Packaging Redesign

A packaging redesign project for the entire range of Livi brand SKUs. Australian company Solaris, a division of Asia Pulp Paper, chose Sydney packaging agency Percept, to work on this redesign project

Case Study

Packaging Redesign

Solaris Paper knew that by undergoing a packaging redesign for their entire range of SKUs, it would improve their chances of increasing marketshare for their Livi brand. Products include items such as kitchen towel, toilet tissue and facial tissues.

Based in Sydney, Solaris Paper, are a division of Asia Pulp Paper. They compete against some giants of the industry in Australia.

The Livi brand packaging was not as strong as some of those competitors and under the strategic advice of marketing agency Plan-tation, they decided to go ahead with a full packaging redesign which would reposition the packaging of all SKUs in their range to improve perceptions among potential buyers.

The Livi logo had good brand equity in Asia, so that was not part of the packaging redesign, but asides from that, there was an open brief as how to best refresh the packaging so it was better received by out of home product buyers.

The out of home tissue sector might not be the most glamorous industry, but to help elevate perceptions, Percept created a colour coded three tier brand architecture.

Each tier has its own design style which brakes the range into Basics, Essentials and Impressa which is the most premium of the three.

As an effective Sydney design agency, Percept, were also careful to keep production costs to a minimum by limiting the number of colour to be printed on each piece of packaging to ensure there were no unnecessary overheads. This kept the range as price competitive as possible for each SKU.

We strategically made the packaging redesign relatively understated so it was appropriate for its price-point and didn’t overpower the decor of the end-use environment.

Since its launch, the packaging redesign for these Livi brands has lifted the professionalism and perceived value of each range within the out of home sector, helping its sales in Australia.



Packaging Redesign

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