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Custom logo design Sydney for any type of professional company or brand. More than just logo designers, Percept Brand Design is a full-service brand agency, specialising in all things branding.

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Custom Logo Design Sydney – Brand Agency & Logo Designers for all types of Business, Brand, Company and Product

Logo Design Sydney

If you’re looking for custom logo design Sydney, Percept Brand Design is a great choice that will give your business the best chance of success. We are highly experienced logo designers in the form of a brand agency that can develop top quality, professional logo design for all types of company, product and brand as part of their overall branding.

First impressions last, and in most cases the company logo design is the initial representation of a business to a potential customer. It forms the cornerstone of your brand identity, and in an instant it communicates a lot about who you are, what you do and how well you’re suited to your customer’s needs.

Percept is a highly reputable brand agency Sydney with over 23 years experience as branding specialists. We work closely with our clients throughout the brand design process to share our expertise and ensure we produce a visual brand identity that delivers the desired messages to the target market at first glance. In a nut-shell, we transform good companies into great brands.

As you can see from the hundreds of unique examples shown above, Percept is a brand agency that specialises in logo design Sydney for organisations of many different shapes, sizes and styles. We have many more case studies that we can show on request to demonstrate our experience, relevant to the industry that you are in. Simply ask us for a tailored proposal for your company branding.

Professional Logo Designers

Brand agency, Percept, specialises in creative logo design that is good for our client’s business because we develop branding that effectively represents them in terms of professionalism, positioning and personality.

PerceptBrand Design Sydney has been developing high quality, custom logo design for our clients since we began our brand agency back in 1997. This experience makes us stronger now than ever before.

It is important to note that we go well beyond the logo design itself, having a successful track-record in rolling out full brand identity programs, which you can see throughout the branding section of this website. Solutions for our clients often include items such as corporate stationery, website design and printed marketing communications, which are crucial for companies who are looking to make a good impression in today’s world. For more information have a good look through our branding case studies.

Percept is a brand agency with expertise in logo design Sydney for all types of company or product and would like the opportunity to discuss your branding project with you.

If you care about how your business is perceived, please contact us to get the conversation started. Working with a brand agency such as Percept, will have a positive influence on how people perceive your brand.


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What do we do?

What does Percept Brand Design do?

Percept is a brand agency Sydney, providing modern and effective logo design as part of big-picture branding solutions. Our expertise is in brand strategy and brand identity design enables us to transform good companies into great brands.

A recognised industry specialist for building the public perception of many organisations, we provide custom logo design for all types of company and product.

We’re not just ‘logo designers’, we are a full-service brand agency, delivering far more than just custom logo design. We offer pro-active advice as your brand consultant and our creative agency develops the full range of graphic design assets from print communication design to website design, that builds successful company branding.

Percept is a brand agency, that in short, helps make good brands great.

Why is a logo important?

Why does brand agency, Percept, believe custom logo design is important?

Businesses and other organisations need branding that gets results in today’s saturated design for print and digital design environments. Establishing, maintaining, and expanding the influence of your branding across multiple channels is vital for anyone fighting for their share of the market. Especially in highly competitive industries, a recognisable logo design and creative branding can make all the difference.

Below we have provided answers to key questions related to logo design Sydney. We explain how brand agency, Percept, develops solid brand strategy and cut-through branding that works for our clients’ businesses, delivering tangible results.

What do we think makes an effective logo?

What makes an effective company logo design according to brand agency, Percept?

Percept is a brand agency, so we know the importance of logo design as the public face of a company. To be successful, company logo design should be recognisable and in some cases, can achieve more recognition than the company name itself. Good company logo design appropriately represents a business and conveys the essence of what their branding is all about. If done well, this is all wrapped up in an easily grasped visual.

Effective company logo design can create an immediate and profound connection between customers, clients and vital stakeholders.

Before beginning, professional logo designers in Sydney consider many questions about the company the logo design and branding will represent, for instance:
• What is the competitive landscape?
• What makes this brand special?
• What philosophy or set of values does the branding need to convey?
• What is the right combination of colour, image, text and style that will be relevant to the desired target audience?

For the uninitiated, here’s a little information from Sydney brand agency, Percept, that will help you to know your “marks.” Logo design comes in various forms. One common form is what the industry calls a wordmark. When crafting a wordmark, the logo designer takes the name of the company or brand and enlivens it with a creative approach to make just the company name ownable in a visual sense. This can be done using colour, font choice and many other key attributes that can make the name on its own, visually unique. The focus is solely on the words of the company name in a wordmark. Virgin, IBM and many other companies employ this type of mark, and have achieved incredible recognition in the process.

Brandmarks use a recognisable image alone as the logo and in most cases can only do so due to popularity. Apple, Twitter and Nike are examples that deploy images that are immediately associated with the brand. This means that any products and services carrying this mark are tied directly to that company. Many of these logos included wording at the beginning of their development. Once they became more widely known, the wording was no longer necessary, and the brandmarks became known on image only.

Combination marks feature both an icon and the company naming or brand paired together. Qantas, Amazon, Shell and Adobe are just a few good examples of this.

Another more traditional type of logo design is the emblem. Emblems incorporate the company name in an image in a unique and memorable fashion, often looking like a seal or a badge. Alfa Romeo and Mini serve as good examples of emblem style logo design.

Also, lettermarks use an abbreviated version of the company naming as the integral part of their branding. The iconic logos of Volkswagen, BMW, Hewlett Packard and General Electric all use abbreviations of their respective names and incorporate this into a lettermark as their logos.

Effective brand design, however, goes well beyond the type of mark. Every great logo design, regardless of the style of mark used, has several attributes. As a leading brand agency Sydney, Percept always develops a look and feel that is relevant to both the company and its audience. We look at everything from what the company does, through to the brand strategy and values for which it stands to help inform our brand design decisions when developing any type of branding.

Percept is a brand agency that always makes sure our logo designers in Sydney consider application and versatility. Everyone in our design studio knows that effective logo design has the same level of impact in colour or black and white, or when they are presented in digital or print executions or in large or small formats.

Logos often serve as a first and lasting impression of company branding. For that reason, we make sure that every company logo design Sydney crafted by brand agency, Percept, is well thought out as part of a big-picture brand strategy. We intend for all our branding work, especially logo design to be noticed for the right reasons because they are true to the essence of the organisation they represent. Impact comes from simple ideas, designed to convey appropriate impressions.

Although it starts with the company logo design, an organisation’s entire presence contributes to its branding. At Percept Brand Design, our team of professional logo designers in Sydney, work with our clients to develop full brand identity programs that are good for business.

What is the logo design process?

How will brand agency, Percept, create your logo design?

The best logo designers in Sydney draw on elements from the world’s of both art and science to create effective branding.

Initially, brand agency, Percept, work closely with our clients during the briefing process. This can take the form of a branding workshop which uncovers many insights from the client’s side as they are experts in their industry. As a design agency, this helps us grasp an in-depth understanding of what we’re trying to achieve in terms of the desired outcomes of the branding project. We then perform research that looks at data and market analysis to find out who those customers are and what may influence their decision making in the buying process. Percept is a brand agency that delves a bit deeper to identify the true essence of a brand and from there we can determine authentic directions that could provide the company with a territory to own in a competitive environment. All this happens before our creative agency begins work in our design studio, because good branding comes from solid foundations.

Percept is a brand agency that goes well beyond exploring basics such as font, colour, and visual imagery in an effort to resonate with potential customers in today’s market. We believe that first impressions matter and it is our commitment to creative branding with substance that has seen us recognised as one of the best logo designers in Sydney.

Every logo design project by brand agency, Percept, follows the same thorough process. We work hard to ensure that the resulting logo design not only meets the client’s desires, but provides the foundation for truly successful branding across all marketing efforts.


1. Scoping

The scoping stage kicks off the process. Our branding team holds a briefing and discussions that go over client needs and other important background information. From these conversations will come the initial project proposal.


2. Research

Once the initial proposal is approved, the real work commences. Our team of logo designers conduct research which examines many factors including market landscape, competitor analysis, customer profiling and opportunities assessment. A branding workshop with client interaction is also very important in obtaining input from all stakeholders. This provides the Percept, brand agency, with invaluable insight and allows us to form the in-depth understanding that is required to reach an outcome that delivers results in relation to our client’s objectives.

3. Brand Strategy

The distillation of the research phase forms the brand strategy. We are able to make informed decisions based on our learnings, that will form the framework for any creative execution. It is at this stage that brand agency, Percept, will identify reasoning for what we’ll design, knowing that it is based on substance rather than personal preferences and aesthetic tastes. It also involves ideation work around what opportunities can be leveraged and this will form the basis for all creative concepts that progress to the design stage.


4. Logo Design

Some logo designers in Sydney begin with this step. At Percept, brand design can only begin once the previous steps are completed. This way we know that our work will actually perform for our client’s business. In this phase, the creative directions are fleshed out and different graphic design executions are developed. We cross check that all concepts meet the criteria set out in the previous steps. We then cull the weak options and refine the design of the strongest creative solutions. Only at this point do we present options for the custom logo design Sydney to the client because we know we can stand by their performance. We involve the client again at this stage, inviting them to offer input to help improve the finer details. The feedback is processed, and our design studio team will go through any adjustments and further presentations as often as necessary until the logo design meets the brief and is worthy of the brand it represents.


5. Roll-out

Once we have settled on a final logo design, we carry out the finished artwork which is provided to the client for sign-off. Once approved, our design studio can then approach the roll-out phase which will be different depending on the requirements of each branding design project. It will generally involve the creation of a brand style guide and logo suite which contains the finished artwork in the many different file types the client may need in the future. This stage may also include the graphic design output by the branding company of other items such as corporate stationery, branding, signage, website design or marketing communications.


6. Implementation

This is the most exciting part of a brand design project. After the finished design work for each deliverable passes our extensive quality control process, it’s ready to go and do its job for the client’s business. At this point, we pass everything over the client, knowing our process is solid and the brand strategy will allow all elements to work together seamlessly, producing a good return on investment in a quality company logo design created by one of the top branding agencies Sydney.

Why choose brand agency, Percept?

Why engage brand agency, Percept, as your logo designers in Sydney?

Percept is a brand agency that strives to provide our clients with not only the best outcomes in terms of branding but also with a good experience when it comes to great service. That commitment has helped us to gain a reputation as one of the top company logo designers in Sydney.

The core of this reputation, according to our clients, is how easy they find it to work with the team at brand agency, Percept. We commit completely to providing our clients with the best outcome for their business. Communication, transparency, and advice sessions with our clients help us to work together and provide professional logo design and branding that achieves the best possible results for their business.

For well over two decades, brand agency, Percept, has carefully crafted a reputation as one of the top logo designers in Sydney. Our expertise in branding, combined with close work with our partners and a welcoming approach to client input, always produces a visual brand identity that achieves project goals.

Our reputation comes from our versatility. We don’t have a set graphic design agency style, or create logos according to what’s on trend or the personal tastes of our logo designers in Sydney. This is demonstrated in our large custom logo design portfolio showing hundreds of examples here on our website. Potential clients can see that we work well with a broad spectrum of corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and even government agencies. No matter how diverse the niche, Percept is a brand agency that will create a custom logo design that meets their individual needs.

We welcome all potential clients to examine our full portfolio of custom logo design examples to get a better idea of what they can expect from us as professional logo designers in Sydney. The Percept brand agency, can also supply you with a tailored proposal showing logo design Sydney that we have created in your organisation’s field and industry. Our track record and large gallery of logo design work underlines the results we can achieve for a wide range of clients. Check out the branding case studies and see all the successful brands we’ve created.

How can I get in touch?

What is the best way to contact PerceptBrand Design?

We’d love the opportunity to work with you as your chosen brand agency.

Just call +61 2 9544 3200, email, or complete a project enquiry form. You could also stop by our brand agency Sydney as well if you prefer to meet in person, just contact us to arrange an appointment at our design studio.

The Percept brand agency team will be happy to answer any branding questions that you may have, and can also provide a quote for logo design Sydney on request. Discover why we’ve built a reputation for being among the best logo designers in Sydney.