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Corporate Profile Design

Securing more awareness with a bold new corporate profile design for Australian company Titanium Security.

Case Study

Corporate Profile Design

The Challenge

Titanium Security is a leader in the security industry, delivering a range of innovative security solutions for private, commercial, corporate, local government and industry clientele.

Currently dominating the market in Adelaide, they wanted to expand their business across Australia, but recognised that their current marketing collateral was disjointed in both design and communication, and didn’t match their premium services and wealth of experience.

The objective was to elevate the look and feel of the corporate profile design and create a visual style that could be developed across other marketing collateral for the company.

The Solution

Percept created an engaging corporate profile design that is proud, confident and consistent in style and messaging, addressing Titanium Security’s concerns over current collateral that had been reactive rather than from a solid, strategic positioning.

The outcome is a break from the traditional style of corporate profile design with a strong and masculine graphic cover that utilises bold, uppercase typography and a direct statement ‘We mean business’, emphasising their unparalleled commitment.

A contemporary colour palette using the contrast between bright green and dark, moody imagery adds energy and life to the pages. Paired with the diagonal line graphic – a visual metaphor for slick, streamlined protection – they form a brand theme that leads the viewer through each topic to be communicated throughout the document.

As an important tool for the company in their quest to gain market share across different states of Australia, the new corporate profile design effectively represents their offerings and expertise in a visually confident way, enabling them to clearly stand out in the market.



Corporate Profile Design

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