Packaging design agency, Percept, develops creative packaging design solution to help Buggy Bix sell their insect-based dog treats.


The Challenge

Packaging design agency, Percept, were engaged to provide a creative packaging design solution that would promote the ingredients of these pet food products in a positive light. Our aim was to develop an endearing brand personality, spear-headed by creative packaging design that could be influential in a customer’s decision making process at point of sale. The packaging design system also needed to be flexible enough to expand to further flavours, varietals and products in the future as the company grows.

Sydney based company Buggy Bix produce an innovative, sustainable pet food product made from different types of bugs. Insects are already consumed in the human food chain in many countries across the world, however due to the perception of bugs as pests, carriers of disease and lack of information on their nutritional content, there is often a negative stigma attached. Buggy Bix hopes to reverse these perceptions and communicate their taste, the nutritional value they offer for dogs as well as the positive impact it can have on the planet. This is why they chose to work with packaging design experts, Percept.

The Solution

Creative packaging design agency, Percept, developed a character-based concept to appeal to dog lovers. Full of personality, it features a friendly, illustrative approach to communicate the great taste and product benefits to the customer.

Housed in the shape of a dog’s ear, the branding is clean, contemporary and friendly. Cheeky and fun, the creative packaging design plays on the sensory areas of the dog’s face used to distinguish and taste food. A custom die-cut for the window is key to the idea, helping the range stand out, while allowing the products to be shown, because new customers would not try a new product made from insects without at least seeing what it looked like.

Punchy colours help the range’s on-shelf presence whilst differentiating each product type.

If you are looking for a creative packaging design solution, Percept is the packaging design agency for you.


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