Brand Identity

Branding specialist, Percept, creates a new brand identity that effectively represents Testscape, a forward-thinking digital platform designed to maximise speed and efficiency in the Australian psychologist industry.

Case Study

Brand Identity

The Challenge

Testscape is a locally based online assessment, scoring and reporting platform. Designed and backed by industry leaders, it enhances efficiencies and accessibility for Australian psychologists, administrators and working professionals.

Branding specialist, Percept, was selected for this project because Testscape needed an innovative brand identity and positioning that would work with the interactive, digital experience of the platform.

The Solution

Drawing on their branding expertise, Percept created a dynamic brand identity that works hand-in-hand with the revolutionary aspirations of the platform’s ethos.

Inspired by the idea of framing the professionals behind Testscape, the wordmark for the brand identity shifts and flexes across collateral. When this is paired with a considered photography style and sophisticated colour palette, it makes for a unique brand identity.

After working with branding specialist Percept, the client says that overall, the new brand identity strategically positions Testscape as a forward-thinking platform designed to maximise speed and efficiency.


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Brand Identity

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