Brand Strategy & Identity

Comprehensive brand strategy, positioning and identity design for a phone case retailer that's not afraid to buck trends.

Case Study

Brand Strategy / Identity Design / Art Direction / Copywriting

The Challenge

Kase is an online retailer who has been selling third party products but wanted to start selling their own products. Percept were tasked with developing a brand strategy and identity design based on a category audit.

The category is crowded with slick, minimal austerity with little personality, so we were looking to create a territory for Kase to express themselves and help their products stand out from their competitors.

The Solution

The nucleus of the brand strategy came straight from the inescapable fact that we humans can be clumsy and sometimes drop our phones. The concept ‘We exist because of the drop’ was born.

We evolved their existing logo design and created a strong, contemporary brand mark that can be used at a number of angles, encapsulating that ‘oops’ moment when you’ve just dropped your phone. The simple rectangular container conveys the protection Kase provides for your phone and provides the platform for the brand identity to build upon.

A vibrant colour palette was implemented, featuring bold, contrasting tones, and under our art direction, a 3D Artist was commissioned to create a series of surreal product images as well as some animations. This creative collaboration resulted in a set of core brand images of cases suspended mid-drop.

As part of the brand strategy, a brave tone of voice was also developed, giving Kase the ability to capture customers’ attention in a new and fun way, communicating in a language that clearly differentiates them from the competition. This included product naming and descriptions for their entire range.

We also designed and developed a custom-built, responsive website with a complete e-commerce solution using the Shopify platform. The new website design is a bold, exciting, digital brand experience, where customers can see cases in free fall, compare models, and interact with the full product range.

With its foundations formed in the brand strategy, the outcome is a brand identity that better connects with their youth-centric target audience. It represents the Kase philosophy and expresses the brand in a bold, brave way across a wide range of touch points.