Branding & Packaging Design

Brand agency, Percept, create branding and packaging design for Flaugnarde's Patou. Bringing the best Mediterranean dessert flavours to family dinner tables across Australia.

Case Study

Branding & Packaging Design by Brand Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Percept is a brand agency in Sydney with a reputation for award-winning branding and packaging design.

Flaugnarde is a family-run company born from traditional family recipes. It brings exciting new premium dessert products to the Australian market.

The client needed a brand agency, in this case Percept, to create master branding and packaging design for their flagship dessert ‘Patou’, a savoury-sweet combination of pumpkin and creme patisserie.

They chose brand agency, Percept, for this task because of our expertise in both the disciplines of branding and packaging design.

The Solution

Brand agency, Percept, began the master branding with the logotype design. It is an elegant wordmark with European influences. The typography is given personality by adding a pumpkin stem to the letter ‘G’ — a subtle celebration of the brand’s flagship product.

On pack, the logotype design is enhanced with a gold foil stamping treatment, adding a delicate and luxurious touch to the branding.

The packaging design combines sophisticated typography with pop-art-inspired illustration, positioning Patou as a dessert that shines in the premium dessert category.

Communication design was also considered for the information hierarchy during the packaging design process to ensure a consistent look and feel for all future product line extensions.

Percept is a brand agency that believes the balance of bright colour splashes and brave illustrative style creates a packaging design solution that challenges category conventions. This helps the products to stand out for the right reasons.

After the successful launch of the branding and their flagship product, Percept were again appointed as their brand agency. This time it was to create the packaging design for the full range of flavours as the products become more and more popular in stores throughout Australia.

If you are looking for a brand agency, Percept are here to help. Contact us for expert advice on branding and packaging design.