After successfully launching their adult skincare range, Forlisa asked Percept to create their baby product packaging design for its new line of products.

Case Study

The Challenge

Forlisa manufacture skincare products in Australia for retail in their stores in China. They approached Percept for this baby product packaging design project.

The range is specially formulated for babies, featuring products such as shampoo, baby oil, moisturiser, diaper cream and hand wash.

Percept’s experience in packaging design for Asian audiences, especially in China, proved important on this baby product packaging design project.

The Solution

Knowing the market, Percept’s insight immediately led to baby product packaging design that was character-based. We felt that the brand would best connect with the target audience if it was cute, cuddly and playful.

The information hierarchy clearly communicates the product type and key benefits. A pastel colour palette was selected to differentiate between each varietal, whilst establishing a baby feel across the category.

The character appears slightly differently on each product, with a fun take on the use for that specific cream. This adds to the brands character and helps the consumer find it endearing.

The hand-written feature text and scribble pattern help to soften the large blocks of colour and add to the baby positioning. This element of the baby product packaging design is ownable for the Forlisa brand and is used on marketing and point of sales material to help distinguish these products from other competitors in the market.



Baby Product Packaging Design

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