Miranda Hotel

Design Studios

Branding Design, marketing and web design for this Sydney hospitality venue in the Sutherland Shire, in form of advertising, promotions and graphic design by design studios, Percept.

Case Study

Percept Design Studios for Branding Design, Marketing & Web Design incl. Promotions & Advertising Campaigns

With southern Sydney’s Miranda Hotel spending millions of dollars on refurbishment, the design studios of Percept were brought on board to look after all aspects of their branding design. Our design studios handled all graphic design, brand marketing and web design for this Sutherland Shire hospitality icon.

Percept’s design studios created a branding design system (including illustration work) that has been used across all forms of advertising, promotions and marketing collateral including the web design for both Miranda Hotel (pub) and Carmens (nightclub).

The web design for Miranda Hotel aims to encourage Sutherland Shire locals to come and check it out.

From the branding design, Percept then created a web design that uses visual cues from the interior decoration as well as a modern vector illustration style making for a welcoming and informative site experience.

The Carmens web site needed a revamp that would appeal to the market of 18-25 year olds.

A long standing icon of ‘The Shire’, Carmens competes with many Sydney city based clubs for today’s night-clubbing youth.

PerceptDesign Studios created new branding design and web design which features animated movement and a modern style in tune with what the target market likes.

The combined sum of the branding, graphic design, advertising, brand communications and web design has seen this hospitality venue rise to the top in the Sutherland Shire area of Sydney.