opportunity to discuss yours with you. Just contact us to start the conversation.


PERCEPT – Creative Agency Sydney

Visual Communication Design

Contact Us:

Call + 61 2 9544 3200


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We had to develop a strategic review document of over 100 pages in super-quick time, in a fast changing industry.
Percept were chosen as our advertising agency and their corporate design and creative ideas exceeded our expectations significantly. Similarly, the speed of turnaround and commitment, was brilliant!
I can recommend Percept unreservedly for their unwavering focus and commitment on this visual communication design project.

Paul Greenberg – Deals Direct.