Alcohol Beverage Packaging

Alcohol beverage packaging design by Sydney branding agency Percept.

Case Study

Alcohol Beverage Packaging Design

Genre had an existing range of alcohol beverage packaging design for their wine varietals that were currently in the liquor market. They approached Sydney branding agency, Percept, as the creative agency chosen for alcohol beverage packaging design.

The task was to create the label for their new product of sparkling cuvee non vintage to be added to the Genre brand offering.

Branding agency, Percept, retained some visual cues from the range that was already established to retain equity, but then took the alcohol beverage packaging design in a new direction to differentiate this sparkling beverage from the flat whites.

Percept is a branding agency in Sydney with plenty of experience in beverage packaging design.

Building from the existing range’s base, graphic bubbles were incorporated to give the label a celebratory feel whilst depicting the type of wine that could be found inside the bottle.

Special finishes and printing techniques were utilised such as foiling to give the beverage packaging design an extra lift at point of sale. As a branding agency, Percept know that all the small things count when creating a brand that will be successful in a crowded retail environment.

If you are interested in branding and packaging design for an alcohol beverage, contact branding agency, Percept, about your project.


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Alcohol Beverage Packaging Design

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