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Specialising in creative website design that is on the cutting-edge, Percept is an effective website design agency Sydney for all types of companies. We focus on great user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Our work aligns with the client’s vision and our creative branding and digital design ranks among the Top 10 for Website Design Sydney.

These days, your online presence is the most important marketing tool for any business, so choosing a professional website design agency, such as Percept, to partner with is crucial to success.

We are professional website designers, located in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney. We focus on outstanding website design and digital design agency solutions that give companies throughout Australia the competitive edge with creative branding and communication design for their online presence.

Your website design is an ambassador of your branding and it’s your main customer facing representative. It communicates who you are, what you do, how you do it and how to do business with you. Of most importance is the perception that the website design agency, like Percept, conveys for your company. A customer will decide whether they will do business with you in a matter of seconds – based on what they feel from your branding, visual communication and digital design.

Impressions are quickly formed in regards to your company’s professionalism, service, product, attitude and personality. If the user doesn’t feel engaged with the way your company branding presents, then your competitors are only two clicks away without you ever realising that you lost potential business.

Selecting a top-tier website design agency Sydney, such as Percept, makes sense if you want a creative website design that is effective too. The focus should be on connecting with your audience and achieving the desired outcomes for your business. Your investment in partnering with a website design agency Sydney like Percept for instance, will not only pay for itself, but work for you long into the future.

The top digital design agencies will tell you that a functional website design is as important as its aesthetic appearance. Percept have a proven background in strategic branding and creative communication design. This means we have website designers in Sydney with the expertise to deliver website design that is a combination of both. Percept is a branding and design studio in Sydney, with a passionate collective of thinking creatives. We’re a custom website design agency, offering functional features such as responsive website design, WordPress CMS, e-commerce, blogs, interactive forms, search, reporting etc. We can also support your online presence with branding strategy and graphic design for print communications.

As you can see from the samples shown, Percept is a digital design agency with a team of professional website designers in Sydney that create engaging websites of all shapes and sizes. We have the experience as a graphic design agency dating back to our beginning in 1997. During that time we’ve covered digital design and website design Sydney for projects that span almost every industry and client type imaginable.

If you are interested in partnering with Percept for website design Sydney, please contact us. We’d love to discuss your new website design or website redesign project.

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Who is Percept Website Design Agency Sydney?

Percept is a website design agency Sydney, specialising in professional branding and creative communication design. We deliver strategic and creative website design Sydney, aiming to achieve successful business outcomes for our clients.

As a top-tier branding agency, Percept is more than a standard graphic design company, having established a reputation among the Australian creative industry of being among the top website design agencies in Sydney as part of our full-service offering.

Established in 1997, Percept is one of the longest-running branding agencies in Sydney, with a comprehensive portfolio of graphic design agency work. We deliver successful brand identity programs, visual communication design for print, creative campaigns as well as digital design as a full-service website design agency Sydney.

Percept provides website design Sydney that encompasses solutions for all types of companies, brands and industry sectors.

What does Percept consider to be effective website design Sydney?

As a leading website design agency Sydney, Percept is a team of expert web designers Sydney who know what makes for an effective website design that will actually perform for your company.

Your website design agency is an important choice because your website design is the public face you present to your customers. The way you present your company in terms of branding and visual communication design is heavily reflected in your website design and potential customers will judge you by it. If your branding design doesn’t connect or the user doesn’t feel engaged with the website design, they won’t buy into the messaging that you’re trying to convey. Then you are at risk of losing important conversions.

The Percept website design agency Sydney believes a good website design is made up of:

  • Online presence

Today, your website design is the most important marketing communications tool. With social media platforms making up the bulk of online interactions, businesses need to generate a good online presence to drive traffic to in order to remain relevant and this is the main reason to invest in a good website design agency such as Percept.

  • Audience connection

Your website design is the main representative of your brand. It’s where your reputation starts. As soon as users visit, they will get a clear indication of your company’s personality. It will communicate who you are, what you do and how you do it. Importantly, your website design needs to let the user know that your services or products are what they are looking for. This can come in the form of fundamentals like quality content, simple navigation, and fast load times. If possible, a good website design agency such as Percept will also have expertise as a branding company. Qualified brand designers will be able to provide a more meaningful and ownable connection in your brand communications. This is usually done with brand development techniques including brand story, brand identity, tone of voice and a unique look and feel. This will help your company stand out from your competitors by creating a more meaningful and emotional connection with your audience.

  • Aesthetics

First impressions are of the highest importance. A website can have good functionality but lack quality aesthetics, meaning the user subliminally judges the company in a negative way and quickly loses interest due to doubts about quality, moving on to a competitor’s site. Percept is a graphic design agency with professional website designers in Sydney. We will create a visually appropriate website design that draws the customer in with a great first impression then strategically communicates the key messaging succinctly to maximise the chances of conversion. From responsive website design that appears impactful on a desktop screen to a mobile-friendly layout, Percept specialises in website redesign from our design studio in Sydney. Percept is a website design agency Sydney that possesses the expertise to create branding, visual communication and digital design that will give your company a competitive edge in your market.

What is the working process of the Percept website design agency Sydney?

At Percept website design agency Sydney, we believe that perceptions are everything. This is why we work closely with companies to ensure we develop creative website design and branding that appropriately represents these companies to their potential customers. The outcomes should be effective in helping assist the conversion rates of potential customers with well-considered, strategic and creative website design Sydney.

Percept’s website design creation process is as follows:

  • Goal identification

We’ll work with you to gain a solid understanding of what your goals are, and the purpose of your branding, visual communication and website design Sydney. This extracts an accurate brief on what you require from your new website design Sydney. It will help us know how users should interact with the site, allowing us to create the most optimal website design possible for the user’s needs. These goals can often be outlined as S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).

  • Scope definition

Following our initial discussions, we will prepare a reverse brief and project proposal. This will form the basis for idea generation and concept presentations moving forward, in line with goals identified and purpose of the project.

  • Sitemap and wireframe creation

We’ll develop the wireframing and sitemap of the website for approval, so you can have a clear understanding of the structure of the new website design Sydney. Once the wireframing and sitemap is approved, we will then progress with the actual website design, which for smaller sites, may take approximately a month, but for much larger projects, can take up to 6 months. These timings depend on the complexity of the website and will be confirmed at the beginning of the process. Contact us to find out more.

  • Content creation

This varies from project to project. Upon discussion, some clients choose to create and supply their own content. In these circumstances, we can help brief you on what content is to be created. Alternatively, our copywriters can take on content creation on your behalf for all new website design and development as well as website redesign projects by Percept. This will involve working with you to ensure all content is appropriate in accordance to your brand values and style. In either case, we can provide in-house creative copywriting for headlines etc. to ensure that all messaging and tone of voice is aligned with the direction set by the Perceptbrand agency.

  • Visual elements

Visual style and graphic assets are one of the most fundamental elements when working with a good website design agency Sydney. It is important because the look and feel influences the overall user experience (UX), as well as all-important conversion rates. Outside of basic branding assets and imagery generated by the graphic design agency, Percept will also begin development and implementation of creative themes. This will form a distinctive graphic design style throughout the website, in an effort to best connect with your target audience.

  • Testing

We will test the final product to ensure it meets visual communication and functional standards across a variety of user platforms. This, outside of website performance, also includes overall user experience (UX) and the potential for a customer to convert. You will also be able to test the new website design yourself prior to launch, using a staging site link.

  • Launch

The physical and final website design is completed and ready to be implemented. We will either migrate the website over, or launch the new website ready for consumer engagement with your new digital design presence in the online space.

Why is Percept the best website design agency Sydney for my website redesign?

Percept is a passionate website design agency Sydney, Australia. We pride ourselves on creating effective branding solutions, and enjoy executing this with our industry leading website designers in Sydney.

Percept have plenty of experience as a website redesign and website design agency Sydney. This experience covers a multitude of various industry sectors, from corporate to retail, including the eCommerce space. We offer website design solutions that make a positive difference to the performance of our clients’ companies when working with a quality digital design agency in Sydney.

For leading website designers in Sydney that provide UI and UX advice for your business, simply contact us today.

As experts in branding, graphic design, packaging design, advertising, creative campaigns and digital design, Percept have the specialist skills you need to gain a competitive edge across the board. We would love the opportunity to discuss your website redesign project and explain how the Percept website design agency Sydney can create a better online presence for your brand.

What is the best way to contact Percept?

We’d love the opportunity to work with you on your website design project.

Just call +61 2 9544 3200, email, or complete a project enquiry form. You could also stop by our website design agency Sydney if you prefer to meet up, just contact us to arrange an appointment either online or in person.

Percept is a team of website designers Sydney that will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We can also provide a proposal and quote for your digital design and digital branding project on request. Discover why we’ve built a reputation for being among the best website designers Sydney.