Packaging Design Refresh

Nutrisoy approached Sydney branding agency, Percept, for this packaging design refresh project.

Case Study

Packaging Design Refresh by Branding Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Nutrisoy are a proudly Australian and family owned and operated business. They produce over 20 different varieties of high quality Tofu and Tempeh. Consumers trust the Nutrisoy brand and expect high quality, tasty and nutritious soy products. The product is healthy and certified organic. They approached branding agency, Percept, for a packaging design refresh of their entire product range.

Percept is the branding agency asked to modernise the existing packaging design whilst maintaining the essence of the brand. The layout and hierarchy of the information needed to achieve brand recognition, with clear and recognisable benefits and claims and a strong standout on shelf as part of this packaging design refresh project.

The Solution

The packaging design refresh builds effective brand recognition using a strong and consistent placement of all key elements, including logo, product name and descriptor using bold and modern type, vibrant colour panels and overhead product photography.

Subtle design variations are used across the Tofu and Tempeh ranges to enable product differentiation. The packaging design refresh created by the Percept branding agency, is clean and modern when compared to the previous design.

Branding agency, Percept, managed and art directed the photography and food styling that features on the new packaging design. The new overhead photography style using the actual product in well presented, appetising serving suggestions, highlights to consumers the possibilities and potential, across the range.


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Packaging Design Refresh

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