Creative print ad campaigns for products manufactured and sold by a recognised Australian fitness brand.

Case Study

Percept created strategic product advertising for Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN).

ASN is a well-known provider of quality health and fitness supplements in Australia. With approximately 50 stores across the country, ASN prides itself on professional and affordable solutions that help their customers reach their fitness goals.

They initially selected Percept to design their press ad for the True Grit publication. ASN booked this advertising as product promotion targeted at True Grit competitors with the objective of building brand awareness.

We intended to communicate that ASN is a leader in the sports nutrition industry offering professional and quality products and services, aligning the brand with inspiration and determination and motivate target audience through strong messaging.

Percept came up with creative headline copywriting and supporting imagery which immediately engages the target audience.

The overall look and feel was designed to evoke toughness and reflect athleticism with an edge.

Product images and ASN logo are intentionally featured in full colour, to position them as the hero information of the ad, juxtaposed on the monochrome background of the competitor image which had a successful outcome.

As a result, ASN continued to work with Percept as their product advertising partner.

Press advertising campaigns included such initiatives as their Body Transformation Challenge. A 10-week challenge for adults all over Australia to garner participant registrations and personal trainers to train participants.

Overall objectives of such campaigns were to evolve ASN’s brand identity across various communication collateral and campaigns while maintaining the core values and equity of the current logo.

ASN’s product advertising strategy was to build market share and brand awareness to become more prominent in the fitness industry. They were to be seen as a significant supplier to existing customers and extend the brand’s reach to new customers and markets.

The strategy was to create brand-aligned ads which were vibrant and suited a retail context. Strong call to actions were important, as was an emphasis on incentives.

The outcomes were positive, with an overwhelming amount of registrations from participants and personal trainers. These product ad campaigns proved to be very successful for our client.