Cheeky Blonde premium lager packaging redesign by Sydney creative agency, Percept Brand Design. The aim was to increase retail sales for the beer brand in Australian liquor stores.

Case Study

After 4 years in Australian retail stores, the Cheeky Blonde beer brand was looking to refresh their image in the market which had become saturated with competitor blonde beers. Sydney creative agency, Percept Brand Design, were approached to perform the packaging redesign for this premium beer product.

First, we looked at brand strategy on the packaging redesign assignment and assessed the competitor landscape for this beer brand. Strategically, Percept believed that more focus should be on the word Cheeky which is ownable to their brand. And hence, less priority should be on the word Blonde which is common to all beers that have now entered into this market segment. The resulting typographic solution satisfies this theory and has been hand crafted to give the beer branding a boutique feel. We wanted the consumer to believe that a lot of care had gone into the contents of the bottle.

The typography itself also displays a cheeky character and shows that this is a brand and product with true personality. Effort was also made throughout the packaging redesign to ensure that the typography was working as hard as it could with the limited real estate available on the beer label design. Our opinion was that each individual element needed to be much stronger than it was on the original beer label design and when combined, the new packaging redesign as a whole, packs a bigger punch.

Whilst the client’s requirements was for the illustration of the girl to be retained, we ensured it was simplified, made smaller and knocked back in a monotone silver foil treatment. The reason for this was to elevate the beer packaging redesign to a more premium brand positioning than what it was previously.

Subtle banners and ribbon devices have also been used to compartmentalise the information. At the same time they also add to the premium feel of the packaging redesign. The colour palette was also stripped back. The gold was changed as we felt the yellow gold felt a little tacky for a premium beer brand.

The final product is a packaging redesign featuring label design and outer carton that is more premium, simple and confident than before. Both the client and Sydney creative agency, Percept, are very happy with the outcome.

More importantly, from a retail point of view, our client tells us that this beer brand has seen a spike in sales since the packaging redesign to the more premium brand positioning. If you’d like to check it out, they’re available at Liquorstax outlets throughout Australia.

In the time since the launch, Sydney creative agency, Percept, have also achieved international recognition as a Top Beer Logo Design Company on the industry-leading website DesignRush.