Funny Label

Wine Label Design

Wine label design by the Percept design agency Sydney.

Case Study

Wine Label Design by Design Agency Percept

Funny Label Vineyards approached Percept, the design agency Sydney, for wine label design.

The wine sector can sometimes be a little stuffy. This has been changing a lot in recent times, but in general people have preconceived ideas about what you can and can’t do on a wine label design. Which is why design agency, Percept, jumped at the opportunity when we were approached about the Funny Label Vineyards project for Australian company, Bacchus Wine Merchants.

With the name, came the risk that the wine itself would not be taken seriously, so Percept came up with a classic looking label, that on closer inspection, features humorous details which add to the wine’s personality and appeal.

The end result of this wine label design project has helped sales for this new brand.

Design agency, Percept,  played on what was expected from a classic wine label and gave it a dry twist. The new wine label design is proving popular and it hasn’t dumbed down the product itself – which is a very serious drop indeed!

Since the initial launch, the brand has become well established. Percept was then asked to be the design agency to develop an evolution of the wine label design for a new range of varietals from the next vintage.

As you can see, the next set of wine label design continue the barrel of laughs theme. However, this time a more contemporary style of wine label was created, featuring hand drawn typography and illustrations which give the brand and its packaging real character.

If you are interested in wine label design, Percept, the design agency, would love to have a chat about your project.