Ivory Coat

Luxury Packaging Design

Luxury packaging design for the pet care industry by Percept in Sydney.

Case Study

Branding / Luxury Packaging Design

As a start-up, Ivory Coat approached Percept to create their luxury branding and packaging design, as well as a website and advertising campaign for their new range of all natural, premium pet care products.

The project began with brand creation and development of luxury packaging design which required Percept to think outside the traditional pet care category and create a brand that looks and feels like a designer label while embodying an all natural offering.

The outcome was a sophisticated and elegant range of products that stand out as premium, creating a sense of indulgence and status that comes with the purchase of high-end products.

The earthy tones and supporting colour palette represents the all natural qualities of the products as well as ethos of the founder.

The design positions Ivory Coat as a luxury brand that is a must have for people who care for their animals as much as they care for themselves.

As an extension of the brand, Percept translated the print design into an impressive digital design for the website.

The website introduces Ivory Coat and its products to the world with a premium positioning that creates a special first impression for those who are seeking something above an entry level pet care product.

An advertising campaign was then created to support and promote Ivory Coat.

Percept designed a unique and ownable graphic design system that has become a recognisable part of the Ivory Coat brand. The hero element features a silhouette of the Ivory Coat logo made up of a collage of ingredients and extracts used in the products.

The Ivory Coat founder loved the creative our design agency produced as well as the way Percept was able to design a luxury brand that was adaptable and extendable to cater for their future needs.

In less than six months of being introduced into the marketplace, the growth of the Ivory Coat brand had exceed expectations and has been very well received in the marketplace, having been ranged in many of the large retailers.

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