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Design agency, Percept is a specialist in brochure design. As a Sydney design agency with 26 years of visual communication design expertise, we know what works when it comes to effective brochure design for all kinds of company, business, product and brand.

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Brochure Design by Design Agency, Percept

When it comes to brochure design Sydney, Percept is a design agency that believes a well-thought-out brochure design that is produced in print can be key to engaging potential customers. It helps in motivating them to engage with and choose your brand over your competitors. In the digital design era some people think printed brand communications aren’t necessary, or an expense not worth the investment. However, in the majority of cases the statistics prove that a quality brochure design that is tangible achieves far better cut-through in today’s busy world.

As an initial contact point, a professional brochure design can be more effective for brand communications than digital design collateral because it is direct and immediate. Design agencies such as Percept know that good brochure design will capture the attention more effectively. This is because it has the added benefit that it is physically in the hand of the user, engaging them without the risk that they’ll move to a competitor who is just a click or two away, as is the case in digital design environments.

Percept is a design agency with a strategic branding approach. This way, the creative not only informs prospective customers of the services you offer, but will set you apart from the competition. A well-executed visual communication design solution that is in-line with your brand identity, will best convey your brand positioning, tone-of-voice and style.

Working with one of the best design agencies in Sydney, such as Percept, will help your brochure design appeal to your target audience. This is from a strategic branding and visual communication design standpoint. For example, if you are in a more conservative market, an edgy or overly creative brochure design may not reflect the mind-set of the audience and vice versa. Most importantly however, best-practice brochure design will have a clear purpose and a desired outcome in mind.

At design agency, Percept, we believe that a truly effective brochure design needs three essential elements. An attention grabbing cover, compelling content and a persuasive call to action. If you’re looking for professional brochure design Sydney and these things are done well, you will have every chance of achieving your desired outcomes. This is exactly what you can expect when selecting Percept as your design agency.

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your brochure design project. If you’re interested in working with Sydney design agency, Percept, simply contact us to get the conversation started.