Percept assist Australian Military Bank with their incentive based Spring creative campaign and accompanying collateral.

Case Study

The Challenge

Percept was approached by Australian Military Bank to assist their development of an incentive based campaign to leverage upward market buying trends. This was to be the bank’s primary marketing and business development focus for the months of August to December.

The creative campaign was to be multi-faceted, aimed at attracting new-to-bank home loans, investment loans and personal loans. Whilst broad, the common denominator across each category was to be the association of a related insurance product when a new loan was taken out.

The Solution

Working with the team from Australian Military Bank, Percept developed the concept of a series of simple word equations relating to each loan with the idea that the steps to receive a reward is ‘so simple that it can be written anywhere’. Each equation is used to develop interest and incentive with the creative campaign, attracting new-to-bank customers and highlighting the simplicity of receiving the benefits on offer.

Following this, Percept developed the design and artwork for the three loan rewards on offer; home loans, personal loans and investment home loans. With the concept in mind, each artwork represented a familiar scenario relating to each loan. The use of handwritten typography established the ease and simplicity of each equation and added a familiar human element.

Once the design and artwork for each individual loan was developed and approved, Percept designed a comprehensive range of creative campaign collateral across print and online platforms including posters, flyers, pull-up banners, counter mats, ceiling hangers, online website banners, online digital advertisements, website landing pages and social media assets.