Brand and packaging design for ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly products, aimed at women who appreciate artisan design.

Case Study

The Challenge

Du Pre & Moore‘s objective, is to merge the candle and skin/body care ranges into one earth-friendly and cruelty-free lifestyle brand, and to have it known and accepted as a high-quality artisan lifestyle brand, with the simple philosophy of ‘good for the mind, body and spirit’.

Their fundamental desire is to only use plant-based essences and botanicals without the use of chemical preservatives or additives, in order to produce vibrant, healthy and gorgeous skin.

The brand and packaging design targets women over 25, with a healthy respect for the environment as well as animal welfare. People who are prepared to spend a little more for quality and who understand the value of non-mass produced items and buying locally. They have an appreciation for creativity and good design.

The Solution

The positioning of these high-quality, artisan products enable both the candle and skin care ranges to merge into one lifestyle brand.

Refined in its approach, the stylised ampersand logo reflects the process, handcraft and care that goes into each product. Coloured stickers were developed to distinguish between variants and save on cost. A monogrammed D&M icon was developed to fit within the sticker.

Calico bags were also created as a considered way for customers to receive their products, whilst reinforcing the Du Pre & Moore brand in the public space, building brand awareness.

The brand and packaging design effectively represent the earth-friendly, ethical, artisan products.

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