Coopers engaged packaging design agency, Percept, for the packaging design of their new product, Coopers Dry. It was to sit in the hugely popular and continually growing low carb beer category in Australia.

Case Study

The Challenge

Coopers Brewery partnered with packaging design agency, Percept, once more for the packaging design of their new Dry beer.

Coopers Dry is a refreshing, fine filtered lager introduced to provide greater choice in the dry, low carb beer category in Australia. This easy-drinking beer is available across Australia in keg, bottle and can formats. It is a great example of a true dry style beer, delivering on pure refreshment.

The packaging design for this new product offering needed to be integrated into the Coopers lager family whilst having a distinct presence to give a younger generation a reason to try the brand for the first time, as well as engage existing consumers. Having experience in this area on previous projects, packaging design agency, Percept, was the obvious choice.

The Solution

Percept is a packaging design agency that builds creative solutions on strategic foundations. Based on our initial ground-work, ‘refreshing’ and ‘crisp’ were the characteristics at the heart of the new packaging design which incorporates cool tones and icy smoke to deliver a distinct look and feel.

The brand-led packaging design takes the trademark Coopers crosshatch into a more modern and dynamic realm, giving the products a confident shelf presence, whilst retaining the Coopers heritage and connection to the Coopers lager family.

Packaging design agency, Percept, put strong emphasis on the product name ‘Dry’. This blurs the traditional category language slightly, but it is synonymous with the promise of a crisp and refreshing beverage. A decision that effectively positions the beer as a fun and unchallenging drink perfect for all occasions.

The roll-out of the packaging design included; bottle labels, crown seal, cans, clusters and cartons The result is fresh, unique and speaks to a contemporary market.

Packaging design agency, Percept, focus on the effectiveness of our work and its impact on the businesses that engage us. Since launching, the new release contributed to a 2% growth in sales volumes for the company, with Dr Tim Cooper noting that the new product was able to carve out a share of the low-carb beer sector with sales exceeding initial expectations.

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