Percept created brand collateral design, giving The Property Hub market momentum with a new visual style for their brand.

Case Study

The Challenge

The Property Hub recently refreshed their logo design and recognised the need to update their brand collateral design to complement the refined and modern look of their logo.

They approached Percept Brand Design for help in capitalising on the momentum of the refresh and to elevate the perception of their brand in the market.

The Solution

Simple sophistication was the driving force behind the new style of the brand collateral design.

A relatable tone-of-voice carries through all touch-points of the brand collateral, achieving the perfect balance of playful, tongue-in-cheek, attention grabbing content whilst retaining an air of sophistication.

Percept also set a new photography style that is professional, trustworthy and approachable.

The imagery throughout the brand collateral is modern and crisp and paired with deep colour hues, creates a premium feel that works in unison with the clean and stylish typography.

A stylised suite of icons and bespoke circular design, that heroes the circle element in the logo were also developed to give emphasis to key content. They ensure that The Property Hub is recognised across all brand collateral design, including business cards, letterhead, signage, window card templates and email signatures.

The new direction for their brand collateral design has received positive support and feedback from The Property Hub team, and they are certain it will give them the edge needed in the busy real estate market.