Ivory Coat

Marketing Campaign

A proudly Aussie marketing campaign helping Ivory Coat support struggling farmers in Australia.

Case Study

Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

Ivory Coat have collaborated with Aussie Helpers in the past to support Australian farming families doing it tough. Since the merge with the Real Pet Food Company, this initiative has not been running.

As Ivory Coat’s creative partner, Percept were engaged to develop a creative marketing campaign to relaunch this partnership. The objective was to drive awareness that Ivory Coat is still 100% manufactured in Australia and upkeeping its original brand values of supporting struggling Australian farmers and their families.

The Solution

Percept developed a creative marketing campaign that’s instantly Australian, memorable and endearing. ‘Outback Giveback’ uses Australian vernacular to paint a ‘true blue’ picture of Ivory Coat in consumer’s minds, reinforcing that they’re a proudly Australian made product.

Utilising a simple, bold and solid illustration style, the logo instantly explains the mechanics of the promotion; visually representing the supportive cycle between Ivory Coat and Australian farmers. The tagline, ‘Feed your mate. Help a farmer’ reinforces the Ivory Coat brand ethos, encouraging consumers to feel good about feeding their companions quality foods whilst contributing to the good work Ivory Coat is doing for Australian farmers in need.

Poetic Aussie phrasing and in-situ imagery focusing on animals and farmers is used across all campaign touch-points to create an emotional and familiar connection with consumers. This creative marketing campaign included a microsite, digital ads, POS elements and radio ads.

The campaign has been well received by consumers, driving brand awareness and generating sales that have helped Ivory Coat in eclipsing their donation goals.