Percept are the creative marketing agency in Sydney who were selected by Ambius for this brand awareness campaign.

Case Study

After successful creative marketing campaigns with both Rentokil and Pink, Sydney agency Percept were introduced to Ambius. They are another division of Rentokil Initial and an industry leader in plantscaping in the workplace.

Ambius chose Percept as their creative agency to assist in improving brand awareness through the strategic planning and design of an outdoor marketing campaign.

To raise awareness and increase market share for the client, Percept created the ‘Biophilia’ concept for the campaign.

We developed an activation to communicate how people have an intuitive need to connect with nature. At the same time creating a buzz about plants and their empowering benefits to both employees and management.

The goal was to change attitudes and perceptions about plants in the office.

The concept of ‘Biophilia – For The Greener Good’ is a spin on the phrase ‘for the greater good’. Reinforcing the idea that plants have a positive impact on working environments as well as individuals.

The design execution communicates the theme in a bold and impactful way.

The word is written in a custom grass font, making an immediate connection between the word and its positive affects.

The brand colours were used heavily throughout the designs, as well as customised graphic design and photography.

The creative marketing campaign also introduces the character of Dr. B. Greener, Ambius’ green practitioner. He is there to educate customers in the benefits of plants in the workplace. At the same time, adding some fun to the activation.

The tone of voice for the campaign is fun, educational and quirky. It helps the Ambius brand relate to their target demographic.

The campaign was designed by creative marketing agency, Percept, who are based in Sydney.

The activation had a huge, positive response and Ambius has found that potential customers have taken well to the brand and the campaign in general.

The result was that in most cases, potential customers were engaged and have provided their details for an Ambius representative to contact them about introducing plants into their workplace.

This work led to another project where Ambius asked Percept to design an industry specific brochure which targets architects when they are at their design and planning stage of a project, to encourage their use of Ambuis products.