Percept are specialists for product catalogue design Sydney. With a wide range of styles, we develop creative catalogue design solutions that are custom made for each client’s unique situation.

Product Catalogue Design Sydney

At Percept, we believe that your product catalogue design is very powerful as a marketing tool whether it’s in print or digital form. As well-established professionals for catalogue design Sydney, we believe the most effective catalogue designers are those with highly visual, and in most cases aspirational, creative that positions the brand appropriately within the market as a personality that stands-out among its competitors for all the right reasons.

There is a specialised art to product catalogue design, especially in layout, that allows the user to find all the information required to make a purchase decision with minimal effort. Because price, look, range, size, quality and performance should all be communicated quickly and clearly. A strong call to action on how to purchase is also important in achieving conversion to sales. Percept have a wealth of experience in this area, which helps us deliver creative outcomes that are good for business. We do this as catalogue designers on a case by case basis, depending on the target audience, so it feels natural for the user to engage with during their process of selecting the brand and product that appeals most to them.

As with any good piece of communication design, it should project your brand as being at the forefront of its industry. The creative should evoke feelings of desire for your product, increasing its perceived value as a result. The finished article should be worthy of your investment and hence position your brand as the quality choice above all competitors in the market.

In most cases these days, a printed catalogue now exists alongside a website and electronic version of the same. Printed catalogues are still key in a customer’s journey and a tactile product brochure that can be engaged with will really help a consumer identify with a particular brand and fall in love with its products.

At Percept, we feel that good product catalogue design should communicate the offering in a way that best connects with the brand’s market, but must ultimately exist to drive customers to a website or in-store to make the purchase.

If you would like to work with Percept for creative catalogue design Sydney, just contact us to get the ball rolling. We’d welcome the chance to discuss your project.



Product Catalogue Design Sydney

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