Infographic Design

The Commission often work with branding services company, Percept, on their documents, reports and infographic design.

Case Study

Infographic Design & Report Design by Percept Branding Services

The Challenge

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC or the Commission) is a government organisation put in place to make the Australian health care system better through programs and initiatives.

Branding services provider, Percept, already work with the Commission on the design of their print documents and digital assets, so naturally they engaged us again for the infographic design for a variety of reports. The infographic design was to target both health practitioners and clinicians as well as patients from all walks of life. They cover different subject matter and have differing styles, but all have the common goal of helping to improve our health care system.

The Solution

With infographic design, it is important to visually depict key information in an interesting way, that can be understood at a glance. Far more interesting than traditional graphs, infographics provide an opportunity to inject some fun into the data. The infographic design is often themed to the subject and can use the actual topic as a feature in the illustrations to communicate in a more literal way. By using this method, the viewer can grasp a clear understanding, quickly.

Each infographic design is tailored specifically to suit the respective subject of the project while remaining clean, professional and true to the organisation itself. Complex content was simplified by branding services provider, Percept, into bite size information and illustrations. Legibility, hierarchy, choice of colours and simplified content was key as it needed to appeal to a wide audience ranging from the illiterate to the highly educated. This infographic design set featured on posters, online banners and information sheets.

No matter the application of the infographic design and report design, branding services company, Percept, apply strategic design thinking and a little common sense to these pieces of visual communication design, so they convey key information to the reader in the best way possible.