Branding and packaging design for a new range of baby skincare products packed with personality. Say hello to Avo Baby!


The Challenge

Biophysics are launching a new brand, Avo Baby, for a range of baby skincare products to be sold in China and potentially the Australian market in the future.

As Australian products are widely viewed as being healthy and of high quality in Asia, the new branding and packaging design created by Percept was to have a distinctive personality and be underscored with an Australian story to appeal to their key markets.

The Solution

Creative agency, Percept, developed branding and packaging design with warmth and personality around the Avo Baby product name. By creating a playful character that is undeniably cute, endearing and memorable. Meet Avo! An adorable baby avocado who comes to life in the Avo Baby branding and packaging design.

Avo creates an animated personality and a playful feel across the product range through simple and subtle changes in expression and poses. A soft touch texture and uncoated paper stock creates a premium, tactile feel, synonymous with the Australian environment and nature – an integral part to the Avo Baby back story.

Using different shades of green found in avocados, each pack feels like part of the larger family while having great shelf presence individually. The new branding and packaging design look and feel was applied to various pack shapes and sizes, demonstrating flexibility in application, including a custom avocado shaped pump bottle.

This branding and packaging design concept was also extended by Percept to a range for mums, which features the same character style, but Ava is a gentle avocado who’s expecting a baby.



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