Percept is a full-service brand, design and creative agency in Sydney who provide business and company naming services. It's fair to say that as a naming company, we've created many successful brands.

Selecting The Right Naming Company

When it comes to company naming… what’s in a name? This is a question that’s often asked. As a professional naming company, we’ll tell you it’s pretty important when it comes to your overall branding.

A name can say exactly what you do, be the basis for your brand’s personality or set a tone of voice which is appropriate to the industry you’re in. It can help you belong to a category or stand out amongst competitors. It can be fun, quirky, clever, professional or traditional, the possibilities are endless.

Your name might actually be the single most important decision you make when creating your brand, so to say it is crucial would be an understatement. That’s why most successful businesses invest in a professional naming company to help to get it right.

Percept specialise in full-service branding and offer creative company naming for businesses as well as brands and their products.

It pays to have Percept as your one stop brand development shop. We can generate your name and then design and roll-out the visual brand identity that represents it in both print and web mediums. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and its objectives, producing results that best connect with your target audience.

Company Naming Services:

Percept can develop effective company naming strategies for the corporate world which will help position your company appropriately.

Business Naming Services:

Even if you are a start up or small business, we can develop a name that will give you the best chance of success.

Brand Naming Services:

Generating creative brand names is a strength of Percept’s. Creating names with real personality that we can then develop a visual brand around, makes for a more comprehensive branding package.

Product Naming Services:

When looking for the edge over the competition, our product naming service will help your product stand out in the crowd.

Creative Naming Services:

A strategic approach to our creative naming process, enables Percept to create effective names that encapsulate your brand’s essence right from the start.



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