SM Precision

Marketing Communications

Percept, creative agency Sydney, makes marketing communications design that's the perfect fit for boutique building company in Australia.

Case Study

Marketing Communications by Percept, Creative Agency Sydney

The Challenge

SM Precision Building is a boutique building company in Australia that focuses on personalised, custom tailored builds. Since its creation as a family business over 10 years ago, the company has grown considerably and the time had arrived to improve their marketing material. Percept, creative agency Sydney, were engaged to design their marketing communications.

The main tool for these marketing communications was a company profile brochure that would convey their vision and provide a clear overview of their processes and capabilities. The company profile brochure needed to be professional and engaging with an elevated positioning that would clearly establish SM Precision Building as one of the leading builders in the region. They felt that Percept, creative agency Sydney, were the right fit for their marketing communications needs because of their expertise in branding.

The Solution

From design to materials, interior to exterior, each property is custom built to fit each individual client. Percept, creative agency Sydney, leveraged this point of difference using designer detail in their marketing communications design such as refined typography, special spot colours and premium finishes and embossing.

Clean linework icons with a unique and modern style reinforce the level of innovation, providing customisation that supports the content. Careful selection of imagery ranging from exteriors through to materials emphasise the building company’s precision and attention to detail.

Following the success of the company profile design and new brand direction, creative agency Sydney, Percept, continued with their marketing communications design, producing a proposal package which includes a quotation template, case study template and a custom designed presentation folder. This is why Percept is a branding expert.