Advertising Campaign

Percept is the creative agency chosen by Sennheiser to develop this youth targeted, advertising campaign.

Case Study

Advertising Campaign

Sydney creative agency Percept, developed the brand strategy and advertising campaign for Sennheiser’s Amperior headphones.

The challenge was to make Sennheiser Amperior headphones appear cool and appealing to a youthful audience – Gen Y (14-30 years) whilst retaining the integrity of a high quality audio brand like Sennheiser.

There is a gap in the market for the authentic music lover. The push from Beats and Skullcandy to endorse their product with celebrity names created an opportunity for Sennheiser to promote that sound is for everyone, and the strategy focussed on Gen Y, aimed at making it about the individuals themselves.

Sennheiser’s history of being the original and the best set the foundation for the new product launch. Sydney creative agency Percept identified an opportunity to make an impact on the target market, with a campaign that saw Sennheiser reinvent its style, making the brand more appealing to today’s youth.

The ‘your sound. your sennheiser.’ concept was born, which plays on the authenticity of the Sennheiser brand.

The idea is that sound is for the individual inside you and these headphones are the gateway to escape into your own world.

Percept directed a photo shoot using real local musicians, with an abstract graphic twist to bring the concept to life, drawing attention the emotion that music evokes in all of us.

People from all walks of life can identify and connect with the product and the brand, drawing on inspirations and memories relevant to their own life which is something that makes music special.

As the chosen creative agency, Percept helped Sennheiser produce an integrated campaign to increase product awareness within the target market.

Being a youthful audience, platforms such as web, social media, point of sale, events and outdoor advertising were used for best exposure.

The three month outdoor advertising campaign was run in the lead-up to the peak retailing time of Christmas, with major train stations within Sydney and Melbourne; billboards and lightboxes, as well as bus backs and bus shelters in high exposure city locations.

Online support through their website, social media avenues and online ads also helped to make this campaign a success.

The client reported a significant increase in sales from this campaign and have continued to work with Percept as a communication design agency.