The brand identity for the new order of fitness has arrived.

Case Study

The Challenge

To develop a brand name and identity for a new breed of nutrition retail store. One that appeals to the new generation of fitness fanatics.

The Solution

For many, nutrition is more than bulking up or trimming down. It’s a way of life. Treat your body as a temple. We developed a name that captured this nutrition movement and Nutrition Templ was born.

We created a wordmark design that had a solid pillar-like presence. A contemporary take on the idea of the temple. Then we built the brand identity around it with a strong tone of voice as the foundation. A little cheeky in concept and copywriting, while still taking the business of fitness seriously.

In an effort to be memorable, fitness commandments created a quirky personality that can sometimes be lacking in the nutrition and supplements sector. The overall result was a strong, identifiable brand identity with a relatable and unique persona.