Evolution Watersports

Packaging Design

Percept is the branding and packaging design agency for this water sports company in Sydney, Australia.

Case Study

Packaging Design by Branding Agency, Percept

Percept is a branding agency that specialises in packaging design. This combination of expertise led to our appointment on this packaging design assignment after we had already done their branding design.

Evolution Watersports in Sydney, NSW, Australia, manufacture equipment for extreme water sports.

In a competitive retail marketplace their branding and packaging design must give them an edge over their competitors.

This is a good example of where branding, and in this case, packaging design specialists will make the difference when a consumer is choosing which product to buy.

This company gets Sydney branding agency, Percept, to create their packaging design, it then goes to China for print production. Once complete, the product returns to their warehouse in Sydney, NSW, for distribution all around Australia as well as internationally.

The product packaging design for this retail brand is for their ski-tube range. They all combine as a set to give the product-led branding maximum in-store impact.

If you are interested in a Sydney branding agency such as Percept for your packaging design, contact us today. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.