Percept and brand strategists MamaTray combine on this internal communications design project – a new Model of Care for aged care providers that evokes care, joy and life.


The Challenge

The team at St Basil’s have developed a new Model of Care (MoC) that is centred around the customer’s dignity and feelings. This meant a fundamental shift in emphasis for the organisation, from their technical expertise to customer service and ways of working.

Sydney design agency Percept were engaged through brand stategists MamaTray, to develop an internal communications design solution that would capture the essence of this model and introduce it to customers and their families. It was also to align with the company’s improved internal structure. It was important that the design for these communications would elevate and differentiate St Basil’s from other aged care providers.

The Solution

Percept worked closely with MamaTray, to develop a visual style for internal communications that would work hand-in-hand with the new tone of voice that they had developed.

We gave St Basil’s a human touch by adding an organic illustration style to the brand toolkit. This contemporary approach engages a wider audience in a fresh way, adding a warmth and friendliness to evoke feelings of care, joy and life – all integral components of the new MoC. The heart is the centre of all that St Basil’s do, and this visually underpins the main pillars of the MoC. The warm extended colour palette and infographics were developed to bring the brand to life and provide a freshness and positive energy that was previously lacking.

As part of the internal communications design project, Percept rolled out a variety of print and digital assets including training cards, a media wall, brochures, booklet, z-card, t-shirts and an animated video.



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