Hi-Tec Oils

Packaging Designers

Packaging and label design for Australian industrial product range by the packaging designers of brand design agency, Percept.

Case Study

Brand Design Agency, Percept are Packaging Designers

Hi-Tec Oils selected the specialist packaging designers, of brand design agency, Percept, to refresh their entire range of industrial product labels for sale in a commercial environment.

Hi-Tec Oils sell a large range of lubricants for industrial use and motor vehicles. Their product packaging and label design was dated and unprofessional, so they approached brand design agency, Percept, to create new product packaging and label design of their entire range of oils.

Percept Brand Design Agency approached the project from the customer’s point of view and decided that product categorisation and product uses and features were a priority in terms of visual communication.

Percept Brand Design Agency were also aware that Hi-Tec’s products are of a high quality and their old product labels were a little amateurish and hence, did not give off the right message.

Percept’s packaging designers created an end result of a new label design for the range that rightfully positions these retail products alongside the big oil companies who are the major players in the market.

The fact that Hi-Tec is an Australian company was also an important part of the brief for Percept’s packaging designers, and is addressed in the icon system on the front of each product SKU.

The other iconography on the packaging design represents the different types of oil and their use which is very important information for the customer when selecting the correct product for their needs. The easier to understand that this information is, the more likely it is that they will buy the product.

Percept is a brand design agency with expert packaging designers. They were conscious to appropriately colour code the products according to their use and to design the whole range as a well branded set. This aids cross-selling for existing consumers to try another product in a different category as they already trust the Hi-Tec brand.

The rebranding has now been rolled-out for their entire product range and the results of the new packaging design have been very positive, with Hi-Tec Oils reporting lubricated sales!

If you have a similar project, the packaging designers at brand design, Percept Brand Design, have the expertise you need. Contact us to kick things off.