Government and company annual report design Sydney. Specialising in a variety of styles from the clean and corporate, to more creative concepts, we are professional annual report designers Australia.

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Percept Annual Report Design Sydney. Over the past decade there has been significant changes for professional annual report designers Australia. Far from the more boring traditional style of reports, design savvy audiences are demanding a more creative approach to the communication of reporting information. Among leading design agencies, Percept, are annual report designers with specialist expertise in this area and welcome projects from organisations of any kind as our experience covers everything from government annual report design to corporate company annual report design.

On the technical side of annual report design, many companies are now choosing to split their reporting into two parts – A Shareholder Review outlining the year’s operational highlights and a Statutory Annual Report containing compliance information.

Although techniques and legislation have evolved over time, the fundamentals for any annual report design project remain consistent and the standard protocol must be followed.

In terms of the creative however, there is far more room to be expressive and engaging when communicating the facts. Percept believe that regardless of the style of organisation and report itself, annual report design should always reinforce the communication style as well as the corporate identity of the company, be written and designed with the target audience in mind, and they should reflect the culture and vision of the organisation they represent.

To meet annual report design standards, they should also be produced with legibility, user experience and flow in mind. They need to be accurate, as well as meet compliance, statutory and governance requirements.

Annual report designers in Sydney, Australia, Percept, are among the design agencies that work with all types of clients to maximise the value of their stakeholder and shareholder reporting. Offering creative services that range across brand strategy, graphic design, copywriting and photography, through to print management and online delivery (including WCAG2.0 compliance).

If you are looking for suitable design agencies, Percept, can be of assistance. We’d be happy to discuss your  annual report design requirements. Simply contact us to start the conversation, we’d love the opportunity to be your annual report designers in Sydney.


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