Australian wine label designers, Percept, were asked to refresh the branding and packaging design for Edenvale's range of alcohol removed beverages.

Case Study

The Challenge

Edenvale Beverages is a privately owned company established in 2006 which offers superior quality, alcohol removed Australian wine beverages to consumers. Packaging design experts, Percept, were engaged as the wine label designers for their current range as well as new products, so as to refresh and modernise their branding in the market.

The new packaging design should be positioned to work effectively in both the liquor category and grocery, and appeal to a wide-ranging audience. This includes wine lovers, those in the health and wellness sector and groups such as pregnant women, designated drivers and those who prefer not to drink or cannot drink for medical or religious reasons.

The Solution

Australian wine label designers, Percept, created an engaging custom brand icon inspired by a ‘Garden of Eden’ theme, using imagery of grapes, leaves and the land to portray the story of Edenvale. This premium icon uses specialty finishes and metallics to add a touch of sophistication that separates Edenvale branding from its competitors.

Each varietal’s wine label design features a colour strip as a product differentiator, shifted to a more muted palette to enhance the elegant, refined look. The new packaging design was also rolled out to shipper cartons which display the custom icon and sku colour indicators for easy reference at a glance.

Selected from top branding agencies Sydney, Percept, are the Australian wine label designers that created this packaging design refresh for Edenvale. It clearly positions the brand as a superior product which matches even top-range alcohol. It has a confident presence on-shelf and a personality that shines through as being uniquely Edenvale.

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