Percept is a branding agency in Sydney who specialise in brand style guide design, brand guidelines, brand manuals and packaging style guide design.

Brand Style Guide Design Sydney

Whether you’re part of a start-up or multi-national company, Percept believe that a good brand style guide design is of great importance to the successful application of your visual identity no matter what the size or shape the organisation is.

Branding doesn’t start and finish with a logo design. Instead, it is a system of colours, shapes, sizes, fonts and styles that can cover visual elements, pieces of collateral, language, tone of voice and instructions for photography. Basically, you’ll need a set of rules to adhere to for your brand to look like your brand. This is especially the case for a product-based business, where the packaging style guide design can make or break the successful roll-out of a large range.

Depending on the unique needs and size of each company, Percept develop corporate brand guidelines and brand manuals that range from a single sheet to hundreds of pages, covering the specific formulas that will help you, your in-house designers any third party supplier or even the design agency that created it in the first place, create brand collateral that is in-line with the overall intentions of your company’s branding.

The simplicity or complexity of this document of instructions will be tailored to the requirements of your business and it can be a flexible guidelines document that is built upon and added to as things develop over many years.

The aim is always to have a brand style guide design that is easy to understand and interpret, so that all elements that represent you are on-brand and are consistently applied because the user gets a great understanding right from the start.

Shown here are some examples, featuring brand manuals and brand guidelines for a wide range of identity programs that Percept has created to help brand custodians manage their image effectively.

We’d be happy to discuss what is best for your situation. The idea is to have a tool-kit that makes brand management easier, controlling the brand identity of your company in all applications.



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