Gloss Cosmetics

Packaging Design

Gloss Cosmetics chose the Percept Branding Design, a creative agency Sydney for their company's new packaging design.

Case Study

Packaging Design by Percept Branding Design, a Creative Agency Sydney

Gloss Cosmetics approached PerceptBranding Design, a creative agency Sydney to help with the overall concept and creative brand packaging design, to start their own private label range of cosmetic products. These cosmetic products were to be launched under their brand name Gloss, to be ranged in retail stores throughout Australia.

Creative agency, Percept, worked closely with the client on the brand positioning and branding design. The single minded proposition was that Gloss products will give customers the latest look, with all of the quality that they deserve.

The creative agency had to encapsulate this in a simple, yet well recognised packaging design execution that could then be applied to a huge product range of cosmetics by the client’s own brand designers.

Branding design specialist, Percept, is the creative agency Sydney, that reviewed the categories of these cosmetic products in pharmacy and department stores to enhance our understanding of the world that the Gloss ranges existed in to determine the opportunities for the creative packaging design direction.

One of the steps in developing the branding design and packaging design for the new range of Gloss Cosmetics products was to confirm the name of the product ranges in terms of brand architecture. As a creative agency Sydney, Percept has great experience in brand architecture. To lead with the parent brand, followed by the sub-brand was decided as the best way to go, e.g. Gloss, Kissed.

The chosen creative packaging design solution showcased a unique branding design, featuring an ownable pattern which was created using soft and subtle pastel colours.

This splash of colour differentiates Gloss Cosmetics from its competitors, giving it strong shelf presence in a retail store situation. A consistent free space is used to house the branding. This was used across all cosmetics products which helps them appear as a set.

Gloss was then able to implement the packaging design that was developed by creative agency Sydney, Percept, and roll out the concept themselves. Their brand designers applied Percept’s branding design across the individual cosmetics products in their range, and they now retail in stores across Australia.