Communication Design

In need of corporate graphic design services in Sydney, Pink Hygiene chose to work with the brand designers at creative agency Percept, to develop their B2B communication design.

Case Study

Communication Design by the Brand Designers at Percept

In need of communication design for their sales collateral, Pink Hygiene went with the brand designers at Percept due to their corporate graphic design agency experience.

Pink has a strong market presence, especially its recognisable colour. This was used as a starting point for the brand designers at Percept. The style used by the corporate graphic design agency for the brand’s B2B communication design across a full suite of sales collateral was clean and fresh.

The client’s need to create cohesion and consistency through both their external and internal branding was understood by Percept’s brand designers throughout the visual communication design of their corporate sales collateral by applying best practice B2B communication design principles.

Starting with the colour, then introducing the approachable circle device, the new look and feel was created  by the brand designers at graphic design agency, Percept. These were to be used across a very broad range of corporate graphic design executions in both digital and printed outputs.

Their well-established branding was enhanced by the addition of a secondary colour palette that enables a clearer hierarchy in the B2B communication design. It enhances legibility and keeps all sales collateral looking fresh.

These colours are introduced in the form of icons that provide a coding system for the B2B communication design across all marketing collateral. This icon language is especially useful for the staff who use the marketing collateral as a sales tool on a day to day basis.

Lifestyle imagery is introduced by the Percept graphic design agency, as a regular element in the corporate graphic design style of the B2B communication design to tell the brand’s solution based story. It also humanises the hygiene message. The imagery chosen by Percept’s brand designers clearly demonstrates which channel each communication design piece is aimed at and shows that Pink understands each audience’s individual needs.

According to the client, Percept’s brand designers have corporate graphic design agency expertise as well as an understanding of B2B communication design. These factors helped create effective communication design for the corporate world and contributed to the marketing collateral’s success.